What are the largest Fintech companies?

A live and updated ranking of the largest Fintech companies

The table below references the largest Fintech companies in the world. It is designed to help those who want an updated overview of the Fintech industry through the lens of market valuations. 

For listed companies, real-time market capitalisations are fed from Google Finance. For private companies, a reference to the source is attached. 

An explanation of the methodology can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Largest Fintech companies by market capitalisation​

NameCountryStatusMarket cap in USDReference DateSource
2Ant FinancialChinaPrivate$312,000,000,000October 2020Link
6AdyenNetherlandsListed$84,907,560,116DailyGoogle Finance
20XeroNew ZealandListed$15,285,226,123DailyGoogle Finance
26SofiUSAListed$12,278,262,858DailyGoogle Finance
15LufaxChinaListed$18,467,257,500DailyGoogle Finance
34AvantUSAPrivate$6,500,000,000January 2021Link
31Zhong AnChinaListed$7,952,182,074DailyGoogle Finance
4SquareUSAListed$112,594,437,534DailyGoogle Finance
1PaypalUSAListed$323,672,804,406DailyGoogle Finance
22AffirmUSAListed$14,930,054,575DailyGoogle Finance
16StoneCoBrazilListed$18,245,083,711DailyGoogle Finance
23ChimeUSAPrivate$14,500,000,000June 2020Link
36True AccordUSAPrivate$6,000,000,000July 2020Link
40WiseUKPrivate$5,000,000,000January 2021Link
13NubankBrazilPrivate$25,000,000,000January 2021Link
9RevolutUKPrivate$33,000,000,000July 2021Link
53N26GermanyPrivate$3,500,000,000October 2020Link
11KlarnaSwedenPrivate$31,000,000,000March 2021Link
68OaknorthUKPrivate$2,800,000,000June 2020Link
46Du Xiaoman FinancialChinaPrivate$4,000,000,000June 2018Link
19PaytmIndiaPrivate$16,000,000,000February 2020Link
8GojekIndonesiaPrivate$35,000,000,000October 2021Link
24GrabMalaysiaPrivate$14,000,000,000September 2020Link
116MonzoUKPrivate$1,250,000,000May 2020Link
94Starling BankUKPrivate$1,900,000,000March 2021Link
14Ally FinancialUSAPrivate$19,038,150,706DailyGoogle Finance
119WorldremitUKPrivate$1,200,000,000June 2019Link
5StripeIrelandPrivate$95,000,000,000March 2021Link
78IzettleSwedenPrivate$2,200,000,000May 2018Link
103RemitlyUKPrivate$1,500,000,000July 2020Link
38LemonadeUSAListed$5,346,304,825DailyGoogle Finance
127Shift TechnologyFrancePrivate$1,000,000,000May 2021Link
27RippleUSAPrivate$10,000,000,000June 2020Link
7CoinbaseUSAListed$49,365,280,000DailyGoogle Finance
60CircleUSAPrivate$3,000,000,000February 2019Link
12RobinhoodUSAListed$29,373,981,040February 2021Google Finance
44DataminrUSAPrivate$4,100,000,000March 2021Link
28UpstartUSAListed$9,286,947,733DailyGoogle Finance
52OscarUSAListed$3,510,973,937DailyGoogle Finance
114FeedzaiUSAPrivate$1,300,000,000March 2021Link
37BlockchainUSAPrivate$5,400,000,000March 2021Link
21CheckoutUSAPrivate$15,000,000,000February 2021Link
29ToastUSAPrivate$8,000,000,000November 2020Link
42MarqetaUSAPrivate$4,300,000,000May 2020Link
