Fintech Skills are more Tech’ than ‘Fin

“Tech” jobs are predominant in Fintech with 80% of the roles being similar to those seen in tech companies

But with most unaware of this development, there’s a widening chasm between what companies need and what skills talents have today.

With 40,000 new job openings in Fintech every quarter, the sector is embracing new talent. There are an infinite number of ways to start a career in Fintech – but without the right foundations, it’s easy to get lost.

Here are our 4 main learning pillars to learn Fintech. 

01. Industry Knowledge

All our courses focus on helping you get industry-wide, sector-specific insights.

Industry Knowledge in Fintech
Hard Skills in Fintech

02. Hard Skills

Each of our certified specialisations is designed to help you develop at least 1 hard skill to thrive in Fintech.

03. Soft Skills

Our cohort-based programmes like Extrapreneurship, help you develop “human” traits to champion collaboration and leadership.

Soft Skills in Fintech
Mindset in Fintech

04. Mindset

Our programmes push you to think like an entrepreneur by helping you learn to be adaptable, resilient and comfortable with uncertainty.

Ready to get into Fintech?

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