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Our Journey and Vision

Building a Future-Proof Workforce with AIFA

AI development has rapidly advanced. Now, we can use AI tools to do coding and creating deepfakes in just minutes.

Most organisations now are developing or using Generative AI, which has created a significant skills gap and underscored the need for continuous upskilling. 57% of global leaders lack confidence in their leadership team’s AI skills and knowledge.

The AI industry offers numerous opportunities, but also a fair amount of confusion. This is why CFTE established AI in Finance Academy (AIFA) starting in 2018. With extensive expertise in upskilling 20,000 regulators and financial institutions worldwide,

AIFA covers AI specialisations, workshops, webinars, thought leadership roundtables and research, aiming to bridge the skills gap in AI.

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The global generative AI in banking and finance market size is anticipated to achieve by 2032 (Precedence Research, 2023)

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Firms prioritising personalised client services & customised financial solutions (Capgemini, 2024)

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Global leaders lack confidence in their leadership team's AI skills and knowledge (Adecco)

The Global Presence of AIFA

CFTE has become a trusted partner in the global financial industry, pioneering initiatives such as the AI in Finance Academy, which has trained tens of thousands of professionals from government bodies, central banks, and financial institutions worldwide. Our active presence spans across key regions including London, Asia, the Middle East, the US, and beyond. Our mission is to empower financial services with scalable upskilling opportunities.

Central Banks and Regulators

Financial Institutions

Universities and Educators

Our Approach to the AI Readiness Journey

In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. At CFTE’s AI in Finance Academy, we understand the challenges businesses face in transforming their workforce to meet the demands of this new era.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between current capabilities and the AI-ready future.

Here is how we can work with you:

1. Discover
Assessment and Awareness


Understanding the Terrain

We begin by assessing your organisation’s current state of AI knowledge and readiness. This involves identifying skill gaps, understanding existing processes, and setting clear AI goals.

Raising Awareness

Through workshops, webinars, micro-learning modules and various unstructured way of teachings, we raise awareness about the transformative power of AI in finance, emphasising its potential and the necessity for adaptation.
2. Learn
Education and Training


Customised Learning Paths

Our curriculum is designed to cater to different levels of expertise, from beginners to advanced practitioners. We offer courses that cover foundational AI concepts, advanced techniques, and their specific applications in finance.

Hands-On Training

We believe in learning by doing. Our programmes include practical exercises, case studies, and real-world projects that enable participants to apply AI concepts directly to their work environments.
3. Apply
Implementation Support

Guided Integration

Transitioning to AI involves significant changes in processes and mindsets. Our experts provide ongoing support to help implement AI strategies effectively, ensuring seamless integration into existing workflows.

Tools and Resources

We equip your team with the latest AI tools and resources, ensuring they have everything needed to execute AI-driven projects successfully.
4. Enhance
Continuous Development

Staying Updated

The field of AI is constantly evolving. We offer continuous learning opportunities through advanced courses, webinars, and updates on the latest trends and technologies.

Community and Networking

Join our network of AI professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders. Engage in forums, attend exclusive events, and collaborate on innovative projects
5. Measure
Measuring Success

Performance Metrics

We help you define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the impact of AI on your business operations. This ensures that your AI initiatives are delivering tangible results.

Feedback and Improvement

Continuous feedback loops allow us to refine and enhance our programs, ensuring they remain relevant and effective.

Our framework

We believe in a holistic approach to AI education, equipping learners with essential framework covers key areas, helping organisations and professionals stay updated with the latest industry trends and skills. Within the framework, the most sought-after topics are:

  • AI Foundations: Terminology, ecosystem, industry trends, and impact.
  • Applications: AML, fraud detection, credit scoring, chatbots, compliance, cybersecurity, research, AI agents, and GenAI applications.
  • AI Tools and Skills: Using/building AI tools, risk management, tool selection, prompt engineering.
  • Risks and Limitations: Data bias, data poisoning, security risks, AI hallucinations, mitigation strategies, deepfakes, cybersecurity.
  • Regulations and Ethics: AI/data regulations, ethical AI, data consent, transparency, accountability.
  • Strategy: AI framework, competitive landscape, strategic positioning, prioritisation.

AI in Finance Academy learning framework

Clients’ Success with AIFA

Recognised by the industry

In collaboration with 50+ AI leaders

Accredited programmes

Product offerings

Upskilling regulators and financial institutions

In the AI era, employers value the ability to learn over perfect knowledge, with 71% of leaders preferring to hire less experienced candidates with AI skills over more experienced ones without them. Understand how central banks and global financial institutions are implementing AI in research, compliance, climate change, marketing, wealth management, private banking, cybersecurity, insurance, trade finance, and many more areas!

  • National Transformation Strategy:
    Solutions designed oriented to national upskilling and talent development agendas

  • Hands-on Workshops:
    Practical workshops to understand the technologies

  • AI Foundations:
    Fundamentals training on AI to understand the foundations of the topic

  • Self-paced Online Training:
    Self-paced deep-dives into the most in demand topics in digital finance
  • Generative AI for Regulators
    Solutions designed for central banks, regulators and supervisors

  • Hands-on Workshops
    Practical workshops to understand the technologies

  • AI Foundations
    Fundamentals training on AI to understand the foundations of the topic

  • Self-paced Online Training
    Self-paced deep-dives into the most in demand topics in digital finance

  • Senior Leaders Strategy:
    Solutions oriented to creating organisation strategies for senior leaders
  • AI Academies:
    Organisation wide digital AI academies to upskill entire organisations at scale.
  • Workshops:
    Knowledge transfer in specialised topics for quick consumption

  • Self-paced Online Certifications
    Self-paced deep-dives into the most in demand topics in digital finance

AI specialisations and micro-learning courses

What did our alumni say?

CFTE’s AI insights and Events

Staying updated in AI trends is crucial for improving efficiency and competitiveness in customer service, financial services, and risk management. The integration of AI, machine learning, deep learning, and cloud computing enables businesses to leverage advanced AI tools and applications. By analysing data and implementing generative AI solutions, companies can enhance financial reporting and develop robust case studies.

100+ AI Use Cases in Banks

In today’s fast-paced digital era, proficiency in AI’s role within banking isn’t just beneficial—it’s necessary. CFTE has conducted extensive research into AI implementations across international banks such as Citi, JP Morgan, and OCBC, offering an unmatched resource on the transformative power of AI in finance.

100+ AI and Generative AI Regulations

The number of AI-related bill passed worldwide steadily increased over time, from only 1 in 2016 to148 in 2023 globally. CFTE has conducted extensive research into AI regulations across EU, USA, UK, Asia, etc, offering a comprehensive resource on the regulatory landscape and their impact.

Research and Insights on AI

In an abundant world of knowledge, we made a list of top reports and insights you should read about.

Events and Webinars in AI

Join us and other alumni into our monthly live sessions to keep up with the changing world of finance.

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