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Technology is already 80% of Finance. Most of the jobs in financial technology are those found in tech companies. To navigate this new digital world, we provide courses to prepare your team for the future of finance.

80% of the jobs in fintech are those found in tech companies - CFTE Research

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Helping talent build skills to lead in the future of finance

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More than 200 leading experts from institution like Mastercard, UBS, Starling Bank, IBM, Google and Spotify teach the future of finance at CFTE.

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We Build Academies

We create bespoke training programmes tailored to your talent and business needs in various verticals

ADGM Academy | AI in Finance Programme


CFTE and ADGM Academy joined forces to co-create the AI in Finance Certification to help develop a workforce that understands the innovative possibilities of artificial intelligence in finance

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AI in Finance Programme | Budapest Institute of Banking


CFTE Trains 100+ at the Central Bank of Hungary (MNB) and Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB)

The Budapest Institute of Banking in Hungary, entrusted CFTE to train +100 collaborators of the Central Bank of Hungary (MNB)  in Artificial Intelligence in Finance, aiming to position them at the forefront of the AI disruption in the regulatory space 

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BIB and CFTE Training

AI & Fintech Academy | One of the Largest Singaporean Multinational Banks 


CFTE offered two of its flagship programmes, Fintech Foundation and AI in Finance, to over 400 professionals in the industry to support the internal digital transformation initiative of the organisation

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Strategic Decision Making Academy | Largest Multinational Insurance Firm


CFTE engaged with 300 senior leaders to understand the impact of technologies on Business Models and Operating Models, thereby facilitating better strategic decision-making

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Fintech Training Programme | Cyberport


Fintech Training Programme - Cyberport Academy


As a training partner of Hong Kong Cyberport FinTech Training programme, CFTE upskilled over 1,500 in-service financial practitioners in 2020 through 30 training courses with alternating teaching format, including ‘FinTech Foundation Seminars’ and ‘Deep Dive Workshops’

Digital Academy | One of the biggest banks in the UK


CFTE Trains UK's Biggest Bank


CFTE is training 300 employees at one of the biggest banks in the UK to build the participants’ knowledge in Financial Technologies whilst supporting their digital transformation process through a series of seven topics that are at the core of the bank’s transformation strategy

The Luxembourg Academy of Digital Finance | LHoFT


LHoFT and CFTE Training - Luxembourg Digital Finance Academy

To help LHoFT with its mission to prepare the financial services workforce for the new world of technology-driven finance, CFTE partnered with the innovation hub, to launch the Luxembourg Academy of Digital Finance.

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Oxford Fintech Programme


CFTE's Co-founder helps create Oxford First Fintech Programme

CFTE's Co-founder, Huy Nguyen Trieu, co-created the Oxford Fintech Programme to teach students about innovation processes in finance, both in traditional finance institutions and Fintech startups’

Fintech MOOC | University of Hong Kong (HKU)


CFTE co-creates HKU Fintech MOOC

3 Senior Lecturers at CFTE, including CFTE's Co-founder, Huy Nguyen Trieu co-created the world’s largest Fintech MOOC alongside the University of Hong Kong (HKU), which has reached 100,000+ learners in over 208 countries/territories

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