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AI in Finance Specialisation

The AI revolution is transforming jobs, organisations and even national strategies. Why is this happening? And what does it mean for the Financial Services industry? In the Artificial Intelligence in Finance Course, you will explore how machine learning and new AI technologies are transforming all sectors of the banking and finance landscape.

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Why AI for Financial Services?

AI has been transforming financial services, powered by big data and unparalleled computing capabilities. Hundreds of impactful use cases have emerged, empowering individuals and companies with a competitive edge.

  • Top financial leaders recognize the game-changing potential, with 72% anticipating a major AI impact.
  • Global giants like HSBC, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs pioneer AI in financial services from customer-facing to compliance.
  • Knowledge workers across each institution – financial, legal and product analysts – experience enhanced efficiency with AI tools.

Don’t miss and seize the opportunities of this megatrend, shaping the future of financial services at every level!

An online specialisation developed in partnership with Ngee Ann Polytechnic 

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Programme Outcomes:

This specialisation is taught by innovators. Fortune500 Leaders. scientists. technology experts. researchers. AI experts.

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Participants of the course

Professionals including those in Financial Institutions, Corporates, Industry Associations, Tech Companies, Fintech, Support Services and Entrepreneurs, across these roles:

  1. Senior Leaders and Executives
  2. Strategy and Product Teams
  3. Risk Management and Security Teams
  4. Regulatory Compliance Teams
  5. Marketing and Customer Teams
  6. Credit Risk Teams

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Receive a Certificate in AI in Finance issued by CFTE. The online certificate can serve as a stepping stone to further advancement in your career in digital finance. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out in your field and share your achievement on social media.

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Specialisation Curriculum

This specialisation is composed of 4 individual courses. Each course can be purchased individually.

Course 1: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Trends

What is AI? The first course defines and describes the impact of AI inside and outside of Finance, going through examples, analysing the causes, demystifying some concepts such as AI models and neutral networks, and sharing a framework for finance innovation.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Module 2: Use Cases of AI Outside of Finance
  • Module 3: Use Cases of AI in Finance
  • Module 4: Industry Drivers of AI in Finance
  • Module 5: AI Trends and Future Developments

Course 2 AI Technologies: Machine Learning Techniques, NLP and Recommendation Engines

This course will give you an overview of the taxonomies of AI, machine learning and deep learning. We will explore the mechanism needed to design and build an AI system, including data preparation and the modelling process.

  • Module 1: AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Module 2: Building AI: Data, Models & Training 
  • Module 3: Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Module 4: Recommendation Engines

Course 3: Implementing AI in an Enterprise: Technology Skillsets and Regulation

This course will discuss the implementation of AI in an enterprise. Initially, a strategic framework for AI implementation will be outlined with a particular focus on how technologies can be accessed by financial institutions. Following this, numerous infrastructure requirements to implement AI will be discussed. A deep dive into two key areas will then be investigated: The role of people in an AI-enabled world, risk assessment & ethical considerations of AI implementation.

  • Module 1: Integration of AI at a Strategic Level
  • Module 2: Infrastructure for AI
  • Module 3: The Role of People
  • Module 4: Ethics and Risks

Course 4: Applications of AI in Finance: Use Cases from the Industry

This course will highlight key applications of AI in finance. This course will be longer than the other courses in the specialisation, each of the modules will focus on a single application area and will provide detailed insight into how each application creates value in financial services and highlighting the industry participants who are leading the implementation.

  • Module 1: Wealth and Asset Management
  • Module 2: Insurance
  • Module 3: Customer Services 
  • Module 4: Robotic Process Automation
  • Module 5: Credit Scoring
  • Module 6: Compliance and Fraud Detection 

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What our Alumni say about the Specialisation

How the course helps leading institutions

The content was really relevant. I really liked that it gave a lot of examples on how AI can be applied in the industry, the companies that are successful implementing AI as well as high level view on what AI is really about.
Magdalene Loh
Senior Vice President and Head of Innovation at Prudential Singapore
Since I finished the course, I raised suggestions to my team to integrate different technologies and AI in the different parts of the organisation
Goh Theng Kiat
Customer Success Officer at Prudential Singapore

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Most frequent questions and answers about our specialisation

This course is suited for a wide range of professionals who are keen to master the key elements of AI and want to understand its applications in finance. We welcome finance professionals, technologists, entrepreneurs, consultants, lawyers and all the people who are ready to take a deep dive into the future of finance.

Although there are some very good courses on AI you can find online, The AI in Finance Specialisation, developed by CFTE and Ngee Ann Polytechnic, is the very first online course that walks you through the foundations of Artificial Intelligence, its applications in the finance industry, as well as the opportunities and risks of AI in the sector. We believe The AI in Finance Specialisation is unique because: We have designed a reference course with the industry for the industry. Participants will be given a comprehensive overview on the most relevant trends through a very structured curriculum. Participants will learn from industry leaders who work at the largest financial institutions, fast growing startups, investors and regulators. It gives an overview of the potential and challenges of AI in Finance, from insights of entrepreneurs who are developing AI to leaders implementing AI in financial institutions.

The course has been designed to give a solid foundational knowledge about Artificial Intelligence, and how it applies to different sectors of finance. On completion of the course, participants will be expected to:

  • have a good understanding of the main concepts behind Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, machine vision, etc.
  • appreciate the developments of AI, especially in the context of financial services, and recognise its potential and limitations
  • learn to identify potential use cases of AI in different sectors of finance
  • understand the opportunities and challenges of implementing AI
  • understand future applications of AI by applying conceptual frameworks
  • think of ways to apply AI to the financial industry

You will learn a lot in a structured way, and at your own pace.

We break our programmes into two types: short courses and specialisations. Our specialisations are a bundle of all of our short courses relating to an overarching topic. Specialisations allow learners to get a comprehensive and well-rounded understanding of a given topic in its many areas. If you have previous experience on this specialisation’s subject or you are interested in learning more about a specific area of it, you can enrol in the individual course that covers your area of interest, instead of taking the whole specialisation. Feel free to chat with us if you’d like some advise on which one would suit you best!

There are no pre-requisites for taking the course. This course is largely non-technical to learn the business aspects of AI. Participants can get the most out of the course if they have a general knowledge of Fintech and innovation trends in finance. This could be achieved through a structured course such as CFTE’s Fintech Foundation course, Oxford’s Fintech course, MIT’s Fintech course or similar courses

You will have access to the course for 6 months from enrolment. This duration is set to ensure you can pace yourself for the best learning outcome. Though not a common request, you can talk to us if you need an extension of the access after the 6 months are up.

Yes, you will receive a digital certificate upon successful completion of the course. This certificate is digital so it can be shared at any time and embedded into your online professional profile.

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. You can choose to pay the full amount, or you can opt for a 3-part payment plan option. The 3-part payment option requires one payment upfront, followed by second and third during your course. Chat with us to find out more!

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