46Better.comUSAPrivate$4,000,000,000November 2020Link
54BlendUSAPrivate$3,300,000,000January 2021Link
29BrexUSAPrivate$8,000,000,000March 2021Link
10UIPathRomaniaListed$31,832,461,802DailyGoogle Finance
60BlockfiUSAPrivate$3,000,000,000March 2021Link
46KrakenUSAPrivate$4,000,000,000June 2019Link
67OvoIndonesiaPrivate$2,900,000,000June 2020Link
84WaterdropChinaPrivate$2,000,000,000August 2020Link
124TradeshiftUSAPrivate$1,100,000,000May 2018Link
69TossSouth KoreaPrivate$2,600,000,000August 2020Link
70RapydIsraelPrivate$2,500,000,000January 2021Link
18Bill.comUSAListed$17,207,801,021DailyGoogle Finance
72PolicybazaarIndiaPrivate$2,400,000,000March 2021Link
84AvidXchangeUSAPrivate$2,000,000,000January 2020Link
84MambuGermanyPrivate$2,000,000,000January 2021Link
25PlaidUSAPrivate$13,500,000,000April 2021Link
84ClearcoUSAPrivate$2,000,000,000April 2021Link
99AlanFrancePrivate$1,690,000,000April 2021Link
100RampUSAPrivate$1,600,000,000April 2021Link
76GreenlightUSAPrivate$2,300,000,000April 2021Link
78CurrentUSAPrivate$2,200,000,000April 2021Link
84PipeUSAPrivate$2,000,000,000April 2021Link
46WealthsimpleCanadaPrivate$4,000,000,000May 2021Link
70DivvyUSAPrivate$2,500,000,000May 2021Link
17TinkoffRussiaListed$17,208,870,000DailyGoogle Finance
56FlywireUSAListed$3,274,662,463DailyGoogle Finance
103OpayNigeriaPrivate$1,500,000,000May 2021Link
127FlutterwaveNigeriaPrivate$1,000,000,000March 2021Link
46QuintoAndarBrazilPrivate$4,000,000,000May 2021Link
109ZetaIndiaPrivate$1,450,000,000May 2021Link
60RazorpayIndiaPrivate$3,000,000,000April 2021Link
78CredIndiaPrivate$2,200,000,000April 2021Link
94Digit InsuranceIndiaPrivate$1,900,000,000January 2021Link
60WefoxGermanyPrivate$3,000,000,000June 2021Link
3Tencent (Fintech business)ChinaListed$120,000,000,000March 2021Link
78BitsoBrazilPrivate$2,200,000,000May 2021Link
93Root InsuranceUSAListed$1,929,840,668DailyLink
119KabbageUSAPrivate$1,200,000,000June 2017Link
39Trade RepublicGermanyPrivate$5,300,000,000May 2021Link
127HoneybookGermanyPrivate$1,000,000,000May 2021Link
123Green SkyUSAListed$1,158,234,000DailyLink
45LinklogisChinaListed$4,063,180,153DailyGoogle Finance
57Figure TechnologiesUSAPrivate$3,200,000,000May 2021Link
127DaveUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000October 2019Link
127Varo MoneyUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000June 2020Link
82AddeparUSAPrivate$2,170,000,000June 2021Link
127RiskifiedIsraelPrivate$1,000,000,000November 2019Link
103EnfusionUSAPrivate$1,500,000,000January 2021Link
33CartaUSAPrivate$6,900,000,000February 2021Link
124ZegoUKPrivate$1,100,000,000March 2021Link
127WeLabHong KongPrivate$1,000,000,000June 2017Link
127WeBullUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000February 2021Link
127ViseUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000May 2021Link
60UpgradeUSAPrivate$3,000,000,000June 2021Link
84UnqorkUSAPrivate$2,000,000,000October 2020Link
127TrumidUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000August 2020Link
127TresataUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000October 2018Link
84TipaltiUSAPrivate$2,000,000,000October 2020Link
110SymphonyIndiaPrivate$1,400,000,000June 2019Link
124SunbitUSAPrivate$1,100,000,000May 2021Link
97SpotOnUSAPrivate$1,880,000,000May 2017Link
113SignifydUSAPrivate$1,340,000,000April 2021Link
127Sidecar HealthUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000January 2021Link
110Scalable CapitalGermanyPrivate$1,400,000,000June 2021Link
83ReChargeUSAPrivate$2,100,000,000May 2021Link
119PublicUSAPrivate$1,200,000,000February 2021Link
127PPROUKPrivate$1,000,000,000January 2021Link
60Pine LabsIndiaPrivate$3,000,000,000May 2021Link
54PayoneerIsraelPrivate$3,300,000,000April 2021Link
72PaxosUSAPrivate$2,400,000,000April 2021Link
72PaidyJapanPrivate$2,400,000,000March 2021Link
127PacasoUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000March 2021Link
127NumbrsSwitzerlandPrivate$1,000,000,000September 2019Link
94MX TechnologiesUSAPrivate$1,900,000,000January 2021Link
34MollieNetherlandsPrivate$6,500,000,000June 2021Link
114MelioUSAPrivate$1,300,000,000January 2021Link
127Liquid GlobalJapanPrivate$1,000,000,000April 2019Link
127IvaluaUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000May 2019Link
127IbottaUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000August 2019Link
103HyperchainChinaPrivate$1,500,000,000June 2018Link
40Hippo InsuranceUSAPrivate$5,000,000,000March 2021Link
59HighRadiusUSAPrivate$3,100,000,000March 2021Link
51GustoUSAPrivate$3,800,000,000July 2019Link
127GrowwIndiaPrivate$1,000,000,000April 2021Link
127Forte LabsUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000May 2021Link
100ExtendUSAPrivate$1,600,000,000May 2021Link
84Ethos TechnologiesUSAPrivate$2,000,000,000May 2021Link
84EBANXBrazilPrivate$2,000,000,000October 2019Link
127EarnixIsraelPrivate$1,000,000,000February 2021Link
127RaisinGermanyPrivate$1,000,000,000June 2019Link
116DeelUSAPrivate$1,250,000,000April 2021Link
32Dapper LabsCanadaPrivate$7,500,000,000April 2021Link
98CreditasBrazilPrivate$1,750,000,000December 2020Link
103Collective HealthUSAPrivate$1,500,000,000May 2021Link
127ClearcoverUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000April 2021Link
127Chipper CashUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000May 2021Link
110ChargeBee TechnologiesIndiaPrivate$1,400,000,000April 2021Link
43ChainalysisUSAPrivate$4,200,000,000June 2021Link
72cgtzChinaPrivate$2,400,000,000June 2018Link
57CedarUSAPrivate$3,200,000,000March 2021Link
77C6 BankBrazilPrivate$2,280,000,000June 2020Link
100BunqNetherlandsPrivate$1,600,000,000July 2021Link
119BitpandaAustriaPrivate$1,200,000,000March 2021Link
60BGL GroupUKPrivate$3,000,000,000June 2017Link
127AmountUSAPrivate$1,000,000,000May 2021Link
127Amber GroupHong KongPrivate$1,000,000,000June 2021Link
103LedgerFrancePrivate$1,500,000,000July 2021Link

