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The latest trends in Crypto, Insurtech and Fintech

The latest on Crypto, Insurtech and Fintech

The Fintech industry is developing and changing as quickly as ever. However, there are some major trends that can be identified to stay on top of this growing industry. It’s also important to understand how it’s connected to other evolving technologies, such as Insurtech, and how the two can compliment each other.

To fully appreciate this complex network, we asked our expert, Lorenzo Chiavarini, the B2B Research Lead at Dealroom, to help us identify the latest trends in Crypto, Insurtech and Fintech and how they can affect each other. You’ll learn about the current market cap of Crypto, the most exciting opportunities that Insurtech introduces, as well as the flow of money in and out of Fintech.

In this course, you will also gain a solid understanding of some of the most exciting Fintech concepts, such as Fintech verticals, exponential age and self-labelled rounds. Moreover, you’ll develop a mental map of the biggest Fintech unicorns worldwide and appreciate their impact on the industry.

Over $210 billion was invested in Fintech companies in 2021

Source: Statista

Discover the latest trends in Crypto, Insurtech and Fintech

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The expert you’ll be learning from

Lorenzo Chiavarini

B2B Research Lead, Dealroom

Lorenzo Chiavarini is a B2B research and innovation lead at Dealroom, a global data platform for intelligence on startups, innovation, high-growth companies, ecosystems and investment strategies.

Lorenzo has both technical and business background. He closely follows new trends in Fintech and Insurtech every day. He has experience in leading custom research projects on Fintech, Crypto & Defi and Insurtech, as well as tracking and analyzing tech-driven industry developments at Dealroom.

He’s passionate about sharing his expertise and research with others to improve the understanding in those fields.

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