Michael Oloughlin

Financial Innovation, Saudi Central Bank – SAMA


Michael is passionate about fostering innovation and developing the financial sector in Saudi Arabia. He was responsible for the creation of the Innovation Hub, a platform that enables collaboration and experimentation between regulators, financial institutions, and fintech startups. He also contributes to the design and implementation of policies and regulations that support the adoption of emerging technologies, such as CBDCs, open banking, and crypto, in the financial system.

As a founder of Oloughlin, a global business advisory service, and a senior lecturer at CFTE, a leading online education platform for finance professionals, he leverages his expertise and insights in fintech, payments, digital finance, and blockchain to help clients and students navigate the rapidly evolving and complex landscape of financial innovation. He is a Forbes contributor and a frequent speaker at international conferences and events, where he shares his vision and perspectives on the future of finance.
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