Fintech for Climate: How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint and Why It Matters

Explore why we need Fintech to reach net zero goals of both individuals and organizations

Free until Monday 23rd October 2022

Fintech for Climate

What are some of the biggest challenges that SMEs face on the path to reducing their carbon footprint? How can Fintech help them achieve their climate goals faster and more effectively? And why should we care?

Join our expert, Emma Kisby, the CEO at Cogo EMEA, and learn about the real impact of SMEs on the environment and the challenges they need to face to reduce it. You will also gain a thorough understanding of the role of Fintech in this transition and appreciate the benefits of sustainability for the future of finance.

In addition to that, you will discover how companies, in particular financial organizations, respond to the increasing call-to-action upon climate change and the power of customers’ influence as the main force driving this transition.

87% of UK SMEs are unaware of their business’s total carbon emissions, with almost half (45%) of UK SMEs recognising it is important to lower their emissions in the near future.

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Learn about the role of Fintech in climate action with Emma Kisby

... and why it's so important for the future of sustainable finance

With this online course, you will:

The expert you’ll be learning from

Emma Kisby

CEO at Cogo EMEA

Emma Kisby is the CEO at Cogo EMEA, a company that aims to help individuals and businesses to measure and reduce their carbon footprint, as well as transition their customers to a more sustainable economy.

Emma specializes in Customer Data, Commercial Strategy and Partnerships. She has experience in leading a number of teams across various fields, including Analytics and Business Development in Fintech.

She is a customer-focused commercial business leader. She is also passionate about simplifying and translating complex data in order to empower consumers, grow companies and deliver the means for making a real impact on the environment.

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