100 Must-have AI Tools for Businesses

A live and updated ranking of 100 must-have AI tools and softwares by types in 2023.

In today’s fast-paced and constantly evolving business landscape, AI tools can provide a significant advantage. From automating repetitive tasks to providing valuable insights, these tools can help businesses save time and money while increasing efficiency and productivity. Browse through our directory to find the perfect AI tool for your business needs.

What are AI tools?

AI tools are platforms and software that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and optimise various business processes. They can be used for data analysis, decision-making, customer service, marketing and sales, and more.

These tools enable businesses to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions, ultimately helping them to improve their operations and increase efficiency and competitiveness. With the ever-evolving field of AI, businesses can revolutionise their operations and gain a competitive edge.

How to use these AI tools?

We divide the 100 must-have AI tools into different categories for you to choose the suitable ones. Here are some tips for you to start!

You can either filter the list by selecting the output, target audience, and price of the AI tools you want or exploring and trying different tools on the list. Last but not least, do not forget to download the full-list at the bottom of the table!

100 Must-have AI Tools for Businesses

Name of ToolTypeTarget AudienceOutputPrice ($)LinkDescription
ChatGPTChatbotWriters, Programmers, MarketersTextFreeDiscoverChatGPT is an AI-powered natural language processing tool that allows users to have conversations that mimic human interactions. It can answer questions, help with tasks such as writing emails and essays, and assist with coding. The tool is currently available to the public for free as it is in the research and feedback-gathering phase.
Copy.aiContent generatorWriters, Blogs, Content creatorsTextFree or PaidDiscoverCopy.ai is a free artificial intelligence tool that assists teams with a wide range of copywriting tasks, including creating product descriptions, ad copy, emails, blog posts, video scripts, and website content. It generates unique and engaging content that is easy to read. Additionally, it is useful for crafting social media captions, Facebook posts, and generating startup ideas.
JADBioMachine learningML Students, Biotech, Life Scientists Data, Text (Analysis)FreeDiscoverJADBio is a user-friendly machine learning platform that features advanced knowledge extraction tools to assist students in learning machine learning. While it is primarily designed for multi-omics and biotech, it can also be used to analyze a variety of curated data. It also enables users to create predictive models. One of the best features of JADBio is that it offers a lifetime free account for its users.
Lumen5Content generatorInfluencers, Marketers, EducatorsVideosFreeDiscoverLumen5 is a free online video-making platform that provides a variety of tools to easily create videos. It features impressive templates and different formats suitable for various social media platforms. The platform uses AI to generate a complete video sequence by incorporating images based on an imported transcript. Additionally, it offers a wide range of images and video clips to add to your final video production.
DurableWebsite BuilderStartups, Marketers, Small businessesWebsiteFree or PaidDiscoverUsers can get a site generated with AI with a checklist to get traffic to the site Customer management tools to convert site visitors into clientsStreamline operations with a Money account, buy insurance, and form a LLC.
Murf.aiVoiceoverStartups, Content Creators, EducatorsAudioFree or PaidDiscoverMurf AI is a cloud-based, realistic text-to-speech platform that can be used to generate voiceovers for various types of content, such as YouTube videos, podcasts, commercials, e-learning materials, presentations, and audiobooks.
FirefliesTranscriberStartups, Small businesses,Meeting-intense professionsTextFree or PaidDiscoverRecord and transcribe calls instantly.Chrome extension to capture meetings & calls directly from the browser.Simple to use search allows easy review of calls.An easy to use meeting bot, invite Fireflies bot to a meeting or have it autojoin calls on your calendar.Transcribe anything – Transcribe existing audio files instantly inside the dashboard.Offers native integrations to dialers, Zapier, or the API to process audio & calls.Eliminate note taking.
TextioHiring toolStartups, Small businesses, HiringText (Analysis)N/A - Demo requestableDiscoverTextio is an AI tool that relies on predictive technology to improve job listings. It analyzes every word, recognizes over 5,000 phrases, and scores documents based on their capability to attract users. At the same time, the tool helps eliminate gender bias in the hiring processes by detecting it in job descriptions. Textio is used by major companies like Twitter, Microsoft, Square, and Starbucks.
