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A live and updated ranking of the largest Fintech companies

The table below references the largest Fintech companies in the world, with 226 listed below. We uphold an updated list of the 21st century unicorns with our Fintech Unicorns Hub, designed to help those who want an updated overview of the Fintech industry through the lens of market valuations. 

Note: For listed companies, real-time market capitalisations are fed from Google Finance. For private companies, a reference to the source is attached. An explanation of the methodology can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Largest Fintech Companies by Market Valuation

NameCountryStatusMarket cap in USDReference DateSourceContinent
3Ant FinancialChinaPrivateOctober 2020LinkAsia
8AdyenNetherlandsListedDailyGoogle Finance
26XeroNew ZealandListedDailyGoogle FinanceOceania
31SofiUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
5Tencent (Fintech business)ChinaListedMarch 2021LinkAsia
40AvantUnited StatesPrivateJanuary 2021LinkNorth America
10AspireSingaporePrivateMay 2021LinkAsia
6SquareUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
1VisaUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
2MastercardUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
4PaypalUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
11AffirmUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
16NubankBrazilPrivateJanuary 2021LinkSouth America
100AcornsUnited StatesPrivateJune 2021LinkNorth America
19ChimeUnited StatesPrivateJune 2020LinkNorth America
42True AccordUnited StatesPrivateJuly 2020LinkNorth America
7StripeIrelandPrivateMarch 2021LinkEurope
32StoneCoBrazilListedDailyGoogle FinanceSouth America
14RevolutUKPrivateJuly 2021LinkEurope
15KlarnaSwedenPrivateMarch 2021LinkEurope
18UIPathRomaniaListedDailyGoogle FinanceEurope
22TinkoffRussiaListedDailyGoogle FinanceEurope
13GojekIndonesiaPrivateOctober 2021LinkAsia
19PaytmIndiaPrivateJuly 2021LinkAsia
24LufaxChinaListedDailyGoogle FinanceAsia
25FTXHong KongPrivateOctober 2021LinkAsia
27Checkout.comUKPrivateJanuary 2021LinkEurope
28WiseUKListedDailyGoogle FinanceEurope
23Ally FinancialUnited StatesPrivateDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
34RapydIsraelPrivateAugust 2021LinkEurope
40MollieNetherlandsPrivateJune 2021LinkEurope
44Trade RepublicGermanyPrivateMay 2021LinkEurope
45Blockchain.comLuxembourgPrivateMarch 2021LinkEurope
62LemonadeUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
47ZEPZUKPrivateAugust 2021LinkEurope
33RippleUnited StatesPrivateJune 2020LinkNorth America
9CoinbaseUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
76CircleUnited StatesPrivateFebruary 2019LinkNorth America
12RobinhoodUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
52DataminrUnited StatesPrivateMarch 2021LinkNorth America
21UpstartUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
75OscarUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
161FeedzaiUnited StatesPrivateMarch 2021LinkNorth America
35ToastUnited StatesPrivateNovember 2020LinkNorth America
49MarqetaUnited StatesPrivateMay 2020LinkNorth America
53Better.comUnited StatesPrivateNovember 2020LinkNorth America
67BlendUnited StatesPrivateJanuary 2021LinkNorth America
35BrexUnited StatesPrivateMarch 2021LinkNorth America
49SorareFrancePrivateSeptember 2021LinkEurope
76BlockfiUnited StatesPrivateMarch 2021LinkNorth America
53KrakenUnited StatesPrivateJune 2019LinkNorth America
29GrabMalaysiaPrivateSeptember 2020LinkAsia
38Viva RepublicaSouth KoreaPrivateJune 2021LinkAsia
88TradeshiftUnited StatesPrivateMarch 2021LinkNorth America
43Zhong AnChinaPrivateDailyGoogle FinanceAsia
66N26GermanyPrivateOctober 2020LinkEurope
17Bill.comUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
53Du Xiaoman FinancialChinaPrivateJune 2018LinkAsia
111AvidXchangeUnited StatesPrivateJanuary 2020LinkNorth America
76WefoxGermanyPrivateJune 2021LinkEurope
30PlaidUnited StatesPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
111ClearbancUnited StatesPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
76BGL GroupUKPrivateJune 2017LinkEurope
136RampUnited StatesPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
98GreenlightUnited StatesPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
100CurrentUnited StatesPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
