Future Skills Forum

8 May 2024 | Museum of the Future, Dubai

Nations and organisations empowering the workforce of the future

Thammarak Moenjak

Chief Representative London Office of Bank of Thailand

Discussant of the "Roles of Regulators in Upskilling and Reskilling the Industry" Roundtable

Thammarak Moenjak is a distinguished figure in the field of central banking, currently working in London to facilitate collaborations aimed at digitalizing the Thai banking sector with the Bank of Thailand (BOT). He also holds a key position as a Senior Advisor to BOT’s Central Bank Digital Currency Team. Moenjak has a broad background in central banking, including monetary policy strategy, financial institutions strategy, modeling and forecasting, reserves management, and corporate strategy. He served as Assistant Chief Representative at the Bank of Thailand New York Representative Office during the critical period of the global financial crisis from 2008 to 2009. His upcoming book, “Central Banking at the Frontier: Creating a Digital Financial Landscape,” is set to be published by Emerald Publishing in the UK in September 2024.

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