Legal RobotHR management softwareStartups, Small businessesText (Analysis)N/A - Coming SoonDiscoverLegal Robot is an AI-powered business tool that enhances accessibility to legal support for companies of all sizes. It uses natural language processing and deep learning to analyze and understand complex legal contracts, making them more readable for individuals. Additionally, it can assist in creating more easily understandable contracts for employees.
ChatBotChatbotOnline retailers, Customer supportTextPaidDiscoverChatbot by LiveChat Software simplifies key tasks by creating versatile chatbots. It can easily connect with various tools and platforms through seamless integrations, helping businesses enhance their customer interactions. These chatbots generate engaging responses, promoting customer engagement and allowing companies to promote their brand, products, and services through a variety of media such as text, images, quick replies, buttons, and more.
ZendeskCustomer service softwareSales, Marketers, Online retailersTextPaidDiscoverUse data to create a personalized experience for customers and efficiently handle tickets by gathering, organizing, and analyzing information. Connect the software with other programs to gather data from all sources.
Gong.ioVirtual sales assistantSales, Customer support, Online retailersTextPaidDiscoverTrack customer interactions from various sources to detect potential issues and receive suggestions for preventing churn proactively. Shorten the sales process by using real-time insights to close deals more efficiently.
Salesforce EinsteinVirtual CRM assistantCustomer serviceTextPaidDiscoverImprove customer service by automating CRM tasks and simplifying chat interactions. Enhance the customer experience by applying best practices learned from analyzing customer data.
TamrData unification platformMachine learnersTextPaidDiscoverBring together data from various platforms in one central and secure location that is easy to navigate. Use machine learning to effectively manage large amounts of data in the cloud and seamlessly integrate Tamr with both new and older software.
Zoho ZiaVirtual assistantMarketersAutomationPaidDiscoverAutomate repetitive tasks as well as report and data generation. Receive suggestions for next steps via customer data analysis.
QuillReporting platformMarketersTextPaidDiscoverUse natural language generation to create narrative data reports. Increase engagement (compared to regular reporting methods).
Time HeroTask-management softwareStartupsAutomationPaidDiscoverOptimize your time by using automation to create a daily schedule based on your availability. Adapt to schedule changes automatically with the software's feature for automatically reorganizing your schedule.
Timely AppTime-tracking softwareStartupsAutomationPaidDiscoverAutomate time tracking and timesheet creation. Receive suggestions for prioritization and workflow via time-management analysis.
ZenefitsHR management softwareStartupsAutomationPaidDiscoverMake HR processes more efficient by automating and simplifying tasks like payroll and benefits with self-operating workflows. Enhance employee satisfaction and operational efficiency by using ongoing reports on factors such as turnover, diversity, and compensation to gain insights.
IntraspexionLitigation-warning systemLegalAutomationPaidDiscoverScan written communication continuously for litigation risks. Receive automated alerts and suggestions when continuously run in the background.
CrowdstrikeThreat-intelligence systemSecurityAutomationPaidDiscoverUse threat intelligence to prevent and mitigate security risks. Receive swift reaction times and recommendations for next steps via cyberattack response services.
JasperBlog/Article WriterMarketersAutomationPaidDiscoverJasper is a blogging and writing tool that allows you to generate a large amount of content quickly without the need for specific skills. It can be used by bloggers or content writers who want to produce more posts without focusing on the technical aspects of blogging.
RytrWriterContent CreatorsTextPaidDiscoverRytr utilizes machine learning to select the most appropriate words and phrases to develop stories. It employs AI to comprehend the context of the piece and produce pertinent ideas for the author. Rytr's AI assistant can be used to generate content for a particular topic or industry, or any kind of content for clients in need.
Article ForgeBlog/Article WriterMarketersTextPaidDiscoverArticle forge produces text based on user-specified parameters. It can produce content on any topic and at a large scale, quickly producing thousands of articles. It can be used for creating blog posts, product descriptions, or website content.
GetGenieBlog/Article WriterMarketersTextPaidDiscoverGetGenie is an app that works right within your content management system (if you use WordPress) to help you optimize and write SEO content.