111PipeUnited StatesPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
53WealthsimpleCanadaPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
90DivvyUnited StatesPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
87OaknorthUKPrivateJune 2020LinkEurope
46FlywireUnited StatesListedDailyGoogle FinanceNorth America
129FawryEgyptListedSeptember 2021LinkAfrica
132WaveSenegalPrivateSeptember 2021LinkAfrica
53QuintoAndarBrazilPrivateMay 2021LinkSouth America
65Papaya GlobalIsraelPrivateSeptember 2021LinkAsia
67PayoneerIsraelPrivateApril 2021LinkAsia
69LiquidJapanPrivateAugust 2021LinkAsia
73LakalaChinaListedDailyGoogle FinanceAsia
100IzettleSwedenPrivateMay 2018LinkEurope
76RazorpayIndiaPrivateApril 2021LinkAsia
91UaláArgentiaPrivateAugust 2021LinkSouth America
165Root InsuranceUnited StatesListedDailyLinkNorth America
170KabbageUnited StatesPrivateJune 2017LinkNorth America
107TinkSwedenPrivateJune 2021LinkEurope
111MambuGermanyPrivateJanuary 2021LinkEurope
108Green SkyUnited StatesListedDailyLinkNorth America
76Pine LabsIndiaPrivateMay 2021LinkAsia
69Figure TechnologiesUnited StatesPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
179DaveUnited StatesPrivateOctober 2019LinkNorth America
179Varo MoneyUnited StatesPrivateJune 2020LinkNorth America
106AddeparUnited StatesPrivateJune 2021LinkNorth America
76GrowwIndiaPrivateSeptember 2021LinkAsia
160EnovaUnited StatesListedDailyLinkNorth America
140EnfusionUnited StatesPrivateJanuary 2021LinkNorth America
39CartaUnited StatesPrivateFebruary 2021LinkNorth America
111Bought By ManyUKPrivateJune 2021LinkEurope
84OvoIndonesiaPrivateJune 2020LinkAsia
179WeBullUnited StatesPrivateFebruary 2021LinkNorth America
179ViseUnited StatesPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
76UpgradeUnited StatesPrivateJune 2021LinkNorth America
111UnqorkUnited StatesPrivateOctober 2020LinkNorth America
179TrumidUnited StatesPrivateAugust 2020LinkNorth America
179TresataUnited StatesPrivateOctober 2018LinkNorth America
111TipaltiUnited StatesPrivateOctober 2020LinkNorth America
151SymphonyUnited StatesPrivateJune 2019LinkNorth America
175SunbitUnited StatesPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
127SpotOnUnited StatesPrivateMay 2017LinkNorth America
158SignifydUnited StatesPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
179Sidecar HealthUnited StatesPrivateJanuary 2021LinkNorth America
122Starling BankUKPrivateMarch 2021LinkEurope
109ReChargeUnited StatesPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
170PublicUnited StatesPrivateFebruary 2021LinkNorth America
132PleoDenmarkPrivateJuly 2021LinkEurope
85BharatPeIndiaPrivateAugust 2021LinkAsia
89TossSouth KoreaPrivateAugust 2020LinkAsia
94PaxosUnited StatesPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
93Read MorelogisChinaListedDailyGoogle FinanceAsia
179PacasoUnited StatesPrivateMarch 2021LinkNorth America
134AlanFrancePrivateApril 2021LinkEurope
122MX TechnologiesUnited StatesPrivateJanuary 2021LinkNorth America
135solarisBankGermanyPrivateJuly 2021LinkEurope
53MelioIsraelPrivateSeptember 2021LinkNorth America
94PolicybazaarIndiaPrivateMarch 2021LinkAsia
179IvaluaUnited StatesPrivateMay 2019LinkNorth America
179IbottaUnited StatesPrivateAugust 2019LinkNorth America
94PaidyJapanPrivateMarch 2021LinkAsia
47Hippo InsuranceUnited StatesPrivateMarch 2021LinkNorth America
74HighRadiusUnited StatesPrivateMarch 2021LinkNorth America
63GustoUnited StatesPrivateJuly 2019LinkNorth America
94cgtzChinaPrivateJune 2018LinkAsia
179Forte LabsUnited StatesPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
136ExtendUnited StatesPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
111Ethos TechnologiesUnited StatesPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
91UalaArgentinaPrivateAugust 2021LinkSouth America
100CredIndiaPrivateApril 2021LinkAsia
136BunqNetherlandsPrivateJuly 2021LinkEurope
167DeelUnited StatesPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
37Dapper LabsCanadaPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
99C6 BankBrazilPrivateJune 2020LinkSouth America
140Collective HealthUnited StatesPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
179ClearcoverUnited StatesPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
179Chipper CashUnited StatesPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
111WaterdropChinaPrivateAugust 2020LinkAsia
