Maxime Boonen: Story of a
Crypto Entrepreneur

Gain an understanding of Digital Assets and an insight into an entrepreneur’s mind

About the course

Our crypto expert, Maxime Boonen, is the founder of B2C2. His company has grown rapidly, since its inception in 2015, to become the leading cryptocurrency liquidity provider.

From doing a master’s degree at Oxford University and working as a fixed income trader at Goldman Sachs, to starting his own company and making it successful – there’s a lot to be learned from that inspiring journey!

Through our course by Maxime Boonen, you will discover how B2C2 managed to become so successful in such short time, what it really takes to be an entrepreneur and what are some facts and misconceptions about the cryptocurriencies.

B2C2 started as an electronic market maker operating on exchange. Using its own capital and being strictly connected to cryptocurrency exchange companies, it provided liquidity to the market by buying crypto cheaper and selling at higher price.

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With this online course, you will:

The expert you’ll be learning from

Maxime Boonen

Founder at B2C2

Maxime is the founder of B2C2, a digital investment bank, providing 24/7 liquidity in the major cryptocurrencies and fiat currency pairs. B2C2 currently has over 150 employees in the UK, US and Japan. Since 2020, the company is a part of Japan’s SBI banking group.

Maxime Boonen has a master’s degree from the Oxford University in Financial Economics. In 2015, he left his job as a fixed income trader at Goldman Sachs and started his own company, B2C2.

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