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We understood the struggles of acquiring early work experience for graduates and the fact that there was a solid skill gap between where the industries where heading, and what graduates could offer.

The lack of internships for students and recent graduates was even further accentuated by the pandemic.

The dire need for upskilling the youth became our mission so we innovated change that was made to continue upskilling students and graduates on a global scale.

The project at a glance

Educating students 1000+ of Interns

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How to educate thousands in 5 steps


Building Technical Knowledge

The GFI hosted panellists, professionals and C-Suite executives to lead discussions on the industry, technologies like AI, Blockchain and digital payments, as well as their experience being senior figures of the industry. This type of knowledge and insight was made attainable on a personal scale as students could interact and ask questions over zoom conferencing with spearheading figures of the Fintech industry.


Nurturing Soft Skills

Throughout the GFI experience, students and graduates were challenged with creating a research based go-to-market case study for the companies they were working for, namely Mastercard, PayPal, R3, Onfido and Chipper Cash. The work itself was designed with this in mind, in order to ensure that students could have the opportunity to think outside the box, training their creative thinking, as well as problem solving skills.


Developing Digital skills

Digital and technical skills are at the core of the modern labour market. It becomes increasingly clear that as technology penetrates more and more industries, upskilling the fresh graduate market with technical skills will have significant impact on employability and relevance to the job market.


Connecting With Mentors

On top of the partners, the GFI was supported by 37 mentors, professionals in industries of technology and finance, who chose to help students in their endeavour of training and upskilling themselves for the future workforce. Being mentored by industry insiders is a rare occurrence for most students, as they do not possess the network to reach out to these individuals.

And Fifth...

Challenging Interns with real-life case study...

How can PayPay get to 1 billion users on its platforms?

In the case study of Paypal, the interns have prepared a Go-To-Go Market plan and projected growth plan covering the target market, choosing the right product, competitor analysis, and regulatory aspects.

The Analysis of the Gateways to Completion programmes in emerging markets

In the case study of Mastercard, the interns have been assessed to prepare a research paper about how the Gateways to Completion (G2C) program uses financial technology, the program's strengths and improvable points.

Identity Verification and Authentication in Target Country

In the case study of Onfido, the interns have been asked to present an analysis of how identity is being verified and authenticated in Telecommunications in the markets in the UK, Germany, Nordics, and Switzerland.

What is the Future of Chipper Cash?

In the case study of Chipper, the interns have been requested to deliver a project about creating a new product to offer customers, how to optimize the money transfer process more effortlessly, and the global expansion plan of Chipper.

Corda: A Blockchain Platform to provide an enterprise-level DLT

In the case study of R3, the interns have analyzed the most important features of financial services industry, its relevance with recent developments in blockchain, improving consistency and helping emerging markets to develop.

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