AI WriterBlog/Article WriterMarketersTextPaidDiscoverAI Writer is a content generation tool that employs advanced AI writing models to generate articles using minimal keywords. It uses natural language processing to read your content and provide editing suggestions. The AI program examines your writing to identify the words, phrases, and sentences that need improvement.
CopysmithContent generatorMarketersAutomationPaidDiscoverCopysmith is a content automation software that lets you create, manage and publish content on the web. A user can use this tool to generate blog posts, articles, infographics or even social media posts.
WriteSonicContent generatorMarketersAutomationPaidDiscoverWriteSonic is an open-source web application that creates content for websites and blogs. It is designed with the input from human copywriters to understand and utilize their skills more effectively. It helps overcome writer's block and generates ideas for new topics on a large scale.
PeppertypeContent generatorMarketersAutomationPaidDiscoverPeppertype is a content creation tool that uses AI to create compelling content quickly. It simplifies the process of writing high-quality content and assists you in discovering your unique voice.
Ink for AllCommunicationStartupsTextPaidDiscoverInk for All offers paraphrasing, AI writing, and SEO.
Closers copyContent generatorMarketersTextPaidDiscoverClosers Copy is an AI writing software that doesn't rely on GPT-3, instead it utilizes its own proprietary model developed from marketing copy.
FraseContent generatorMarketersTextPaidDiscoverFrase is an AI writing assistant gaining popularity in workplaces. It is used by companies to generate content for specific topics or niches and by digital agencies to produce all types of content for their clients.
AdZisContent generatorE-commerceTextPaidDiscoverAdZis is an AI content generating tool specifically designed for e-commerce.
Neural TextContent generatorMarketersTextPaidDiscoverNeural Text is an AI-driven content tool that generates quality text to meet various human-generated content needs. It can be used for writing blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters and more. It can produce language for any topic.
ProWriting AidContent generatorMarketersTextPaidDiscoverProWritingAid is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps writers with generating content ideas.
QuillbotContent generatorMarketersTextFree or PaidDiscoverQuillBot is a proofreading, paraphrasing, and writing tool. It checks your grammar, plagiarism, and helps you summarise content when you need.
GrammarlyProofreaderMarketersTextFree or PaidDiscoverGrammarly is an online writing tool that checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It provides a number of features to improve the qualityof a written work.
Word tuneContent generatorMarketersTextFree or PaidDiscoverThis software is able to generate content for any type of website, including blogs, articles, reviews, and more.
TextBlazeContent generatorMarketersTextFreeDiscoverTextBlaze is an AI-powered content generation tool that can be used by customizability and automation.
Study CrumbContent generatorMarketersTextFree or PaidDiscoverStudy Crumb offers several free tools to help writers work faster. One of them is their summarizing tool to help you condense a lot of material down into its key ideas.
GeneiContent SummariserMarketersAutomationPaidDiscoverGenei is a tool that condenses articles, videos and other forms of content into a brief and comprehensible summary, highlighting key points while retaining essential information to maintain reader interest.
Beautiful.aiPresentation generatorMarketers, StudentsAutomationPaidDiscoverBeautiful.ai is a tool that simplifies the process of creating presentations, enabling you to focus on the content and message. It allows users to quickly create presentations by utilizing a variety of templates, layouts, and even allowing to import design elements from Photoshop or Sketch.
Design BeastGraphic design, Video editorMarketers, ArtistsAutomationFree or PaidDiscoverDesign Beast is an online platform that provides both graphic design and video animation capabilities, allowing users to create their own designs from scratch or use pre-made templates to jumpstart the process. It offers a vast array of effects and animations to enhance the visuals.
Adobe PressContent generatorMarketersText + ImagesFree or PaidDiscoverAdobe Express is a cloud-based platform that enables users to easily produce various types of content. It offers a variety of templates for various projects and a library of graphics and images. It can be utilized to create videos, presentations, social media posts, and more.
Design EvoLogo generatorMarketers, StartupsImageFreeDiscoverDesign Evo is a logo creation tool that allows you to create professional logos fast. With thousands of templates and resources, you aren’t starting from scratch.