Latest updates

Addepar (USA) added with a valuation of $2.17 bn after a $150m raise (June 2021)
Carta (USA) added with a valuation of $6 bn (February 2021)
Enfusion (USA) added with a valuation at $1.5 bn (January 2021)
Honeybook (Germany) added with a valuation of $1 bn after a Series D raise (May 2021)
Green Sky (USA) added with a valuation of $1.073 bn valuation (June 2021)
Figure Technologies (USA) added with a valution of $3.2 bn after a $200m raise (May 2021)
Dave (USA) added with a valuation of $1bn (October 2020)
Enova (USA) added with a valuation of $1.32 bn (June 2021)
Varo Money (USA) with a valuation of $1bn (June 2020)
Trade Republic (GER) added with a valuation of $5.3 bn after a $750m raise (May 2021)
Kabbage (USA) added with a valuation of $1.2 bn (Aug 2020)
Root Insurance (USA) added with a valuation of $2.726 bn (June 2021)
Bitso (Brazil) added with a valuation of $2.2bn after a $250m Series C raise (May 2021)
Wefox (Germany) added with a valuation of $3bn after $650m raise (June 2021)
Zeta (India) added with a valuation of $1.45bn with $250m raise (May 2021)
Razorpay (India) added with valuation of $3bn after $160m raise (April 2021)
Digit Insurance (India) added with valuation of $1.9bn after $19m raise (January 2021)
Cred (India) added with valuation of $2.2bn after $215m raise (April 2021)
QuintoAndar (Brazil) added with a valuation of $4bn after $300m fundraise (May 2021)
Opay (Nigeria) added with a valuation of $1.5bn after rumoured fundraise of $400m (May 2021)
Flutterwave (Nigeria) added with a valuation of $1bn after $170m raise (March 2021)
Divvy (US) added with a valuation of $2.5bn after being acquired by Bill.com (May 2021)
Shift Technology (France) added with a valuation of $1bn (press says “more than $1bn”) after $220m round (May 2021)
Wealthsimple added with a valuation of $4bn after $600m round. (May 2021)
Greenlight added with a valuation of $2.3bn after $260m Series D (April 2021)
Current added with a valuation of $2.2bn after $220m Series D (April 2021)
Ramp added with a valuation of $1.6bn after raising $115m (April 2021). Info from 
Marcel Van Oost.
Alan added with a valuation of $1.6bn after raising $220m (April 2021)
Pipe added with a valuation of $2bn after $150m raise (April 2021)
UIPath updated to Listed after their IPO. Previous private valuation was $35bn (April 2021)
Coinbase now moved from Private to Listed after its direct stock listing. (April 2021)
Plaid added with a valuation of $13.5bn from $425m Series D raise (April 2021)
UIPath added with a valuation of $35bn, apparently preparing for IPO at $60bn (March 2021)
Blockfi added with a valuation of $3bn from recent $350m raise (March 2021)
Kraken added with a valuation of $4bn from 2019 raise (March 2021)
Ovo added with a valuation of $2.9bn from 2020 merger discussion with Dana (March 2021)
Waterdrop added with valuation of $2bn of 2020 (March 2021)
Tradeshift added with $1.1bn valuation – old valuation from 2018 (March 2021)
Toss added with a valuation of $2.6bn from 2020 raise of $173m (March 2021)
Rapyd added with $2.5bn valuation from January 2021 $300m raise (March 2021)
Bill.com added as listed company (March 2021)
Policybazaar added at $2.4bn valuation from $45m funding round (March 2021)
AvidXchange added at $2bn (March 2021)
Mambu added at $2bn from $135m fundraise (March 2021)
Better.com added with a valuation of $4bn from its $200m Series D raise in November 2020 (March 2021)
Blend added with a valuation of $3.3bn from its $300m raise in January 2021 (March 2021)
Brex added with a valuation of $8bn (March 2021)
Checkout added after its raise of $450m at a valuation of $15bn in February (March 2021)
Toast added at a valuation of $8bn – secondary purchase in November 2020 (March 2021)
Marqeta added at valuation of $4.3bn – $150m raise in May 2020 (March 2021)
Feedzai added to the list after its raise of $200m and a valuation of $1.3bn (March 2021)
Blockchain added to the list after a fundraise of $300m at a valuation of $5.2nbn (March 2021)
Oscar added after its IPO (March 2021). At the moment, there is no “Insurtech” category (everything is in Fintech), might be changed in the future. 
Upstart added after its IPO (March 2021)
Dataminr added with a valuation of $4.1bn (March 2021)
Affirm corrected status from private to listed (March 2021)
Sofi update with Spac for Q2 2021 (March 2021)
Klarna valuation updated to $31bn (March 2021)
StoneCo corrected status from private to listed (March 2021)
Robinhood valuation added at $40bn (March 2021)
Chime valuation updated to $14.5bn. Previous valuation from Yahoo was wrong. (March 2021)
Stripe valuation reported at $95bn after new funding round of $600m. Was previously rumoured at $115bn (March 2021)
Starling Bank valuation reported at $1.9bn (post) after raising Series D of £272m (March 2021)  

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What is Fintech?

At CFTE, our definition of Fintech is “the impact that technology has in transforming the financial industry”. It’s a very broad definition that includes early stage Fintech startups, established startups such as Stripe, large tech companies such as Ant Financial, but also financial institutions such as Citi or Prudential. In the table below, we have decided to exclude the financial institutions, but included the payment companies, where the role of technology is more predominant.

What is market capitalisation?

For listed companies, we use Google Finance as the market capitalisation. For private companies, we use articles, press releases, etc., which we reference. This has to be taken with a grain of salt since private valuations are not easily comparable (preferential rights, etc.) and disclosed numbers can’t always be trusted. Some companies are not present because no valuations were public.

Is it a comprehensive list?

Not by a long way. There are companies missing and figures change on a daily basis. We have decided to only list the companies with a valuation in excess of $1bn (the “unicorns” in startup speak). We are constantly updating this table, so don’t hesitate to send us names of companies we have missed and flag inaccurate information. Thanks a lot for your help!

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