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Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing industries with its exponential growth. Goldman Sachs reveals that AI and automation could potentially reshape 300 million jobs worldwide, especially in office and administrative sectors. Understanding AI’s development and landscape is vital to thrive in this evolving ecosystem.

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Your Time to Master AI in Finance is Now​

Seize the moment to master AI for finance and unlock a world of opportunities. With investments skyrocketing and job prospects flourishing, now is the time to stay ahead. Our AI for Finance course empowers you to make data-driven decisions and navigate a rapidly evolving industry

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Online Certification

AI in Finance Certification

The AI in Finance Specialisation Programme is your gateway to mastering the integration of AI in the financial landscape. Immerse yourself in a tailored curriculum to harness AI's potential, enabling you to shape the future of finance and become an influential player in this rapidly evolving field.

From £600 or 4 Installments of £150

Deep-dive Online Course

Generative AI for Financial Services

The Generative AI for Finance Specialisation Programme is your stepping stone to unravelling the transformative potential of generative AI in finance. Engage with our focused curriculum to understand and apply generative AI techniques, driving innovation and establishing yourself as a frontrunner in this swiftly advancing financial ecosystem.


AI workshops for senior leaders

Dive into our Finance Specialisation Programme, complemented by exclusive workshops with top-tier leaders in the FinTech and Finance industries. This fusion of advanced learning and hands-on insights equips you to navigate and shape the evolving financial landscape powered by AI technologies.

From £600 or 4 Installments of £150

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CFTE ChatGPT and OpenAI Course

Exploring the Power of OpenAI & ChatGPT

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