YVA.aiFeedback analysisCo founders, ManagersAutomationFreeDiscoverYVA.ai is a leadership platform that helps companies improve employee experience and productivity by analyzing feedback in real-time. The platform offers insights into trends, best practices, and opportunities for improvement. It optimizes relationships between managers and employees by providing data-driven insights.
SurferSEOSEOMarketersAutomationPaidDiscoverSurferSEO is a web-based SEO tool that offers a comprehensive set of features for digital marketing agencies and individuals with an online presence. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features, including site audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis and onsite optimization.
OutrankingContent generatorMarketersAutomationFree or PaidDiscoverSurferSEO is a powerful web-based SEO tool that provides a comprehensive set of features, making it a valuable asset for digital marketing agencies and individuals with an online presence. Its user-friendly interface and robust features such as site audit, keyword research, competitor analysis, backlink analysis, and onsite optimization make it an essential tool for SEO professionals to improve their online presence and website's performance.
SaplingChatbotCustomer ServiceAutomationFree or PaidDiscoverSapling is a versatile chatbot that can be used as a customer service, sales and internal collaboration tool. It significantly reduces the response time of customer-facing teams, by automating day-to-day interactions such as scheduling meetings and answering customer inquiries.
GrowbotsChatbotCustomer serviceAutomationFree or PaidDiscoverGrowbots is an AI-powered chatbot that assists companies in growing their business by providing insights on how to improve their marketing and sales. It helps companies automate their marketing process and increase lead generation. It enables sales teams to find and target the right prospects, send personalized emails, and follow up at the right time, thus helps to improve their sales performance.
On-page.aiSEOMarketers, ProductAutomationFreeDiscoverOn-Page.ai is a web-based SEO tool that helps companies optimize their website pages. It's suitable for digital agencies, marketing managers, content writers, and SEO specialists. It provides users with instant feedback on how to enhance the quality of their content and generate new content ideas. It analyzes the page's content, detects SEO strengths and weaknesses, and offers suggestions for improvement.
WritecreamContent generatorSalesTextFree or PaidDiscoverWriteCream is a content writing assistant that can aid in crafting personalized outreach emails. It generates the emails for you, requiring only for you to fill in specific details. With WriteCream, you can easily personalize emails and send them with ease.
OcoyaOrganisationMarketersAutomationPaidDiscoverOcoya is a marketing platform that streamlines the process of creating, scheduling and analyzing content. It is a top-performing tool for content marketers. The platform features a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, allowing for easy creation of posts, pages, and social media posts. Additionally, it offers a library of images to enhance the visual appeal of your content.
ManyChatChatbotCustomer serviceTextFree or PaidDiscoverManyChat is a chatbot service that enables users to create chatbots without the need for coding knowledge. It provides a comprehensive set of tools and features including analytics and integrations. It not only allows you to send messages to your audience but also to engage in conversations with them.
WriterzenContent generatorMarketersTextPaidDiscoverWriterZen is a tool that simplifies the tedious and time-consuming task of keyword research. It allows content writers to easily generate relevant content ideas and topics that are in high demand among their target audience.
CrayonData AnalysisMarketersAutomationPaidDiscoverCrayon's software is an automated tool that captures and analyzes comprehensive competitive intelligence. It has the capability to analyze data from all aspects of a company, not just product performance. The software can identify patterns in the data and offer insights into the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in specific areas.
ChorusCustomer service softwareCustomer ServiceDataPaidDiscoverZoomInfo is a top provider of business information, and Chorus is a leader in Conversation Intelligence. Together, they offer the most comprehensive business data solution available. Chorus specializes in Conversation Intelligence, providing organizations with the tools to engage with customers in natural, human-like conversations.
TaraTime managerStartupsAutomationFree or PaidDiscoverTara is a productivity tool designed for companies managing their product development process. It is ideal for product managers, developers, designers and other stakeholders to collaborate on software projects, whether creating new digital products or updating existing ones. Tara streamlines the day-to-day tasks that can distract team members, allowing them to focus on writing code, designing new features, and collaborating with customers.
