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The Entrepreneurial Mindset

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What stands in your way as an entrepreneur is often nothing else but you. The biggest battle you will face is not the one with the competition, it’s the battle with yourself. Your success depends on how masterful you are in recognising what’s going on in your own head and adopting the most empowering sets of beliefs for what you are doing. This is probably true regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or not, but bringing ideas to life sets its own challenges and makes the “battles” much more pronounced as you are venturing into the unknown.

Successful entrepreneurs learn how to navigate the unknown and the exploration and experimentation that goes with it. They cultivate a unique mindset, a way of thinking and acting, that allows them to be comfortable and even enjoy ‘not knowing”.

Join this workshop to learn how to cultivate the entrepreneurial mindset and how to master the adventure into the unknown. This is a practical, action-focused experience so come ready to experiment.

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About Christina Nesheva

Author of The Entrepreneur’s BattleBook | Venture Builder

Christina Nesheva is the former Co-founder and Director of the innovation lab of ViiV Healthcare and the author of “The Entrepreneur’s BattleBook”, a step-by-step guide to turning ideas into a viable business. Christina has extensive experience in new product launches and has developed GSK’s global approach to launching new medicines and led the new product launch function for GSK Europe. Prior to joining ViiV, Christina served as General Manager for GSK Latvia.

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The Entrepreneur Mindset by Christina Nesheva

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Course Chapters

Chapter 1 | Straddling the paradoxes of entrepreneurship

How can you be confident when you are not sure that your idea will work? How can you be single-mindedly focused and yet listen and change? How can you dwell in ambiguity and yet provide a sense of direction?

Entrepreneurship often asks us to reconcile things that seem impossible to go together. In this session, we explore the seeming paradoxes of entrepreneurship and delve into the mindset we need to straddle them successfully.

Chapter 2 | Know yourself, Grow yourself

Your state of mind determines the quality of your reactions and decisions. How you deal with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship depends on knowing yourself well, accepting and loving yourself as you are and committing to growing yourself and taking great care of the human we are. We delve how to do that.

Chapter 3 | Ideas development mindsets

Bringing an idea to life is a journey that is both creative and reductive. You need to explore and then choose and focus. Your mindset at each step of the journey influences tremendously the quality of the output.

In this chapter, you will learn what are the mindsets to adopt when in idea development phase, i.e. when you are doing your research, brainstorming and nurturing your ideas. We will also focus on the key skills that will help you get into the mindsets and get the most of your creative work.

Chapter 4 | Decision-making and experimentation mindsets

Each creative period is followed by a reductive one – we have to choose; to make a decision. Often, to make the best decision we need data from our experiments.
Decision-making is an art in itself and the quality of our decisions and experiments depends hugely on our state of mind. In this section, we will focus on how our beliefs and way of thinking impacts our decisions and experiments and how to improve them. We will look into some of the most cognitive biases and how to deal with them; explore a process for how to ensure we make the optimal decision and what to do when doubt kicks in, when we make the wrong decision and the cost of not making a decision.

Chapter 5 | Action-propelling mindsets

Entrepreneurship is about taking action. Taking the first step is an important milestone but often, it is the second, third, and so on steps that become challenging, particularly after setbacks. Put yourself in the mindset that propels you to action.

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