Enabling Organisational Adoption of AI

The ABCDE Training framework

Moving from an old legacy system to sleek, AI-driven and tech-based organisation is easier said than done. 

Recognising the industry need to efficiently integrate this technology, CFTE designed ABCDE – an AI framework to support organisational training at scale to adopt artificial intelligence.


What is the ABCDE framework?

ABCDE is an actionable framework that encapsulates the key elements for a successful AI adoption and the strategy for capturing the benefits of the technology through scalable workforce training in AI. 


AI & Technology

Apply the transformative impact of technologies in your organisations, with AI technologies boosting efficiency of systems and revenues.


Business models

Leverage disruptive operational and business models to offer enhanced and impactful solutions to your customers.


Customer Centricity

Create a culture of decisions led by customer insights.



Implement data-driven processes in all verticals of your company to make informed decisions.




Inspire a culture of ownership that qualifies a company to reach its objectives.

Why do organisations need the ABCDE framework?

Acceleration of AI in Finance

In today’s rapidly advancing landscape, AI has emerged as a transformative force, revolutionising the industry. AI technology can be utilised by knowledge workers across sectors and seniority levels – executives, managers and junior employees. Disruption of Gen AI alone across business functions is agreed by 77% of European leaders within the financial services, with many stressing the lack of upskilling strategies. 

The new wave of AI transformation offers a potential for exponential growth for organisations, while posing risks and limitations in its implementation. 

The ABDE framework encapsulates 5 pillars to building a modern company with key take-aways and checklists to transform legacy institutions into modern companies.

How is the ABCDE Framework helping companies?

By adopting the ABCDE approach, organisations position themselves at the forefront of innovation, adapt to changing customer needs, and thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape of the financial industry.

AI & Technology

Essential Skills

The integration of AI technologies is birthing new paradigms of tech-driven solutions, making tech fluency an essential workforce skill.

Business Models

Essential Strategies

Innovative business strategies help organisations adapt to the AI landscape, explore new revenue streams, and redefine customer propositions.

Customer Centricity

Customer Focus

AI and technology enable organisations to gain insights on customer demand, and to deliver tailored services in a cost competitive way.


Data Size and Quality

Size and quality of data are essential for powering AI algorithms, making informed decisions and generating successful products and services.

Employees and Culture

Investing in people

Investing in upskilling allows institutions to deploy AI at scale and empower employees with the technology on their day to day.

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