FuturendaTime managerStartupsAutomationFree or PaidDiscoverFuturenda is a calendar planner that allows you to efficiently manage tasks without wasting time. It is designed to accommodate flexible hours, work from home, and time tracking. It features customizable work hours, automatic task management, flexible day planning, calendar integration, and task reminders.
TrevorTime managerStartupsAutomationFree or PaidDiscoverTrevor is a tool that syncs your to-do list with Google calendar, enabling you to accomplish your most important work. It helps you organize and prioritize projects and tasks, and allows you to work on them with ease. The tool has a user-friendly interface that enables you to set reminders for upcoming events, meetings, calls, or tasks.
X.aiTime managerStartupsAutomationFree or PaidDiscoverX.ai is a scheduling tool that is easy to use, with many of its features available at no cost. Setting up an account is straightforward and you can connect your personal calendar from email or Google Calendar. The AI-powered tool generates a meeting invitation that includes the availability of both parties, time zones, calendar event details, and even what to bring to the meeting.
Asta PowerprojectProject ManagementStartupsAutomationFree or PaidDiscoverThe Asta Powerproject product suite is a project management solution that helps you complete projects efficiently and within budget. It can be used for a variety of project types and sizes. The web-based application allows companies to create strategic plans by integrating projects and annual goals into a cohesive roadmap.
Time DoctorProductivityRemote workData AnalysisPaidDiscoverTime Doctor is a tool that helps remote and on-site employees stay productive and focused. It tracks work time, monitors activity and provides detailed reports on productivity. It is commonly used by companies that have a distributed workforce or need to monitor employee activity. Additionally, it offers feedback on how to improve productivity and efficiency at work.
DescriptTranscriberDeafTextFree or PaidDiscoverDescript is an AI-powered video transcription tool that transcribes videos in real-time. It allows viewers to understand the content quickly, without having to watch the entire video. It is specifically designed to aid people who are hard of hearing, deaf or have difficulty understanding spoken English in understanding the video content.
Otter.aiTranscriberBusinessesTextFree or PaidDiscoverOtter.ai is a digital assistant that automates the task of taking meeting notes by transcribing the audio recording to text. It also identifies key points and generates an email report for all participants, providing a summary of the meeting. It acts as a personal assistant, saving time and effort in note-taking and providing a clear summary of the meeting.
FathomProject ManagementStartupsAutomationFreeDiscoverFathom is an online meeting recorder that enables you to capture and share vital meeting moments automatically. It works in real-time, allowing you to record every aspect of the meeting such as speech, gestures, and even photos, videos, and audio recordings taken using Fathom's built-in camera or microphone. It can automatically send the recorded moments to your CRM or Slack for easy access and sharing.
FlexClipContent generatorMarketersAutomationFreeDiscoverFlexClip is an online video creation tool that is easy to use and has simple features. It is widely used by millions of people worldwide to produce videos for a variety of purposes, both personal and business.
PictoryContent generatorMarketers, InfluencersAutomationPaidDiscoverPictory is a company that utilizes AI to convert long-form content into short, branded videos for social media platforms like Instagram stories, Facebook stories, and Snapchat. The AI-based technology automatically cuts videos into short clips, analyzes text and video content to generate a script, and detects faces in the video to create a thumbnail image for social media representation.
SynthesiaContent generatorMarketersVideosPaidDiscoverSynthesia is an AI video company that allows you to create professional videos using artificial intelligence. It is a comprehensive solution that offers an easy-to-use interface and smart technology to cater to all your AI video needs. The AI-powered tool allows businesses to create various videos quickly by using an avatar or a photo.
ToonlyContent generatorInfluencersVideosPaidDiscoverToonly is an AI-powered tool that allows users to quickly create cartoon videos of themselves by simply recording a video on a smartphone. It utilizes AI to animate the user's avatar during the video.
VoicemakerVoiceoverMarketersAudioFree or PaidDiscoverVoicemaker is an AI-based tool that generates natural-sounding voiceovers for various media, including television, radio, film, video games, and business videos for websites and social media.
KrispAudio CleanerContent creatorsAudioFree or PaidDiscoverKrisp is an app that uses real-time noise cancellation to eliminate background noise during calls. It allows users to mute extraneous sounds with a single click for both incoming and outgoing calls.
