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Generative AI 360 in Finance

Learn Generative AI and its applications in 15 mins per day.

IBF-accredited specialisation. Avail upto 70% off on fees with subsidies in Singapore.

A programme part of the AI in Finance Academy, training +20,000 professionals globally.

Master Generative AI in 15 minutes a day.

Master AI in 15 Minutes a Day

Bite-sized lessons designed to fit into your busy schedule. Achieve mastery in just 6 weeks.

Build a Strong AI Foundation

Learn essential concepts, applications, and risk management of
Generative AI.

Transform Theory into Practice

Explore real-world use cases in customer service, investment, risk management, and more.

Harness AI for Efficiency

Discover how to leverage Generative AI tools for data analysis, research, content creation, and beyond.

GenAI 360 Course Details

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Program Format
100% online, self-paced

Industry Accreditation            IBF Accreditation

Programme content

15-minute lesson per day over 6 weeks. Aquire all the skills for Generative AI.

Week 1: Generative AI Fundamentals

This week explores the definition, the inner mechanisms, and the evolution of Generative AI.

  • Day 1: Definition of Generative AI
  • Day 2: Differences between traditional Machine Learning and Generative AI
  • Day 3: Open AI and ChatGPT
  • Day 4: Hands-on project: Getting started with ChatGPT and Customer Personas
  • Day 5: Expert interview

Week 2: The Landscape of Generative AI

This week discusses the Generative AI landscape and key players such as infrastructure providers, model providers and application providers. 

  • Day 6: Model providers
  • Day 7: Infrastructure providers
  • Day 8: Application providers
  • Day 9: Expert interview
  • Day 10: Hands-on project: Analysing & extracting information from PDF Reports with AI

Week 3: Technologies of Generative AI

This week explores the Transformers architecture – the engine behind ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, Pre-training and Post-training stack of Large Language Models.

  • Day 11: Transformers: a revolutionary breakthrough
  • Day 12: Scaling transformers
  • Day 13: Pre-Training Stack 
  • Day 14: Post-Training Stack and LLMs as a new human/machine interface
  • Day 15: Expert interview

Week 4: Current Applications in Finance

This week discusses traditional AI applications in finance and first Generative AI applications that are reshaping the landscape.

  • Day 16: Current applications of AI in financial services
  • Day 17: First applications of Generative AI in finance
  • Day 18: Hands-on project: Data Analysis with AI
  • Day 19: Expert interview
  • Day 20: Expert interview

Week 5: Future Applications in Finance

This week explores different potential use cases of Generative AI and the essential skills necessary to thrive in an AI-powered world.

  • Day 21: Future applications of Generative AI in financial services
  • Day 22: Implementing Generative AI in financial institutions
  • Day 23: Expert interview
  • Day 24: Hands-on project: Analysing Companies Financial Performance with AI
  • Day 25: Hands-on project: Create customised AI Chatbot

Week 6: Data, Risks and Regulation

This week teaches the privacy and data usage in Generative AI and the current AI regulations across different jurisdictions.

  • Day 26: Data privacy for individuals and institutions
  • Day 27: Risks
  • Day 28: Regulation
  • Day 29: Hands-on project: Using Gen AI for better decision making
  • Day 30: Hands-on project: Create your own Deepfake

Programme Highlights

Learn real-world applications

Apply Generative AI in your organisation

The world of Generative AI is constantly evolving. Stay updated with the industry.

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Learn Generative AI for Financial Services


Most frequent questions and answers about our specialisation

What is the course about?

The course is an online certificate programme designed to empower professionals and institutions with skills to use and leverage generative AI in the financial sector.

The course is self-paced, featuring 15-min daily lessons over 6 weeks with 7+ hands-on projects, case studies and industry expert interviews. The course also includes 12 monthly live sessions led by key players in generative AI.

Accessing this course

Participants can immediately enrol the course, costing SGD 900 with upto 70% off with IBF subsidies.

Yes, this specialisation is accredited by the Institute of Banking and Finance, Singapore and entails subsidies of upto 70% off the full price. 

Yes, you will receive a digital certificate upon successful completion of the course. This certificate is digital so it can be shared at any time and embedded into your online professional profile.

If you decide within one week after enrolling in the course (or 5% of completion) that it’s not the right fit for you, we will issue a full refund.

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