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Be at the centre of Fintech

CFTE is at the centre of the transformation in finance. From working with fast growing Fintech startups to innovative banks, from creating courses with Fintech CEOs to researching the development of digital assets, working at CFTE is a fast-paced, intensive and collaborative experience. 
For those who want to be part of one the largest global ecosystems in Fintech, you’ll be working on some of the most important topics of today: digital transformation, disruptive business models, emerging technologies, among many others.
Get ready to:
  • Work with global industry experts, from Fintech CEOs to heads of innovation and investors
  • Design innovative programmes to educate the industry
  • Be involved in the fastest growing sectors of financial services: Payments, Artificial Intelligence, Open Banking and much more
  • Make an impact on the industry and hundreds of thousands of people

Explore our vacancies

Business Development
London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi

We are looking for entrepreneurial individuals who are highly motivated and able to play a key role driving the commercial efforts of CFTE. Based in London, Singapore and Abu Dhabi, the Business Development roles are in charge of growing CFTE’s presence in the regions.

Product Development
London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi

We're looking for a talented individual who can play a crucial role in creating and developing engaging courses that meet the needs of our learners. You will be responsible for conducting research on industry trends and best practices, developing course outlines and content, and editing course materials to ensure they meet our high standards of quality.

London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi

We are seeking a highly motivated marketer who can collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop and implement creative marketing strategies. Based in London, Singapore, or Abu Dhabi who is responsible for expanding our brand's presence in the global Fintech industry.

Fintech internships
London, Singapore, Abu Dhabi

We are looking for students who have a passion for finance and Fintech. If you are excited to understand the difference between CBDCs and stablecoins, why Open Banking is transforming business models, how AI is being used in finance, and how Quantum is transforming the industry, then this is for you.

Words from our previous employees

Business Development

Karim Arabi

IA steep learning curve and an experience that throws you in the middle of the action! Highly recommended for anyone wishing to learn more about the world of Fintech.

Product Development

Rohan Bhandari

Helped me heavily build on my data analysis skills as well as get the unique exposure of start-up culture!

Product Development

Avinash Ashok

Both challenging and rewarding! it gave me exposure to new concepts and ideas, helped develop my skillset with data management and client onboarding, and fuelled my passion for Fintech.

Fintech Research

Inès Ouali

Tram Anh and Huy were two of the most enthusiastic and accomplished people I have had the opportunity to work with, and they fostered an outstanding culture of constant learning and effective collaboration that I will continue to exemplify throughout the rest of my career.

Kabeer Chauhan

Being at CFTE was the perfect way to begin my professional journey into the world of Fintech — the internship enabled me to put my skills to the test growing and developing the platform, while also exposing me to some of the latest trends in the Fintech landscape. 

Marketing Associate

Urvi Bhatia

My Experience at CFTE:

I joined CFTE as an intern in the Marketing team, taking on tasks from writing blogs to social media. As I grew further in my role I had the opportunity to explore other avenues like content marketing, event management and website design that really helped me broaden my expertise and pushed me out of my comfort zone. If I were to describe what each day looked like, I can definitely say no two days were the same, each day had a new challenge which in my opinion was super exciting!

As a part of CFTE I had the opportunity to work on a number of different projects, but there were certain projects that really stood out for me. I had the chance to work on an interesting viral marketing campaign for the launch of our new e-learning platform, THINK. What I found exciting was that we not only had to pique people’s interest through the campaign but get them to register for our new platform and get their friends onboard as well. This required constant iterations and brainstorming sessions by the Marketing and Product team which I found to be really invigorating.

I also got the opportunity to lead the organisation of our first in-person event since the pandemic. What really made me enjoy the project so much was that, at the beginning, I had no clue how we could pull off such an event, but each step of the way during the planning and organising phases I learned something new and mastered a new skill. I even ended up emceeing the event, something that I would have never done had this opportunity not arisen!

How has your work at CFTE helped gain the skills for your current job:

After CFTE, I moved back home to India to work for my family business in the logistics industry. Though moving to a whole new industry required me to learn a lot of new skills, there were several transferable skills from my experience working at CFTE that I could apply in my new role.

One of the most important skills that I built was relationship management and effective communication with multiple stakeholders. Being in the Marketing team I had to speak to and maintain relationships with clients and experts who were lectures at CFTE or important collaborators for our events. In our family-owned logistics firm as well, there are a number of clients and partners that we need to maintain relationships with, and having the experience I did help me have an upper hand.

My experience at CFTE also helped me become very multifaceted and helped me build the ability to take on tasks that were outside my area of expertise. Often in a startup, you need to jump on different tasks to keep things going, and that is quite similar to working in an SME (the organisation I am in now!). Today I have the confidence to be able to jump into different departments to achieve whatever the required deliverables may be.

Advice/comments for future joiners:

If I were to give any advice to future joiners it would be mainly two things. Firstly, don’t be afraid to try new things that may be outside your comfort zone. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow! Had I not had the courage to take on tasks that seemed daunting at first, I wouldn’t have grown into the person I am today. Taking that leap of faith can be a chance to learn something you may actually be really good at.

Secondly, it’s also always important to keep an open mind. Everyone you work with will have a different way of looking at things and will have a different opinion on how something should be done. Be open to hearing multiple perspectives though they may not always coincide with your own, because eventually when you build something or are solving a complex problem, getting several minds working together can make beautiful things happen.

Want to know more?

You will need to be analytical, innovative, adaptable, and disruptive.

You will be involved in the newest FinTech trends, events and key players.

You will interact with participants and FinTech experts from all over the world.

You will be a the centre of Fintech.

A Great Environment for the Innovators


Work with global industry experts in Payments, AI, Open Banking, Platforms, Fintech, at the forefront of the digital transformation in finance. An experience like no other.

Never stop learning

Lifelong learning is in our DNA, and we apply it to ourselves everyday. From soft skills to hard skills, from industry knowledge to mindset, CFTErs constantly learn and build their experience.

Be part of a global team

Work with passionate individuals who want to make an impact.

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