BeatovenAudio generatorArtistsAudioFree or PaidDiscoverBeatoven.ai is an AI music generator that composes unique mood-based tunes designed for videos and podcasts.
CleanvoiceAudio CleanerContent creatorsAudioPaidDiscoverCleanvoice is an artificial intelligence which removes filler sounds, stuttering and mouth sounds from your podcast or audio recording
PodcastleContent generatorContent creatorsAutomationFree or PaidDiscoverPodcastle is the easiest way to create your podcast. It's a web-based platform that enables podcasters and other creators to record, edit, enhance, transcribe, and export their content with unmatched simplicity.
FlairContent generatorContent CreatorsImagesPaidDiscoverFlair AI is a tool that generates artwork from text input. It allows users to create unique images by selecting from various art styles, export the images in high-quality, and save their favorite artwork to access across different devices.
IllustrokeContent generatorContent CreatorsImagesPaidDiscoverIllustroke is a platform that facilitates the creation of SVG illustrations from text prompts. It enables users to input text, which then generates a customizable illustration that can be downloaded and used on websites or social media platforms.
Patterned.aiContent generatorContent CreatorsImageFree or PaidDiscoverWith the Patterned.ai pattern maker, users have the ability to generate an unlimited number of unique designs that are tailored specifically for their products. The designs created are royalty-free, which means they can be used multiple times without any additional cost.
StockImgContent generatorContent CreatorsImageFree or PaidDiscoverStockImg is an AI-powered tool that simplifies the process of creating visually appealing posters, user interfaces, wallpapers, icons, book covers, and stock images. Utilizing advanced AI technology, StockImg enables users to efficiently generate professional-quality visuals for their projects or websites.
CopyMonkeyContent generatorRetailersAutomationPaidDiscoverCopyMonkey.ai is an AI-based software that generates and enhances e-commerce copy. It provides tools to optimize product descriptions, measure the effectiveness of existing copy and test different versions to determine which resonates most with customers, ultimately increasing trust in the brand. The software is utilized by brand managers, small, and medium-sized companies.
UnbounceLanding page creatorMarketersAutomationPaidDiscoverUnbounce is a landing page builder for marketers. Marketers can use the drag and drop platform to create customized, responsive landing pages for their marketing campaigns.
VidyoContent generatorMarketersVideosFree or PaidDiscoverVidyo AI allows users to upload a video from their computer or provide a YouTube link, and then specify customization requirements such as platforms, formats, and templates. The AI will then create customized short videos that can be modified with various options such as color, font, subtitles and more.
QuickchatChatbotStartups, RetailersAutomationPaidDiscoverQuickchat is an AI assistant that is designed to mimic human interaction and provides immediate and accurate responses to customer inquiries. It can be easily integrated into any website without the need for technical knowledge or prolonged setup. Additionally, it can be directly connected to your software via API.
PuzzleContent generatorStartups, RetailersTextPaidDiscoverPuzzle is a tool that allows you to easily convert your content into an interactive glossary that offers clear explanations of important terms and ideas. By using a few clicks, you can create a widget that can be embedded into your blog or documentation, which will allow for highlighting, defining, and linking to related content.
SoundrawAudio generatorContent creatorsAudioFree or PaidDiscoverSoundraw is a royalty-free music library that uses AI technology to make finding the right music for your project quick and easy. It has licensing terms similar to other music libraries. You can specify the type of music, length, and even the instruments you want to include, and the AI will generate a list of music that matches your specifications.
Cleanup.pictureImage enhancerContent creatorsImagesFree or PaidDiscoverCleanup Pictures is a highly accurate web-based application that allows users to enhance their images. It offers various tools to remove unwanted elements from a picture such as people, watermarks, blemishes, etc. The AI-based technology is able to effectively distinguish elements and provides impressive results.
LookaContent generatorStartupsImages + TextFreeDiscoverLooka is an AI-based graphic design platform that enables users to create a brand identity from the ground up, beginning with the logo. Once a logo is designed and purchased, users can use the platform's Brand Kit to generate various marketing materials such as business cards, social media posts, letterheads, posters and more.
