cfte and an insurance company

Engaging 300 Senior Leaders to take Tech Lead Strategic Decisions

Our client is one of the largest multinational insurance firms.

CFTE engaged with 300 senior leaders of one of the largest French multinational insurance firms to implement digital transformation strategies. The goal was to equip them with the right knowledge and mindset to make better strategic decisions.

The program was designed to help them acquire the necessary knowledge to effectively lead an insurance company in the 21st century. 

What were the Key Focus Areas that CFTE Identified to Design the Programme?

CFTE recognised four different areas of focus:

The first one was awareness of where the leaders are likely to be today, with an understanding that technology and new models are transforming insurance, but without necessarily understanding the what or the how. 

The second area of focus was providing foundational knowledge of the main technologies, facilitating the understanding of new models, and building an innovative mindset. 

The third one was to share with participants best practices and challenges, based on concrete applications and use cases.

And the last one was to encourage learners to strategically implement and lead change.

What was the Overall Impact of the Programme?

Overall, CFTE helped senior leaders to understand the impact of technologies on Business Model and Operating Model, thereby facilitating better strategic decision-making. 

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