Future Skills Forum

8 May 2024 | Museum of the Future, Dubai

Nations and organisations empowering the workforce of the future

Sophie Stevenson

Co-Founder of Fiat Republic

Discussant of the "Skills for Fast Growing Startups " Roundtable

Sophie Guibaud Stevenson assists crypto platforms in enhancing their fiat operations. As the co-founder of Fiat Republic, her aim is to drive the mainstream adoption of crypto through leveraging fiat payments.With over a decade of experience in the payments industry and a strong belief in the future of cryptocurrency, she considers crypto the only way forward. Sophie is passionate about adding value to others by forging meaningful connections and sharing both her positive and challenging experiences through her posts.She has co-authored a book on embedded finance, highlighting the significant opportunities it offers tech platforms and consumer brands.Sophie invites those interested to reach out to her to discuss strategies for attracting more crypto users across various geographies or to delve deeper into the topic of embedded finance.

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