Our Mission

In A Tech World, We Bet
On People

We help people and corporates access quality education in financial technology and digital finance

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Education at Scale

Education is no longer bound by borders. We aim to reach people across countries to help provide quality education in financial technology

Skills For Life

In a digital world, skills need renewing every few years. We empower people by giving them a chance to master new technologies through continuous learning and upslkilling

Bridging The Digital Divide

Today the digital divide is not about access to technology, but the capability to use it. We help diverse backgrounds to be digitally equipped

Our Mission

Technology has always outpaced the rate at which people can learn them. We believe it’s time to change the equation.

Education in Digital Finance and Financial Technology should no longer be a privilege. In a world today that is digitally transforming, we want people to stay at the centre of this revolution with the right skills to help them excel.

We aim to bridge the digital divide by helping people and corporates across regions and from diverse backgrounds to transform through skills and knowledge needed to create the financial world of the future.

TLDR: We aim to bridge the digital divide by helping people and corporates transform through skills and knowledge in digital finance

How We're Changing Education, One Initiative at a Time

CFTE Celebrates International Women's Day in the Metaverse Museum

We celebrated International Women’s Day in our Metaverse Museum. During our IWD’22 we featured more than 40 outstanding women experts in the Fintech world. We aim to encourage every woman to break the bias, challenge the status quo, and really take the lead in the Finance, Tech or Fintech space. 

The Global Fintech Internship: Training 1K Students Globally

In the Global Fintech Internship Initiative, we built a bridge between more than 100 experts and over 1000s of students from various backgrounds to expand vision, upscale skills, and foster a new mindset.​

CFTE - Global Fintech Internship
CFTE Supported 21C Girls Initiative - Empower: An Initiative guiding girls into finance

Empower: AI for Girls - Skilling
3000 Girls in AI

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CFTE supported a project led by 21C girls founder Dr. Ayesha Khanna, in collaboration with Ngee Ann Polytechnic and SGInnovate. The initiative provided over 3000 girls with a 3-month series of workshops teaching basic algorithms in Artificial Intelligence.

100 Fintech Scholarships for Women & People from Diverse Backgrounds

With the aim to support region’s brightest minds accelerate their career in financial services, develop new FinTech skills and empower women workforce, Abu Dhabi Global Market Academy (ADGMA) and CFTE launched 100 scholarships for women and diverse individuals to acquire and advance skills in finance and technology.

Tram Anh Nguyen, CFTE's Co-founder at Epic Foundation's supported schools in Vietnam

CFTE Supports the Epic Foundation

Epic Foundation Logo

CFTE’s Co-founder, Tram Anh Nguyen, signed the Epic sharing pledge to help create a social impact and uplift the underprivileged. Epic Foundation backs outstanding nonprofits and social innovation to change the lives of disadvantaged youth.

CFTE Expert Community Member Supports the Development of Impoverished Children in India

city of joy logo

CFTE Expert Community Member supported City of Joy Aid (COJA) UK in the struggle to combat leprosy in India. COJA UK aims to be the relief of those people in India who are suffering through poverty or disability, or as a result of local or national disasters.

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