Global Fintech Internship 2021​ | Help bridge the digital divide

During their life, 8 of 10 students say it is hard to get an internship. Their only goal is to acquire their first experience in their career.
That's why we made the Global Fintech Internship 2021

At a glance

Fintech deep dive

Providing universal access to the FinTech world with e-programs, virtual internship opportunity, scholarships and specific practices bolstered by distinguished professionals worldwide

Upscaling needed skills

Upskilling students and professionals by building a global Fintech Education Platform that aims to accelerate FinTech 5.0 and provide visionary education programmes


Learning how to teamwork effectively and solve case studies which aim to increase awareness of FinTech challenges and help experience the real working environment 

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Bridging the digital skills gap faster, better, cheaper.

How did we do it?

In the Global Fintech Internship Initiative, we built a bridge between more than 100 experts and over thousands of students from various backgrounds to expand vision, upscale skills, and foster a new mindset since year 2017.

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The Global Fintech Internship in One Word

A small step for you, a big leap for them.

Then why not try doing it yourself?

Help bridge the digital divide and give thousands a chance to get an internship. Discover our open source and see how you can be the next organisation bridging the digital skills gap.