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Demand for digital transformation professionals has increased by 303% year on year

Why Digital Transformation?

As financial institutions accelerate their transformations they require 1000s of professionals capable of driving change

Their top priorities are now two fold; firstly,
hiring and retaining the right talent, and secondly, accelerating digital transformation (PwC Pulse 2022).

Today’s landscape is characterised by unfulfilled demand for digital transformation professionals, presenting significant opportunities for those with the right skills.

Digital Transformation requires a very broad set of skills, that goes from an understanding of emerging trends, technology and digital, as well as the ability to create partnerships and influence stakeholders.

With the course, you will:

All the skills and knowledge necessary to develop a Digital Transformation Strategy in one programme

The Digital Transformation Programme is divided into three main pillars; content driven digital transformation fundamentals sessions with Chris Skinner; Industry Insight sessions where leading practitioners will share about their experience driving transformation projects, allowing learners to interact and learn first-hand; and end to end projects where participants will develop and receive feedback on their own digital transformation strategies.
You will get the chance to learn and directly apply your knowledge on an end-to-end project, to develop innovative solutions and to lead Digital Transformation projects. You will acquire key capabilities on:

Understand how finance is being transformed, in 10 weeks

The programme will see participants work both through live class with the Senior Lecturer, and during personal study time. Weekly workshops and live sessions will take place to contextualise the theoretical learnings of the remote sessions.

The programme will be shaped around an end-to-end project to complete, where participants choose a Fintech company to base their project on, in order to apply their industry knowledge and make a digital transformation strategy. By the end of the programme, users will have a tangible learning outcome that can be used as their own strategy.

What you'll do

  • Analyse the core of banking and digital banking
  • Understand how is Fintech and the technologies like AI and blockchain are changing banking
  • Discover how a bank should approach digital transformation and partnership
  • Discover the big players in banking and Fintech
  • Bring light for what is coming next in the industry: the bank of 2100
  • Apply your learning during weekly strategy projects
  • Gain direct mentorship while creating a digital transformation strategy
  • Pitch your final strategy in front of a panel of industry experts

Programme Outline

Learn the core of digital banking, be analytics-driven, develop technical and creative skills. Make your own strategy.

Week 1 - Introduction to Banking

Week 2 - The Revolution of Banking

Week 3 - Finance & Technology

Week 4 - Successful Case Studies

Week 5 - The Role of Technology

Week 6 - The Digital Transformation Process

Week 7 - Partnerships with Startups

Week 8 - The Bank of 2100

Who you'll learn from

Learn directly from one of the most influential people in technology, who will share key methodologies, theories, process and tips that he has learned and used through his work experience.

Chris is Chief Executive Officer of the Finanser, a research and media firm focused on Fintech and the future of finance, a non-Executive Director at 11:FS, a best selling author, and regular commentator on BBC News, Sky News, CNBC and Bloomberg.

Chris is on the Advisory Boards of including B-Hive, Bankex, empowr, IoV42, Innovate Finance, Life.SREDA, Moven, Meniga, Pintail, Project Exscudo and the Token Fund.

He has presented alongside many leading world figures including Jack Dorsey, Hillary Clinton, Richard Branson, Meg Whitman, and Bill Gates.

Chris has worked closely with leading banks including HSBC, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Citibank and Société Générale.

Chris Skinner

Chief Executive Officer at the Finanser, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Keynote

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What our alumni say about previous CFTE live programmes

The payments specialisation and the Uber Extrapreneurship experience were key factors to help get my new job

It is a really self-reflective experience. It gave me actually much more confidence, in being extremely independent, being actually able to dig into ideas

This two-month experience was fascinating, as it pushed us to think out-of-the-box and pitch something more creatively and in a way which I have never done before. It is definitely this kind of attitude I would love to see replicated in a large organisation as MUFG.

Pricing includes:

The Digital Transformation (DX) investments in 2022 in the EMEA region will be $469 billion. While the worldwide investments in the whole DX will be worth $1.8 trillion.

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Anyone can participate regardless their current location. You will receive all the tools and resources you need when you enrol to the course online.

Yes. The programme is part-time and has been designed to allow you to develop your understanding of transformation and innovation in finance alongside your current role.

Our team will get in touch within 5 days. We review applications on a rolling basis, meaning early applicants are more likely to be accepted.

Yes. You will receive a digital Digital Transformation programme certificate allowing you to showcase your newly acquired skillset with your network. Upon completion you will also become a part of our exclusive network of alumni network.

Time can vary a lot but we recommend committing between 4 to 6 hours per week.

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