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Fintech companies today need 1000s of Product Managers as the focus shifts towards digital-first products. Yet, there is an unfulfilled demand for Product Managers at Fintech companies and this 8-week programme gives you the skills and knowledge to grasp this opportunity.

Our objectives is to not only help you become a great Fintech Product Manager, but to teach you the breadth of Product Management skills whether you are working in Fintech, a modern bank, or a tech company. The programme is experiential and combines both lectures and projects from leading product managers, with direct mentoring from the programme leader: Rahul Dua, Senior Product Manager at Amazon.

Start Date: 18th of July, 2022

All the skills of Product Management combined in one programme

The Product Manager programme will revolve around Fintech, which is one of the fastest-growing sectors today, and will equip you with range of product testing methodologies and tools along with a dynamic working mindset needed to gain or succeed in a Product Manager role.

You will get the chance to learn and directly apply your knowledge on an end-to-end project to develop key outcomes to become the strongest talent in your company. You will acquire a deep knowledge on:

A fast growth programme in Fintech and Product Strategy

The programme will see participants work both through live class with the Senior Lecturer, and during personal study time. Weekly workshops and live sessions will take place to contextualise the theoretical learnings of the remote sessions.

The programme will be shaped around an end-to-end project to complete, where participants choose a Fintech company to base their project on, in order to apply their product and industry knowledge. By the end of the programme, users will have a tangible learning outcome that can be used in their own portfolio.

Programme Outline

Learn the foundations of Product Management, be analytics-driven, develop technical and creative skills. Become a well-rounded Product Manager.

Week 1 - Product Management Fundamentals

Week 2 - Customer Research and Discovery

Week 3 - Design and Customer Experience

Week 4 - Product Life Cycle and Process

Week 5 - Test Strategy and Go to Market Plan

Week 6 - Analytics and Product Launch

Meet your instructor

Learn directly from a Senior Product Manager at Amazon, and ex-Paypal, who will share key methodologies, theories, process and tips that he has learned and used at work.

Rahul is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon. He has successfully launched Payments Acceptance, Payments Experience, and Transaction Banking Products and services throughout his career.

A lifelong learner, Rahul is dedicated to improving his knowledge in Product Management, while mentoring others to learn and grow in this space as well. His curiosities have led to him focusing his learning efforts on Web3, DeFi and Crypto currently. Payments is a subject of passion for him, and he is always exploring innovations in the field and its applications on the payments worlds.

His expertise can also be attributed to his impressive work history in the following areas: customer research and user insights, prioritization and roadmap planning for product strategy and product design, metrics analysis, data examination, long-term/short-term product execution, launch, and post-launch management.

Rahul Dua Fintech product manager programme leader

Rahul Dua

Senior Product Manager at Amazon

Meet the experts

Learn from experts in the Fintech field who have an in-depth knowledge and apply it in their everyday lives

Former Chief Product Officer at N26, tripled user numbers to over 5 million in a year and supported fundraising of +800 million dollars, named one of Europe's Top 50 Product Management Women

Focused on Personalisation and Fraud Detection within the Onboarding and Checkout experiences at Uber using Contextual Bandits, Uplift Modelling and Reinforcement Learning

Experienced in leading new proposition development, branding, and product marketing both at financial institutions and tech companies, most notably OCBC Bank and Amazon

What our alumni say about previous CFTE live programmes

The payments specialisation and the Uber Extrapreneurship experience were key factors to help get my new job

It is a really self-reflective experience. It gave me actually much more confidence, in being extremely independent, being actually able to dig into ideas

This two-month experience was fascinating, as it pushed us to think out-of-the-box and pitch something more creatively and in a way which I have never done before. It is definitely this kind of attitude I would love to see replicated in a large organisation as MUFG.

Pricing includes:

The average product manager salary in the USA is $140,638 per year or $71.79 per hour. Entry level positions start at $125,209 per year while most experienced workers make up to $175,487 per year.

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Most frequent questions and answers about our specialisation

You need fill an application form. The application form is made of background, competency and motivation questions that will allow us to evaluate your profile. Then our team will get in touch within 5 days to confirm next steps. We also encourage you to book a call with one of our programme managers to answer any questions you may have.

Anyone can participate regardless their current location. You will receive all the tools and resources you need when you enrol to the course online.

Yes. The programme is part-time and the learning framework has been designed to allow your to learn and prepare for you future product management career.

Our team will get in touch within 5 days. We review applications on a rolling basis, which means that early applicants are more likely to get accepted.

Yes. You will receive the official Fintech Product Manager diploma and become part of an exclusive network of alumni with a project in your porfolio.

Time can vary a lot but we recommend spending at least 4 to 6 hours per week.

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