AI Regulations Comparison Tool

The growth of Artificial Intelligence and its impact across all sectors of society has made the discussions around AI regulations both important and urgent. 

Countries around the world have taken very different approaches, from regulations (EU AI Act) to frameworks (Singapore FEAT Framework). 

With for example the EU AI Act exceeding 400 pages, it is difficult to quickly have answers to questions such as:
– What are the differences of approaches to AI regulations in Europe vs. the US?
– What are the risks mentioned for AI in the UK by the FCA, but not in the EU AI Act?
– What are the banking activities considered as high risk in the EU AI Act?
– How does China approach AI regulations?

The experimental tool below – developed on ChatGPT – is an internal tool used at CFTE that you are welcome to use.
Please note the following:
– Anyone with a ChatGPT account can use it, but the free version of ChatGPT has limitations, such as restrictions on the number of questions.
– It uses the following information : EU AI Act, US Executive Order on AI, UK AI White Paper, UK FCA AI Update, China Intermi Measures for the management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services, Singapore Monetary Authority of Singapore FEAT Principles
– It can help for research, but it will make mistakes ! Caveat emptor 
– In any cases, if you find it useful or have comments, send us an email to, it will be appreciated! 

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