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Chinese Big Tech in Financial Services

China: The Leading Fintech Dragon

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The Chinese Big Techs in Financial Services will take you through the key builders of digital finance in the world’s largest Fintech ecosystem: China. The West has always been the entrepreneurial pioneer in finance and tech innovations, until now. Why? Register your interest to find out more about the course contents: how China rose to the top of the Fintech food chain, how blockchain and QR codes took the nation by storm, how UI/UX regulation is becoming more contentious, and the future of the Digital Ren Min Bi. Yassine Regragui will hold back no punches when it comes to leverage his experience and ground knowledge at Alibaba and Alipay into showing you how the Chinese Fintech players are dominating the Asia-Pacific region and providing tremendous value to hundreds of millions of active users.

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BSFI, Fintechs & Technology

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About Yassine Regragui

China Fintech Specialist – Ex-Deloitte, Alipay, Alibaba

Fintech & China Specialist with over 10 years international working experience, including 6 years in China. Yassine started his career in Shanghai as an entrepreneur. He worked for two Chinese start-ups before building an e-commerce platform with a Chinese partner.

Later he joined Alibaba’s Group to Accelerate’s global expansion, and then Ant Group to launch and lead Alipay’s multilingual app for non-Chinese users. At Deloitte Paris, Yassine has developed the payment and Chinese consulting practice, and led the china Pay offering.

Yassine is a certified Fintech Expert by Alibaba Business School, book author and visiting lecturer in leading business schools and universities such as HEC Paris and ESSEC.

For more information about Yassine’s profile :

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Chinese Big Tech in Financial Services by Yassine Regragui

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Course Chapters

Chapter 1 | Chinese TechFin landscape

Techfin and Fintech are the same but different. China and the West are different but the same to an extent. This chapter will give you a big picture view of what Techfins are, how are Chinese Techfins are different, and how they are turning the fintech landscape upside down domestically and globally.

Chapter 2 | Introduction to Chinese Super Apps

China is becoming the next global superpower. This means that their apps are also turning into Super Apps. It is important to understand how Super Apps are different from regular apps, why China is leading in this area, and where this technology will take us in the future.

Chapter 3 | Leading technologies and innovations

Marketable and radically improved products are the crux of Fintech and Chinese economic miracle. In other words, innovation is the reason why China is leading the global Fintech industry. In this chapter, you will have a full 360º view of the technologies and innovations that have brought China to the forefront of the Fintech stage.

Chapter 4 | Key success factors of Chinese Techfin

In this chapter, you will have a front seat view of why Chinese Techfins are taking the Asian economic sphere by storm with their innovative financial services and products.

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