Digital Assets and Regulations

Online Webinar on-demand co-organised by CFTE and BIB

Digital Assets Event Summary

The rapid acceleration of digital assets has been phenomenal. But new technologies bring new and emerging risks that need to be innovatively identified, measured and managed through new techniques. Regulation has a big impact on digital assets and vice versa. 

On 4th of November, 2021 CFTE and the Budapest Institute of Banking (BIB) have co-organised an event to explore the unanswered questions with regards to how digital assets fit into the regulatory landscape.

The event highlighted a wide range of point of views from:
⦿ How ‘Payments is the new oil’.
⦿ A perspective on how NFTs in the Digital Art world are creating a new kind of ‘value’.
⦿ The need for regulators to evolve and adapt to digital assets to ensure consumer protection.

Part 1

Digital Assets 3-mins Power Presentations

Learn more about the three biggest development in payments industry presented from Andrea Dunlop, Gergerly Fabian, Ritesh Jain, and David Birch. Power presentation where each speaker will have 3 minutes and 3 slides to present what they think were the most significant developments in the payments industry. 

Part 2

Can We Think of Digital Assets as Digitised Assets?

Join the fireside chat with Shelley Mannion, Chief Product Officer of Verisat, and Huy Nguyen Trieu, Co-Founder of CFTE. The fireside chat will focus on questions can we think of digital assets as digitised assets.

Part 3

Principles of Regulation for Digital Assets

Get started to learn about the principles of regulation for digital assets with Carlos Figueredo, Founder & CEO of OpenVector, including our speakers Andrea Dunlop, Managing Director at Access Paysuite, and David Birch, Author and Advisor at Venture Partner at 1414 Ventures

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