Future Skills Forum

8 May 2024 | Museum of the Future, Dubai

Nations and organisations empowering the workforce of the future

Péter Fáykiss

Director, DigitaliSation Directorate of Magyar Nemzeti Bank (MNB)

Discussant of the "Roles of Regulators in Upskilling and Reskilling the Industry" Roundtable

Mr. Fáykiss is an esteemed alumnus of Corvinus University of Budapest, who began his career at the Hungarian National Bank (MNB) in 2009, focusing on the domestic impacts of Basel III’s implementation in Europe. In 2013, he was appointed Deputy Head of the Financial Regulations Division at the Ministry for National Economy, playing a pivotal role in the enactment of the CRD IV package and drafting the new Hungarian Banking Act. His career at the MNB progressed as he ascended to Director of the Digitalization Directorate in 2019, after holding significant positions in macroprudential policy.

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