Notes from Point Zero Forum 2023

Digital Assets have gained a lot of traction, with more innovative technology developed and stakeholders involved. 

What does the future hold for Digital Assets? This report summarises key takeaways from the Point Zero Forum 2023 on digital assets.

Insight Report

Cryptoassets and Climate Change Report 2023

What’s the impact of cryptocurrencies on climate change? 

The report developed by Magyar Nemzeti Bank and CFTE gathering the insights from 14 industry experts at Point Zero Forum helps the industry understand the environmental implications of cryptoassets, the methodology of data collection and measurement, real-world sustainability initiatives and prospective regulatory structures on cryptoassets.

Striking a balance between technology and sustainability

With Bitcoin consuming an equivalent amount of energy annually to some countries such as the UAE in 2021, it is time to speak of taming its environmental impact.

Addressing climate change is a critical issue of our era, and leveraging financial innovation is essential in our battle against it. As cryptoassets gaining traction from individuals and institutional players, it’s vital to assess their effects on our environmental objectives.

This report will give you an insight into:

  • What is the environmental impact of cryptoassets?
  • How to collect data and measure cryptoassets’ carbon footprint?
  • What are the real-world use cases for sustainable crypto initiatives?
  • What are current regulation on crypto-assets in different jurisdiction and prospective regulatory framework?
  • How can the industry strike a balance between innovation and sustainability?
  • How can the industry align to build a more sustainable crypto ecosystem?

The power of Web3 is data and it is fundamental to create solutions to a more sustainable crypto assets ecosystem. To solve the issue of sustainability in crypto assets, implementation, regulatory framework, industry alignment and use cases are the keys. Download the report to learn more on the topic.

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Anikó Szombati

Chief Digital Officer, Magyar Nemzeti Bank (Central Bank of Hungary)

Dr Christian Stoll

Co-founder, Crypto Carbon Ratings Institute (CCRI)

Frederik Gregaard

Chief Executive Officer, Cardano Foundation

Dr Germán Villegas Bauer

Economist, International Monetary Fund

Hugo Coelho

Director, Binance

Huy Nguyen Trieu

Co-founder, Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE)

Lavan Thasarathakumar

Senior Digital Asset and Blockchain Advisor, Hogan Lovells

Professor Robert Wardrop

Co-founder and Director, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, University of Cambridge

Rene Reinsberg

Co-Founder, Celo & President, Celo Foundation, Celo

Richard Gendal Brown

Chief Technology Officer, R3

Marieke Flament

Chief Executive Officer, NEAR Foundation

Steven Haft

Co-Founder, Ethereum Climate Platform

Dr Xenia Karametaxas

Policy Advisor Sustainable Finance, Swiss State Secretariat for International Finance

Devina Paul

Chief Financial Officer, Zumo

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