Fintech For Wealth Management

Fintech For Wealth Management

We are creating the first course of Fintech for Wealth Management. Pre-register now to stay updated on the launch!


the largest area of VC investments


of HNWs hold cryptocurrencies


invested in NFTs last year

Uncover the new wealth of digital finance and be fluent in the new language of Fintech and digital assets to effectively communicate with your clients.

Confused about
the latest Fintech trends?

Unsure if Bitcoin is a bubble? Wondering if Fintech startups have a future? Confused about the noise around NFT?  New finance is evolving so quickly, It’s hard to keep up with the latest developments. This is why we are designing  “Fintech for Private Banking” to help private bankers have a solid foundation of these fundamental changes in the industry.

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Share Your Your Insights

We would like to create a course that reflects the diversity of the industry. Share your views on what is important to include in the course and we will send you a complimentary course on NFT.

Join Us On A Journey to Become Fluent in the Latest Fintech Trends...


Understand how finance is transforming, the role of Fintech startups, banks and investors.


Have a solid understanding of what “DeFI” really is, and its impact on traditional financial services


Learn what is behind cryptocurrencies without the hype


Understand how NFTs work, both in theory and practice, and create your own NFT

And much more to be fluent in the new language of Fintech and Digital Assets...

We’re Building A Programme. For the Modern.

Shaped By Input From Thousands Of Private Bankers, Wealth Manager, Family Officers

We’re gathering feedback from thousands of private bankers around the world to develop a programme that captures the essence of what trends bankers want to learn today.

Designed To Uncover New Fintech Trends & Wealth Created

The programme will be created to help you understand how Fintech and Digital Assets have created new wealth, what new investment products exist and how new generations of UHNWs are being built

Providing Insights To Communicate What Matters

We’ll help you be equipped with the latest knowledge in the digital finance ecosystem to attract more prospects, more clients and have more interesting discussions.

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