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Blockchain and Digital Assets for Financial Services

Blockchain and Digital Assets are disrupting the industry rapidly. The Online Certification Programme – Blockchain and Digital Assets for Financial Services provides all the skills to thrive in the digital finance and enables participants to acquire the industry knowledge to transition from traditional finance to Fintech.

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Why Blockchain and Digital Assets and why it’s an opportunity?

Increasing market size with billions of dollars

The global Decentralised Finance (DeFi) platform market size is expected to reach USD 507.92 billion in 2028 and register a CAGR of 43.8% during the forecast period.

Different from traditional finance, blockchain and digital assets have the potential to democratise access to the financial market, increasing transparency and efficiency and lowering costs. Since they are really different from traditional sectors, one can’t just learn it by chance, but need to learn and experience it.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) have now reached good maturity. As their adoption grows, we can expect to see more innovative applications in the future. Moreover, job roles related to digital assets and blockchain technology have increased by 400% since 2017. The potential in the industry is fascinating to discover!

TradFi and DeFi are totally different worlds and there is a significant knowledge gap...

The leading programme on the market

Learn real-world applications from blockchain and digital assets projects worldwide.

Global Views

Case studies of blockchain and digital assets from all over the world

Monthly Webinars

Get updated on the latest development monthly

30+ Contributors

Gain global insights and different views from experts in leading organisations

Capstone projects

Apply what you’ve learned and receive feedback from experts

Accreditations Worldwide

The programme is accredited by global institutions

Networking Community

Share ideas and knowledge with other professionals

Gain a global view on the development of Blockchain and Digital Assets

Explore the advancements and opportunities in blockchain, directly from those who lead them.

  • 200 blockchain, DeFi, CBDCs and consortium projects
  • Across 5 continents, 8 sectors and 4 type of applications 
Gain a global view on the development of blockchain (3)

The Blockchain and Digital Assets Programme Designed for You...

Executive & Senior Leaders

Executive & Senior Leaders

Companies are increasingly embracing digitalisation in management, requiring skilled senior leaders to identify potential partnerships and investment opportunities.

Strategy Teams

Strategy Teams

Strategy teams with right industry knowledge can help organisations stay competitive and identify the potential benefits and risks associated with blockchain & digital assets.

Support Functions

Support Functions

The compliance field is essential for the industry to manage the growing market cap in blockchain and digital assets. Supported roles can help organisations stay compliant with relevant laws and regulations.

Operations & IT

Operations & IT

With increasing complexity in blockchain and digital assets, professionals in operation & IT are required to help companies better understand the technology and its potential uses, and to identify ways to leverage it.



Blockchain and digital assets are becoming integral elements in business companies. Professionals in the field can learn how to use blockchain & digital assets to enable more efficient and secure trading of assets

Programme contents

  • History of Money, Bitcoin, and Blockchain Philosophy
  • Digital Finance and Assets: The Evolution and Valorisation
  • Web1, Web2 and Web3
  • Hybrid Finance [HyFi] – Digital v Traditional
  • Global Taxonomy of Projects
  • Centralised and Distributed Ledger Technologies
  • Blockchain
  • Tokenomics
  • Smart Contracts
  • Digital Identities, Credentials and Privacy
  • Different types of Digital Assets
  • Wallets, KYC & AML
  • Centralised & Decentralised Exchanges [CEX & DEX]
  • Trading, Forecasts and Trends
  • CeFi, DeFi, CeDeFi, ReFi
  • DeFi Use Cases
  • Tokenization and Asset Management
  • Banking, Credit and Capital
  • Cross-border Transactions
  • Government and Public Sector
  • New Business Models
  • Trade and Supply Chain
  • ESG and Sustainability
  • Government and Public Sector
  • Healthcare and Humanitarian
  • Mindset, Education and Misinformation
  • Compliance, Regulation and Risk
  • Cybersecurity and Exploits
  • Corporate Governance and Support
  • Project Failures: Why and What we have Learnt

Learning outcomes

1. Foundational Knowledge

Have a solid foundation in blockchain and digital assets and the related regulatory compliance landscape.

2. Comprehensive Blockchain Taxonomies

Learn various types of blockchain projects in 7 sectors such as retail finance, insurance, investment, etc around the world.

3. Mechanism of digital assets

Understand the mechanisms of blockchain and digital assets such as decentralised consensus, cryptography, smart contracts, and other significant principles.

Learning outcomes of the blockchain and digital assets programme

4. Global views and market trends

Understand the potential benefits and challenges of blockchain and digital assets  in the industry.

5. Applications and Implementation

Dive into different applications and use cases in retail, government and institutional sectors.

6. Business frameworks and models

Apply the blockchain and digital assets knowledge to various business frameworks and settings.

Earn an industry-accredited certificate

Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate in Blockchain and Digital Assets issued by CFTE and SMU Academy. The certificate program can serve as a stepping stone to further advancement in your career in digital finance. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out in your field.

Want to know more about the programme and gain the certificate?

A programme co-designed by UK and Singapore institutions

Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship

CFTE is a global learning & innovation platform for the financial services industry. Started in 2017, developed 6 specialisations and created the on-demand learning platform THINK that reached 100,000 learners in 100+ countries. CFTE’s courses are taken by professionals, 70% of whom come from tier 1 banks. The company is built on 3 main pillars: Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship.

SMU Academy

The SMU Academy is the continuing education arm of Singapore Management University. SMU Academy provides professionals and working adults with the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge and skills through a range of part-time education programmes. SMU Academy’s mission is to empower Singapore’s workforce with the competencies and career resilience required for this era of disruption.


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