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At CFTE, we skill the next generation of financial leaders and institutions:

CFTE's Expert-led, Online Fintech Courses and Certifications

Expert-led, Online Fintech Courses and Certifications

CFTE is helping people gain the right skills to start a career in Fintech. With courses ranging from Open Banking, Payments, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Assets, we offer industry-recognised certifications to help kickstart your career.

Our courses are led by more than 300 CEOs, Founders and Experts from companies like Mastercard, UBS, Societe Generale, IBM, Starling Bank, Ripple, N26, Google Cloud and Spotify.

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Build an AI-ready workforce with our AI in Finance Academy

The AI industry offers numerous opportunities, but also a fair amount of confusion. This is why CFTE established the AI in Finance Academy (AIFA) starting in 2018.

With extensive expertise in upskilling 20,000 regulators and financial institutions worldwide, AIFA aims to bridge the AI skill gap.

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Latest Courses Release

Generative AI 360 in Finance

Join the AI revolution in finance with a 6-week certificate and hands-on projects to master Generative AI

Rearchitecting the Financial System

In collaboration with Singapore Fintech Festival, learn the key drivers transforming finance

Blockchain and Digital Assets

Embrace the power of blockchain and digital assets and get the skills of the future of finance

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We Create Courses For the Industry, By the Industry

Our Approach

The acceleration of the Fintech industry is phenomenal with 40,000 new jobs opening up every quarter. But starting a career in fintech isn’t always straightforward. We’re changing that with our approach to help people strengthen 4 main pillars to get into Fintech – Hard Skills, Soft Skills, Industry Knowledge and Mindset.

CFTE's Approach to Fintech Education: Hard Skills, Industry Knowledge, Soft Skills, Mindset

Here’s What our Alumni Say

Seeing how fast the bank was moving forward and implementing new tools, I had absolutely no doubt in enrolling in CFTE’s Fintech courses
The various courses are formulated in a way that finance and banking professionals can relate to.
I enjoyed hearing from leading industry disruptors – understanding the unique business models they’ve created and their advice about how to forge a path in Fintech

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