Bespoke AI Workshop for Senior Leaders

Dive deep into the realm of Artificial Intelligence guided by our industry experts, each boasting decades of in-field experience. Our workshop is meticulously crafted to empower you with practical, hands-on knowledge, making AI more approachable.

Envisioning Tomorrow

Chart the Path of an AI-Enabled Future

Unleash the full potential of your organisation by learning from experienced professionals how to strategically position your organisation for the AI-Enabled future.

  • Top financial leaders recognise the game-changing potential, with 72% anticipating a major AI impact.
  • Global giants like Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs pioneer generative AI for NLP, fraud detection, market predictions, and customer service.
Global AI Stats

All-Inclusive & custom workshop


Understand fundamental and practical applications of AI in Finance


Explore the landscape of AI in Finance, technologies & business models


Dive into the regulatory and compliance landscape

Bespoke Case Study

Learn business applications for you from case studies in finance


Learn with industry experts from all continents and sectors


Apply the knowledge and skills acquired to your line of business

Workshop Outcomes:

Workshop designed for senior professionals

Programme Participants


Our Workshop Approach


Gain foundational knowledge of Artificial Intelligence


Learn how AI can transform your industry with real-life scenarios.

Case Study

Understand application areas in your sector with Bespoke Case studies.

Programme Content

The Foundations of AI

  • Basics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Introduction to deep learning and generative models

How to build an AI platform in Financial Institutions

  • Best practices in data collection, storage, and security
  • Scaling AI solutions for large financial organisations

Leveraging AI Platforms for Financial Services

  • How to integrate AI into financial service offerings
  • Real-world examples of AI-powered financial services

Ethics, Risks, & Governance for AI in Finance

  • Addressing ethical considerations in AI adoption
  • Regulatory compliance and governance in AI-driven financial services

Thriving in the New AI Era: Skills & Culture

  • Identifying the skills and expertise needed in an AI-driven financial world
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and adaptation.

Culture of AI-Savvy Institutions

  • Examining the characteristics of organisations successfully embracing AI
  • Creating a culture of continuous learning and experimentation.

Customer Experience in the New Era

  • Understanding how AI can enhance customer experiences in finance
  • Customer trust and transparency in AI-driven interactions


Customisable selection of the financial sector

  • Successful AI implementation in a financial context
  • Analysis of the impact on the business and customer experience.

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Workshop Tuition

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Half day

Earn an industry-accredited certificate

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Workshop includes:

  • Live Lectures from AI industry experts
  • Group discussions with other experts & participants
  • Bespoke case studies and Projects
  • Handbooks and Glossary
  • Lifetime access to the global community
  • Accredited Certificate in AI for Financial Services Workshop

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