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New Business Models in Financial Services

From Fintech to challenger banks, what are the new ways to make money in finance?

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In the last 10 years, more than $200bn has been invested in Fintech. Some argue that this is a bubble and that loss-making startups will not survive without constant venture investment. Others say that the old way of making money in finance is dead. The reality is that technology is creating many new business models in financial services, and those who rely on old ways of making money might quickly find themselves irrelevant.

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About Huy Nguyen Trieu

CFTE’s Co-founder, Disruptive Group’s CEO and Venture Partner of Mundi Ventures.

Huy Nguyen Trieu is the Co-Founder of CFTE. He is also the CEO of The Disruptive Group, a business builder and advisory firm in innovation and finance, and Venture Partner at Mundi Ventures, an early-stage VC fund in Fintech and Insurtech. He believes that in a world led by technology, we shouldn’t forget the importance of people, which is why he co-founded CFTE to help people improve their skills and find opportunities.

Prior to setting up CFTE, Huy was a Managing Director at Citi, and previously at Royal Bank of Scotland and Société Générale. Before banking, he was the CEO of Ukibi, a VC-funded startup in the US. He is a frequent keynote speaker in Europe and Asia, likes to teach and share with students and entrepreneurs, and is regularly quoted in articles on innovation and finance.

He writes the blog Disruptive Finance, is an Entrepreneurship Expert at Oxford Said Entrepreneurship Centre and a Fintech Fellow at the Centre for Global Finance and Technology at Imperial College. He was also a member of ESMA’s Consultative Working Group for financial innovation and a founding member of the Asian SuperCharger, one of the largest Fintech accelerators in Asia.

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Course Chapters

Chapter 1 | Existing business models in financial services

Financial institutions – from banks to insurance and asset managers – use money to make money. This chapter covers the traditional business models of financial services

Chapter 2 | New business models in financial services

From data monetisation to platform and micropayments, many new business models have appeared during the last 5 years.

Chapter 3 | Impact of new business models in financial services

The rise of new business models has already transformed financial services, from the arrival of new entrants to the reshuffling of the value chain. This evolution is now accelerating.

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