51ChainalysisUnited StatesPrivateJune 2021LinkNorth America
122Digit InsuranceIndiaPrivateJanuary 2021LinkAsia
69CedarUnited StatesPrivateMarch 2021LinkNorth America
100BitsoBrazilPrivateMay 2021LinkSouth America
137.5TrueLayerUKPrivateSeptember 2021LinkEurope
140RemitlyUKListedJuly 2020Google FinanceEurope
140LedgerFrancePrivateJuly 2021LinkEurope
179AmountUnited StatesPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
140HyperchainChinaPrivateJune 2018LinkAsia
151Scalable CapitalGermanyPrivateJune 2021LinkEurope
140BetternetSingaporePrivateSeptember 2021LinkAsia
140QudianThailandPrivateSeptember 2021LinkAsia
167MonzoUKPrivateMay 2020LinkEurope
167MarshmallowUKPrivateSeptember 2021LinkEurope
140FundboxIsraelPrivateFebuary 2021LinkAsia
170BitpandaAustriaPrivateMarch 2021LinkEurope
150ZetaIndiaPrivateMay 2021LinkAsia
53AirwallexAustraliaPrivateSeptember 2021LinkOceania
140OpayNigeriaPrivateMay 2021LinkAfrica
175ZegoUKPrivateMarch 2021LinkEurope
109Mercado BitcoinBrazilPrivateJune 2021LinkSouth America
151ChargeBee TechnologiesIndiaPrivateApril 2021LinkAsia
179FlutterwaveNigeriaPrivateMarch 2021LinkAfrica
179InterswitchNigeriaPrivateNovember 2019LinkAfrica
154.3333333CoinSwitchIndiaPrivateOctober 2021LinkAsia
140PersonaUnited StatesPrivateSeptember 2021LinkNorth America
178Radius Payment SolutionsUKPrivateNovember 2017LinkEurope
175CoinDCXIndiaPrivateAugust 2021LinkAsia
179Shift TechnologyFrancePrivateMay 2021LinkEurope
53Next InsuranceUnited StatesPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
53iCapital NetworkUnited StatesPrivateJuly 2021LinkNorth America
64FalconXUnited StatesPrivateAugust 2021LinkNorth America
69BlockstreamCanadaPrivateAugust 2021LinkNorth America
85DrivewealthUnited StatesPrivateAugust 2021LinkNorth America
179HoneybookGermanyPrivateMay 2021LinkEurope
111ClipMexicoPrivateJune 2021LinkNorth America
100FireblocksUnited StatesPrivateJuly 2021LinkNorth America
179PPROUKPrivateJanuary 2021LinkEurope
136MercuryUnited StatesPrivateAugust 2021LinkNorth America
159TaxBitUnited StatesPrivateAugust 2021LinkNorth America
151M1 FinanceUnited StatesPrivateJuly 2021LinkNorth America
151StashUnited StatesPrivateSeptember 2021LinkNorth America
156At-BayUKPrivateJuly 2021LinkNorth America
122Judo BankAustraliaPrivateJune 2021LinkOceania
170DailyPayUnited StatesPrivateMay 2021LinkNorth America
174GuidelineUnited StatesPrivateJune 2021LinkNorth America
179RiskifiedIsraelPrivateNovember 2019LinkAsia
179NumbrsSwitzerlandPrivateSeptember 2019LinkEurope
179WeLabChinaPrivateJune 2017LinkAsia
179Liquid GlobalJapanPrivateApril 2019LinkAsia
179RaisinGermanyPrivateJune 2019LinkEurope
179QualiaUnited StatesPrivateDecember 2020LinkNorth America
179Injective ProtocolUnited StatesPrivateApril 2021LinkNorth America
179LunarDenmarkPrivateJuly 2021LinkEurope
179SmartAssetUKPrivateJune 2021LinkNorth America
179MobileCoinUnited StatesPrivateAugust 2021LinkNorth America
179EarnixIsraelPrivateFebruary 2021LinkAsia
179Amber GroupChinaPrivateJune 2021LinkAsia
179TractableUKPrivateJune 2021LinkEurope
179VNLifeVietnamPrivateJuly 2021LinkAsia
179NiumSingaporePrivateJuly 2021LinkAsia
161Ascend MoneyUnited StatesPrivateSeptember 2021LinkNorth America
179MatrixportSingaporePrivateAugust 2021LinkAsia
156AlloyUnited StatesPrivateSeptember 2021LinkNorth America
179XenditIndonesiaPrivateSeptember 2021LinkAsia
111EBANXBrazilPrivateOctober 2019LinkSouth America
166BlockDaemonUnited StatesPrivateSeptember 2021LinkNorth America
128CFGIUnited StatesPrivateSeptember 2021LinkNorth America
179OrchardUnited StatesPrivateSeptember 2021LinkNorth America
179JimuBoxChinaPrivateApril 2015LinkAsia
179DunamuSouth KoreaPrivateJune 2021LinkAsia
130TruliooCanadaPrivateSeptember 2021LinkNorth America
130CreditasBrazilPrivateDecember 2020LinkSouth America
179SumUpUnited StatesPrivateMarch 2021LinkEurope
179BolttechSingaporePrivateJuly 2021LinkAsia
179VendantuIndiaPrivateSeptember 2021LinkAsia
179Sightline PaymentsUnited StatesPrivateAugust 2021LinkNorth America
161KonfioMexicoPrivateSeptember 2021LinkSouth America
161FreshBooksCanadaPrivateAugust 2021LinkNorth America
161SocureUnited StatesPrivateMarch 2021LinkNorth America
122LXUnited StatesPrivateJanuary 2021LinkNorth America
157BuiltUnited StatesPrivateOctober 2021LinkNorth America
179SaltPayUKPrivateApril 2021LinkEurope
179AjaibIndonesiaPrivateOctober 2021LinkAsia

