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Human-centered Design

The Key to Creating Successful Products and Services

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For years financial services has been a closed box, ripe for innovation, but without anyone brave enough to tackle it’s seemingly insurmountable regulatory obstacles. Elon Musk nudged the agenda forward in 2000 with but ultimately bowed out, settling with merging into Paypal and upsetting the status quo in payments. In recent years Fintech darlings Monzo, Tide and numerous others have done what Elon could not and created successful digital banks. Their secret sauce? Human-centered design.

In this course we will explore what Human-centered design is, why it’s important for financial services and how to use it in your organisation to make products and services your customers and employees will love.

After this course you will:


Product design
Service design
User Testing
Experience design
User Research

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About James Bickerton

Head of Experience Design, London, Synechron

James’ passion and craft both lie in the pursuit of understanding the balance between brand, experience and value.

Throughout the last 20 years he’s created award winning digital advertising campaigns for Timberland, Sony and Cadbury’s to more recently globally recognised experience design for HSBC, Virgin, Visa and start-ups Tido Music and Farepilot.

He now resides at Synechron UK, as the head of experience design helping financial institutions build next generation experiences.

Outside of the 9-5 he works as Design Club Super Mentor teaching primary school children Design Thinking and how to make apps.

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Human-Centered Design by James Bickerton
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Course Chapters

Chapter 1 | What is Human-centered design

This chapter introduces the concept of Human-centered design. Human-centered design is believing all problems are solvable, even the intractable ones like poverty, gender equality and clean water. Moreover, it’s believing that the people facing those problems, everyday, are the ones that hold the answer to them. The company best known and an innovator in this area for several decades is IDEO who use it to create products, services, experiences and social enterprises that have been adopted and embraced because they’ve kept people’s lives and desires at their core.

Chapter 2 | Why Human-centered design is Important for Financial Services

This chapter investigates the role of Human-centered design in financial services. For decades the status quo of financial services and the experiences created for employees and customers has widely been left unchecked. With products and services focused on what is right for the institution rather than what is right for the customer or end user. By flipping that perspective and instead focusing in on people and their everyday problems you can de-risk new ventures, creating game-changing digital products.

Chapter 3 | How to Apply Human-centered design to Financial Services

When creating a new product, service or experience, Human-centered design is key to winning audience adoption. These following techniques and tools can either be used by you, your team or contracted parties. To help frame them we will use the design thinking model of:

1. Empathy
2. Define
3. Ideate
4. Prototype
5. Test

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