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Preparing +400 Professionals with Knowledge of Fintech and AI Technologies in the Compliance Department of a Bank

One of the largest Singaporean multinational banking organisations.

CFTE supported one of the largest Singaporean multinational banking organisations in building knowledge of financial technologies whilst supporting the internal digital transformation initiative with a human-centric approach through its programmes. 

CFTE offered two of its flagship programmes, Fintech Foundation and AI in Finance, providing rich insights to over 400 professionals in the industry. 

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What were the Key Elements of the Fintech Foundation Specialisation?

The Fintech Foundation Specialisation showcased the important elements of Fintech and how they can be applied to various divisions of the bank. The course took learners through the ins and outs of fintech, be it articulating key terminologies, business applications, use cases and frameworks that can transform legacy applications. 

The specialisation focuses on the key activities and considerations for employees to pilot digital innovation within their own business functions to become a driver of digital transformation in the banking sector. 

What were the Key Elements of the AI in Finance Specialisation?

The Artificial Intelligence in Finance Specialisation gave employees a chance to master common AI terminologies, spot potential business opportunities and discover what AI can and cannot do. 

The programme helped learners embrace the AI revolution in finance and be part of it by providing an overview of potential challenges, by learning from thought leaders and multiple use cases in Finance. 

It also helped in developing knowledge of the Triple-A team: Automation, Analytics and AI, to find better ways to champion AML and KYC, and helped the Singaporean multinational bank  to build one of the most digital-focused compliance teams in the world.

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