Latest updates

Addepar (USA) added with a valuation of $2.17 bn after a $150m raise (June 2021)
Carta (USA) added with a valuation of $6 bn (February 2021)
Enfusion (USA) added with a valuation at $1.5 bn (January 2021)
Honeybook (Germany) added with a valuation of $1 bn after a Series D raise (May 2021)
Green Sky (USA) added with a valuation of $1.073 bn valuation (June 2021)
Figure Technologies (USA) added with a valution of $3.2 bn after a $200m raise (May 2021)
Dave (USA) added with a valuation of $1bn (October 2020)
Enova (USA) added with a valuation of $1.32 bn (June 2021)
Varo Money (USA) with a valuation of $1bn (June 2020)
Trade Republic (GER) added with a valuation of $5.3 bn after a $750m raise (May 2021)
Kabbage (USA) added with a valuation of $1.2 bn (Aug 2020)
Root Insurance (USA) added with a valuation of $2.726 bn (June 2021)
Bitso (Brazil) added with a valuation of $2.2bn after a $250m Series C raise (May 2021)
Wefox (Germany) added with a valuation of $3bn after $650m raise (June 2021)
Zeta (India) added with a valuation of $1.45bn with $250m raise (May 2021)
Razorpay (India) added with valuation of $3bn after $160m raise (April 2021)
Digit Insurance (India) added with valuation of $1.9bn after $19m raise (January 2021)
Cred (India) added with valuation of $2.2bn after $215m raise (April 2021)
QuintoAndar (Brazil) added with a valuation of $4bn after $300m fundraise (May 2021)
Opay (Nigeria) added with a valuation of $1.5bn after rumoured fundraise of $400m (May 2021)
Flutterwave (Nigeria) added with a valuation of $1bn after $170m raise (March 2021)
Divvy (US) added with a valuation of $2.5bn after being acquired by (May 2021)
Shift Technology (France) added with a valuation of $1bn (press says “more than $1bn”) after $220m round (May 2021)
Wealthsimple added with a valuation of $4bn after $600m round. (May 2021)
Greenlight added with a valuation of $2.3bn after $260m Series D (April 2021)
Current added with a valuation of $2.2bn after $220m Series D (April 2021)
Ramp added with a valuation of $1.6bn after raising $115m (April 2021). Info from 
Marcel Van Oost.
Alan added with a valuation of $1.6bn after raising $220m (April 2021)
Pipe added with a valuation of $2bn after $150m raise (April 2021)
UIPath updated to Listed after their IPO. Previous private valuation was $35bn (April 2021)
Coinbase now moved from Private to Listed after its direct stock listing. (April 2021)
Plaid added with a valuation of $13.5bn from $425m Series D raise (April 2021)
UIPath added with a valuation of $35bn, apparently preparing for IPO at $60bn (March 2021)
Blockfi added with a valuation of $3bn from recent $350m raise (March 2021)
Kraken added with a valuation of $4bn from 2019 raise (March 2021)
Ovo added with a valuation of $2.9bn from 2020 merger discussion with Dana (March 2021)
Waterdrop added with valuation of $2bn of 2020 (March 2021)
Tradeshift added with $1.1bn valuation – old valuation from 2018 (March 2021)
Toss added with a valuation of $2.6bn from 2020 raise of $173m (March 2021)
Rapyd added with $2.5bn valuation from January 2021 $300m raise (March 2021) added as listed company (March 2021)
Policybazaar added at $2.4bn valuation from $45m funding round (March 2021)
AvidXchange added at $2bn (March 2021)
Mambu added at $2bn from $135m fundraise (March 2021) added with a valuation of $4bn from its $200m Series D raise in November 2020 (March 2021)
Blend added with a valuation of $3.3bn from its $300m raise in January 2021 (March 2021)
Brex added with a valuation of $8bn (March 2021)
