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Empowering Governments and Citizens with the Fintech Skills of Tomorrow

Empowering governments and citizens with the Fintech skills of tomorrow by creating tailor made programs by experts in the field.


Governments, Fintech Associations and Universities who have chosen to upskill with us.

"Technology is Eating Finance"

The Fintech revolution has drastically changed the world of Finance. The job market is no longer what it used to be.

Technology is eating Finance. It is estimated that 80% of the jobs in Fintech are those of Tech companies. Digital skills, knowledge of technological trends such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, or familiarity with industry trends such as ESG or CBDC are imperative for the growth of the Finance ecosystem in every country. 

Upskilling Urgency

Solving the Digital Skills Gap

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Financial Professionals are at risk of being displaced.

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Banks and Financial Institutions have problems finding the right talent.

Promoting Life Long Learning

Upskilling the Entire Ecosystem

Higher Education

Fostering Fintech education from the very beginning and equipping young professions with the skills of the digital age.


Helping regulators understand the challenges and opportunities of Finance 2.0.

Financial Institutions

Teaching professionals about the new age of Finance.


Aiding governments in reaching their strategic Fintech goals through education.

What we do

Creating Tailor Made Solutions for Governments

Identifying Strategic Priorities

Through interview and external research, we identifiy what the top strategic priorities are for your country. Do you want to be the next Crypto superhub? A country proficient in Articial Intelligence solutions?

Skills Gap Framework

Before designing a tailored solution for the country, we conduct a Skills Gap Framework to identify the top skills and list of topics relevant to the strategic priorities of the country.

Creation of Tailored Digital Academies

A Digital Academy is a structured setup to train a very large number of employees in the financial sector, and brings them from where they are to where they should be.

Our Digital Academies are built on 3 main pillars to support the personal development of individuals within the organisation. Knowledge. Applications. Mindset.

Preparing the Workforce for Digital Finance

Become an Experts on the Most in Demand Topics

Digital Innovation

From AI, Cloud to APIs, learn about the top technologies expected to transform the Finance industry in the upcoming 10 years.


Environment. Social. Governance. How can digital technologies solve the sustainability issues of today?

Financial Inclusion

Making Financial products and services more accessible to the unbanked and underbanked.

Digital Assets and CBDCs

Blockchain. Cryptocurrencies. CBDCs. What is the future of money and how can financial institutions best equip themselves?

Where we are

Countries that Have Chosen to Upskill with Us

CFTE Upskilling Governments

We create bespoke training programmes tailored to the strategic priorities of your country.

  • Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Hungary
  • Hong Kong
  • Luxembourg
  • Eswatini
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam

Upskilling the Whole Ecosystem | Singapore


Singapore stated its ambition to be a smart financial centre and has incentivised lifelong learning through IBF subsidies. All of CFTE’s main courses are accredited by IBF (up to 90%), making Fintech education accessible in this growing Fintech hub to workers from various industries - from tech to insurance.

CFTE has further partnered with universities in the region such as the Ngee Ann Polytechnic to collaborate on CFTE’s AI in Finance course and upskilled their professors in Fintech.

Among our other initiatives, CFTE has also worked with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) on the Singapore Fintehch festival (SFF) - with both co-founders serving as ambassadors. In collaboration with SFF, we’ve created the Global Future Roles report which surveyed industry experts in the financial industry worldwide to help better navigate the future of work in financial services.

Our activities in Singapore with MAS

Read more about our partnership with Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Read about MAS x CFTE - Global Futures Report

ADGM Academy | AI in Finance Programme

CFTE and ADGM Academy joined forces to co-create the AI in Finance Certification to help develop a workforce that understands the innovative possibilities of artificial intelligence in finance. We're also training members of the governments in Digital Transformation.

CFTE has collaborated on launching 100 scholarships for those who wanted to acquire or advance skills in finance and technology. Half of these scholarships were given to women in an effort to support UN's SDG goal number 5 - Gender Equality.


Read More about the AI in Finance course

Read More about the Scholarship


Collaborations with the Central Bank of Hungary


CFTE has signed an MOU with the Budapest Institute of Banking, the traning arm of the central bank, to upskill hundreds of their bankers in AI and its application in Finance. We have subsequently worked together to launch the largest Payments in Digital Finance programme at the Singapore Fintech Festival in 2020.

Our further collaborations with the Central Bank of Hungary included the Hungary Fintech Festival, as well as hosting of numerous events in Digital Assets in London and Hungary in 2020 and 2021.

Read More

Fintech Training Programme | Cyberport


Fintech Training Programme - Cyberport Academy

As a training partner of Hong Kong Cyberport FinTech Training programme, CFTE upskilled over 1,500 in-service financial practitioners in 2020 through 30 training courses with alternating teaching format, including ‘FinTech Foundation Seminars’ and ‘Deep Dive Workshops’

Read More

The Luxembourg Academy of Digital Finance | LHoFT


To help LHoFT with its mission to prepare the financial services workforce for the new world of technology-driven finance, CFTE partnered with the innovation hub, to launch the Luxembourg Academy of Digital Finance.

Read More



Fintech Foundation Course | Central Bank of Eswatini


CFTE was chosen by the Central Bank of Eswatini (CBE) for a programme to upskill employees to embrace the new age of finance. The CBE programme have selected more than 100 employees to enrol in the CFTE Fintech Foundation course, with the aim to roll out the programme to other banks and financial institutions within the country, and further expansion into other regions within Africa.

Read More

Fintech Education at Scale | Malaysia


CFTE is active in Malaysia, across multiple verticals. From upskilling its central bank employees to training organisations such as CIMB and UOB, to partnering with MDEC (Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) around upskilling and reskilling at scale.

CFTE is also accredited by Asian Banking School, meaning Malaysian citizens can access our courses at a subsidised price, making Fintech education accessible to the whole population.

Read More

Central Bank of Vietnam

In 2017, CFTE trained the State Bank of Vietnam to deliver courses focusing on Fintech training. We've also conducted course trainings for some of the country's major banks and technology companies such as NAPAS and Maritime Bank.

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