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Extrapreneurship is CFTE’s experiential programmes series created to allow high achieving professionals to learn directly from remarkable experts, within an entirely live format.
The series comprises programmes designed to allow learners to become innovators in finance, and thrive as the industry continues to transform whether as entrepreneurs, product managers, data analysts, transformation leaders or investors. Our approach prioritise learning directly from leading doers, instead of teachers, and building skills through real world projects, instead of assignments.

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Live Programmes



Experience how cutting edge Fintech companies create new products, services and expand to new markets. Adopt the skill set and mindset of Fintech entrepreneurs while solving a real world problem statement.  Work within a globally distributed team and forge connections with like minded individuals.



Fintech Product Manager

Learn from leading Fintech PMs and apply your knowledge during an end-to-end project. Build a portfolio of projects and begin or accelerate your career as a Fintech Product Manager.



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Leading Digital Transformation

With technology becoming critical for making businesses competitive and driving growth, Financial services are rapidly transforming bringing opportunities to leaders with the knowledge required to drive change. Learn how to build successful digital businesses directly from experienced transformation leaders.

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Fintech Data Analyst

Data Analysts are amongst the most in demand profiles in Fintech. Learn directly from leading data analysts and gain the skills and projects portfolio to accelerate or kick start your career in data science.


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Blockchain and Crypto Analyst

Blockchain and Decentralised Finance are continuously disrupting the financial services industry presenting significant opportunities for those capable of navigating the space. Hear from experienced profiles, acquire the fundamental understanding and research skills of the Blockchain and Crypto Analyst.


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Web3.0 Investment Analyst

Web3.0 is continuously disrupting the financial services industry presenting significant opportunities for those capable of navigating the space. Work with experienced profiles, acquire the fundamental understanding and research skills to become amongst the first Web3.0 Investment  Analyst.


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Fintech Founder

Get first hand insights from successful Fintech Founders, learn the best practices for identifying problems, building MVPs and validating  ideas. Gain mentorship and hands-on experience while developing real world projects. Build your network amongst current and aspiring Fintech Founders. Finally, pitch your solution in front of a panel of top entrepreneurs. 


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Fintech Angel Investor

The continuously evolving Fintech industry presents angel investors with significant opportunities. However, an understanding of the industry, best practices, and common pitfalls is a prerequisite for success. With direct guidance from experienced Angels, learn the skills required to build deal flow, identify and vet opportunities, while minimising risk. Complete the programme with the knowledge needed to make your first deal.

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Hear what our alumni said about Extrapreneurship

The payments specialisation and the Uber Extrapreneurship experience were key factors to help get my new job

It is a really self-reflective experience. It gave me actually much more confidence, in being extremely independent, being actually able to dig into ideas

This two-month experience was fascinating, as it pushed us to think out-of-the-box and pitch something more creatively and in a way which I have never done before. It is definitely this kind of attitude I would love to see replicated in a large organisation as MUFG.

Learn from leading Experts including

Former Chief Product Officer at N26, tripled user numbers to over 5 million in a year and supported fundraising of +800 million dollars, named one of Europe's Top 50 Product Management Women​

Focused on Personalisation and Fraud Detection within the Onboarding and Checkout experiences at Uber using Contextual Bandits, Uplift Modelling and Reinforcement Learning

Experienced in leading new proposition development, branding, and product marketing both at financial institutions and tech companies, most notably OCBC Bank and Amazon

Successfully launched Payments Acceptance, Payments Experience, and Transaction Banking Products and services throughout his career. Impressive work history in the following areas: customer research and user insights, prioritization and roadmap planning for product strategy and product design

Previously leading Innovation Strategy & Partnerships for Capital One's Commercial Bank. Etienne has over ten years of experience developing innovative, digitally-enabled solutions to complex business problems. Expert in data analysis, product design, digital innovation and transformation.

Don't just learn.

BE an extrapeneur

A programme designed for the industry, by the industry.


Most frequent questions and answers about our specialisation

Begin by selecting the right programme for you, then head to the course page and make your application. Due to the intensive nature of Extrapreneurship programmes, we are interested in assessing each participant’s previous experience, ability to contribute to a peer-to-peer learning experience and most importantly motivation for joining.

Our team reviews applications on an ongoing basis and will share next steps within 5 working days. 

Once accepted you will then have the opportunity to secure your seat with payment of the programme fee.

Extrapreneurship programmes are held fully online and participants are able to connect and participate from any location

Yes! Extrapreneurship programmes are designed to fit the schedules of busy participants.

You will receive your application results within 5 working days.

Yes! Each of the Extrapreneurship programmes is certified. Upon successful completion of the programme you will receive a digitally shareable certificate of completion allowing you to share your newly acquired skill set externally.

Although many participants might choose to invest significant more time, we recommend dedicating a minimum of 5 hours per week to successfully progress through each of our extrapreneurship programmes. 

Need advice? Our admissions team is here to help.

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