ThundercontentContent generatorStartupsAutomationPaidDiscoverThundercontent is an AI-based platform that provides software for creating content. It uses artificial intelligence to enable users to produce content with the aid of a text editor, and an AI-based assistant that automates copywriting and generates content. Users can also export the content from the platform.
Symantec Endpoint ProtectionCyber securitySecurityAutomationPaidDiscoverSymantec Endpoint Protection uses machine learning technology to secure digital assets. It can learn to distinguish good and malicious files over time. The AI interface automatically updates and learns from security threats to combat malware. This eliminates the need for manual configuration and updates.
OutmatchHiring toolRecruitmentAutomationPaidDiscoverOutmatch is an AI-enabled platform that consolidates recruiting processes. Its AI-powered hiring workflow helps teams streamline operations and reduce costs by 40%. It offers solutions like efficient pre-hire assessments, automated scheduling and video interviews, and reference checking to speed up the hiring process.
TableauBusiness intelligenceStartups, BusinessesAutomationPaidDiscoverTableau is an AI-based business intelligence tool that enables companies to make industry predictions and develop business strategies. It uses data visualization software to provide users access to data insights quickly through AI and augmented analytics features, instead of manual methods.
SalesforceProject ManagementStartups, BusinessesAutomationPaidDiscoverSalesforce is a top SaaS company that uses cloud-enabled and machine learning integrated software platform to manage customer service, sales, and product development. Its AI platform, Einstein AI, acts as a smart assistant that offers recommendations and automates repetitive data input. Salesforce also offers various apps that can be integrated into their platform for customization to meet specific business requirements.
H2O.aiProject ManagementStartups, BusinessesAutomationPaidDiscoverH2O.ai is a machine-learning platform that enables companies to make data-driven decisions by providing real-time insights. Its tools can handle a wide range of business operations such as fraud detection, predictive customer support, and free up employee time for focus on more strategic goals.
Oracle AIChatbotStartups, BusinessesAutomationPaidDiscoverOracle AI is an ML platform for developers and engineers, it uses customer feedback to predict models. It can automatically extract data from open-source frameworks, and it offers chatbot tools to connect customers with resources or support.
SASProject ManagementStartups, BusinessesAutomationPaidDiscoverSAS is an AI platform that uses open-source and cloud technology to assist companies in making data-driven decisions. It offers various features such as customer intelligence, risk assessment, identity verification, and forecasting to help companies manage their growth and direction.
TheanoCoding ManagementStartups, BusinessesAutomationPaidDiscoverTheano is a machine learning library that allows developers to create, optimize, and launch code projects. Its AI capabilities enable it to independently identify and fix bugs or errors with minimal assistance, as stated on the product's website.
BizplanOrganisationStartups, BusinessesAutomationPaidDiscoverWith Bizplan, you can easily create a professional business plan using its AI-powered tools. The platform offers a variety of modules and a step-by-step guide for building your plan, as well as the ability to generate financial projections automatically. It also allows for team collaboration and connecting with potential investors.
Post IntelligenceSocial MediaMarketers, Startups, EntrepreneursAutomationPaidDiscoverPost Intelligence is an AI-powered social media manager that analyzes your profiles and followers to improve your content strategy. It uses NLP and sentiment analysis to suggest topics, visuals, tone, and emotions that will engage your audience. It also suggests optimal posting times and tracks post performance to gather insights. It integrates seamlessly with social media metrics and features powerful ML algorithms.
Free AgentAccountingStartups, Entrepreneurs, AccountantsAutomationPaidDiscoverFreeAgent is an AI-powered accounting software for small businesses and freelancers. It offers features like invoice generation, expense tracking, cash flow monitoring, tax predictions, time tracking and receipt management. The system also has a built-in stopwatch and timesheets for accurate time records and a dashboard to easily keep track of cash flows.
People.aiSales AnalyserStartups, Entrepreneurs, SalesAutomationPaidDiscoverPeople.ai is an AI-powered sales optimization tool that uses machine learning to identify patterns of successful interactions and provide actionable insights. It scans communication data such as emails, phone calls, and meetings to generate a model for optimal sales strategies. The tool can detect unproductive behaviors and suggest improvements for sales efficiency. It helps sales teams increase their chances of closing deals.

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