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Prof Lisa Short

Prof. Lisa Short

Adjunct Professor Lead Research

Professor Lisa Short is recognised as one of the top thought leaders and influencers in the world to follow for her work in digital tech, blockchain, crypto assets and EdTech. Lisa is a preeminent innovator, systemic change digital technology analyst, strategist & design ecosystem thinker with vast international experience founding & managing multiple companies and significant cutting-edge digital technology, value chain improvement projects, across different industry segments, and global markets including UK, APAC, Africa, Singapore, Europe & UAE.

As Founder of Areté Business Performance, Mind Shifting, Hephaestus Collective Limited, P&L Digital Edge Ltd & Africa Agri Tech Ltd, and inventor of several Patents, Professor Short is at the driving force of digital technology enabled by resilient, cyber healthy businesses & people, fuelled by inclusion & education, and driven by impact commercially, and for a better place to live and work. Authoring multiple papers, articles & reports, her current work includes co-authoring books on blockchain enabled ecosystems for higher and continuing education, and on blockchain, data, AI, IoT, privacy and cyber health for business. Appointed to the Global Foundation for Cyber Studies & Research as an expert Senior Policy Analyst, Lisa leads and is Group Chair of the Special Interest Group, CySME that focuses on cyber public health and research to support SME’s and start-ups. Professor short holds multiple Board Roles for EWOR, UK Cyber Security Association and International Cyber Security Expo.

A motivational and influential international leader Professor Short is regularly invited to analyse and resolve through digital technology some of the most pressing complex and difficult socio-economic problems.

Professor Short has delivered and worked with the Unite Nations; the World Summit of Noble Peace Laureates; the Kairos Society EU, International Network of Appropriate Technology, UN Women; the International Immersive Learning Networks; The 36 Group; The UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project, and AAPG’s for Blockchain and AI in London.

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