Checkout added after its raise of $450m at a valuation of $15bn in February (March 2021)
Toast added at a valuation of $8bn – secondary purchase in November 2020 (March 2021)
Marqeta added at valuation of $4.3bn – $150m raise in May 2020 (March 2021)
Feedzai added to the list after its raise of $200m and a valuation of $1.3bn (March 2021)
Blockchain added to the list after a fundraise of $300m at a valuation of $5.2nbn (March 2021)
Oscar added after its IPO (March 2021). At the moment, there is no “Insurtech” category (everything is in Fintech), might be changed in the future. 
Upstart added after its IPO (March 2021)
Dataminr added with a valuation of $4.1bn (March 2021)
Affirm corrected status from private to listed (March 2021)
Sofi update with Spac for Q2 2021 (March 2021)
Klarna valuation updated to $31bn (March 2021)
StoneCo corrected status from private to listed (March 2021)
Robinhood valuation added at $40bn (March 2021)
Chime valuation updated to $14.5bn. Previous valuation from Yahoo was wrong. (March 2021)
Stripe valuation reported at $95bn after new funding round of $600m. Was previously rumoured at $115bn (March 2021)
Starling Bank valuation reported at $1.9bn (post) after raising Series D of £272m (March 2021)  

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Understanding this ranking

This ranking was initially an internal tool that we use at CFTE. Because CFTE and our experts constantly create courses and presentations, there is always the need for information such as “What is the latest valuation of Ant Group” or “How does Revolut compare to European banks”. Since we spend a large amount of time updating this information, we thought it could be useful to others too and decided to make it public. But note that it is first and foremost an internal tool, so will have its limitations. I hope you will find this ranking useful, and please do not hesitate to report issues or suggest improvements. 

Huy Nguyen Trieu, co-founder CFTE, July 2021

Definition of Fintech

At CFTE, our definition of Fintech is “the impact that technology has in transforming the financial industry”. It’s a very broad definition that includes early stage Fintech startups, established startups such as Stripe, large tech companies such as Ant Financial, but also financial institutions such as Citi or Prudential. In the table above, we have decided to exclude the financial institutions such as JP Morgan or Allianz and the large payment companies such as Visa or Mastercard, to focus only on the Fintech startups. We have not differentiated between the different sub-sectors of Fintech, and have included all of them, such as Paytech, Insurtech, Regtech, Challenger Banks, etc.  

What is market capitalisation?

For listed companies, we use Google Finance as the market capitalisation. For private companies, we use articles, press releases, etc., which we reference. This has to be taken with a grain of salt since private valuations are not easily comparable (preferential rights, etc.) and disclosed numbers can’t always be trusted. Some companies are not present because no valuations were public.

Is it a comprehensive list?

Not by a long way. There are companies missing and figures change on a daily basis. We have decided to only list the companies with a valuation in excess of $1bn (the “unicorns” in startup speak). We are constantly updating this table, so don’t hesitate to send us names of companies we have missed and flag inaccurate information. Thanks a lot for your help!

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