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You are quickly scaling your organization by hiring every month the best in class Product Managers, Partnership Directors, Data Scientists and dozens of other roles who will help you reach your mission.

No doubt they have the right mindset and fundamental hard skills to be great assets for your organization, but what about their Fintech and Ecosystem knowledge? It is likely they are coming from the Banking, Tech, Advertising or even Gaming sectors and while they are exceptional individuals, they will need to quickly understand Fintech inside out to be quickly operational.

Learn from Fintech Builders
  • 25 CEOs, CIOs and Founders from the largest Fintech in the world
  • 32 of the latest Tech innovations happening in Fintech around the world analysed
  • 42 Fintech company mentioned to get a solid knowledge of key players and the ecosystem
Made for All
  • From graduates who need to understand the latest Tech innovations to senior executives who need to know the ecosystem inside out
  • Across all business functions from Management, Strategy to Tech roles, everyone will get practical knowledge
The Most Efficient Way
  • Get to learn what is important in Fintech from AI in Finance, Open Banking, Payments, RegTech and Digital Assets
  • 15 minutes a day
  • Accessible 24/7, online on all devices

15 minutes/day
To understand everything about Fintech

Learn Fintech in 6 Weeks

From Fintech to Digital Assets, learn what matters the most in 2022

  1. Introduction to Fintech
  2. The Rise of Fintech
  3. Understanding Fintech Innovation
  4. Players in the Fintech Industry
  5. Expert Q&A
  1. Introduction to AI
  2. AI Technologies
  3. AI’s Applications in Finance
  4. AI Trends in Finance
  5. The Role of People
  1. Introduction to Open Banking
  2. Open Banking Technologies
  3. Business Models
  4. Regulations & Standards
  5. Open Banking Applications
  1. Introduction to Payment Innovation
  2. The History of Payments
  3. Global Regulation
  4. New Payment Innovations and Technologies
  5. Payment Strategies
  1. Regtech Fundamentals
  2. AML & KYC
  3. RegTech for Regulators & SupTech
  4. Digital Regulatory Reporting
  5. Data Regulation

Day 1: Overview of DeFi
Day 2: Blockchain building blocks
Day 3: Cryptocurrencies
Day 4: NFTs
Day 5: Ripple Case Study

Learn how to create and share NFTs!

Working with

Fintech 360 Reviews from Our Alumni

Read what our students have to say on the Fintech 360 Programme

"FinTech 360 is an extensive by-sector review of the industry but is easily digestible due to its bite-sized format. I loved the week on AI because of how the complex concepts were explained in an easy-to-understand manner. I also enjoyed the week on Open Banking because of how it combined both technical and business orientated overviews of the sector"
Kirill Buyukly

"My favourite topics have been Payments, Open Finance and RegTech. I have enjoyed the way the instructors conducted the course and the market expertise of all the lecturers who have been invited to speak on certain subjects. Going forward, I really want to continue studying and taking all the specialisation courses!"

Gustavo Zilles
"The things I enjoyed most about the Fintech360 course were the bitesize videos, which meant that I could accumulate at least 15 minutes a day of information about various financial or tech topics, as well as the quizzes and handbooks to test my knowledge. The inspirational speakers and interesting knowledge covered were also something that provided me every day with new opportunities to go above the minimum of 15 minutes learning"
Jack Madden

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