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Started in 2018, we developed the largest school for AI in Finance, helping governments and organisations upskill their workforce. With over 20,000 alumni, finance professionals learnt the foundations, applications and roadmaps to implement AI in their organisation to become more efficient and future-ready.

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Helping governments and organisations upskill their workforce


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Be able to use AI and apply it to their organisations

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Learn with 50+ industry experts from all continents and sectors in finance


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From senior leadership to an entire department, we provide education that will fit your AI training needs. Discover our range of self-paced courses and workshops to help you navigate the confusing world of AI.

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Understand how central banks and global financial institutions are implementing AI. Turn AI technology into best practice.

Morgan Stanley announced its AI Assistant to support advisors to do research and data analysis.
Moody's has leveraged AI and machine learning to construct sophisticated credit risk models.
BloombergGPT is a 50-billion parameter large language model that was purpose-built from scratch for finance.
JP Morgan announced IndexGPT which provides individual investors with a personalised, AI-backed experience.
OCBC ChatGPT combs the Web and produces answers at the prompt of a text query.
UOB pioneers the trial of Microsoft 365 Copilot Generative AI tool across multiple business functions.
Deutsche Bundesbank uses an unsupervised ML system to detect outliers in all major financial data sets.
Banque de France harnessed non-traditional indicators from social media networks to estimate inflation perceptions.
The Bank of England and the European Central Bank use Al to monitor data quality for signals of unexpected economic shocks.
The Bank of Canada uses Al to detect financial institutions’ data to improve efficiency and quality.
The Monetary Authority of Singapore released an open-source toolkit to enable the responsible use of Al in the financial industry.
The Central Bank of Malaysia applied Al to newspapers to improve its forecasting accuracy of gross domestic product growth and demand side metrics.

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