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The Innovator Programme

We are aiming to upskill employees and make Egypt more competitive on a regional and global level in the area of digital finance.

The Initiative

The world has seen a huge upheaval in Fintech. But what does it take to become the center of excellence to FinTech in country-level?

The Central Bank of Egypt, EBI and CFTE joined forces to make help position Egypt as home to FinTech talent by the launching the first cohort of Innovator Programme. 

The 6 months programme aims to give a solid foundation to upskill employees in the financial sector and positions Egypt competitively on a regional and global level.

Participants of the programme will have a chance to specialise in Al, Open Banking or Digital Payments with self-paced online courses, live sessions, and more!


Build foundational knowledge with Fintech 360

CFTE's Expert-led, Online Fintech Courses and Certifications
  • Access online self-paced learning that is flexible to your goals
  • Get a 360 view on Fintech, focused on what matters
  • Receive first-hand insights curated by 200+ finance experts who know what skills you must learn
  • Transfer your new skills directly to your job
  • Understand how to leverage AI, Fintech and other technologies
  • Learn the fundamentals of Fintech, AI in Finance, Open Banking, and Payments 

Specialise your learning with in-depth programmes

AI in Finance

Understand the main underlying technologies of AI development

Open Banking and Platforms

Learn what is taking finance by storm: platforms.

Payments in Digital Finance

Understand money for what it truly is today and how it will change in the future

Access live sessions with world-leading experts

Apply your learning

The Innovator Programme features 3 interactive sessions where participants will get to apply their learnings through a multitude of case studies, collaborative activities and more.

Engage your curiosity

Be part of the conversations that are driving change with top Fintech leaders and like-minded peers. Expand and enhance your global network with the innovative minds in Fintech.

The Outcomes

For the organisations

Direct involvement in the future of the industry

Organisations will be kept up to date with recent industry developments and thought leadership

Drive the change instead of waiting on the sidelines

Entities will drive and embrace change in their organisations and in the ecosystem as a whole

Cost effective and impactful

Organisations will be achieved greater cost efficiency while having higher level of impact from the learning outcomes

For the participants

Education Icon

Be recognised as pioneers for the industry

Professionals in the CBE and EBI will be given the opportunity to offer industry-recognised certifications to help boost their career

Latest Skills Learned

Learners will access courses on Open Banking, Payments, AI and more to help students gain the most sought-after skills finance industry

Global Community Access

Professionals who will be a part of the initiative will be a part of the community of 100K CFTE Alumni including Fintech experts, leaders and professionals worldwide

External Accreditations


The Egyptian Banking Institute (EBI) was established in 1991 by the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) to act as its official training arm with a vision to be the preferred partner for developing the human capital of the banking ecosystem in Egypt, and the lighthouse for banking sector development across strategic African and Arab countries, through mirroring the latest international banking trends.

CFTE logo

CFTE is a global learning & innovation platform for the financial services industry. Started in 2017, we developed 6 specialisations and created the on-demand learning platform THINK that reached 100,000 learners in 100+ countries.

Our courses are taken by professionals, 70% of whom come from tier 1 banks. The company is built on 3 main pillars: Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship

In the news

"FinTech Egypt" Launches the First Digital Academy to Upskill the Workforce Skills in the Banking, Financial, and FinTech Sector - Eleqtisade News

In line with the Central Bank of Egypt's FinTech & Innovation strategy, with its vision "to become a globally recognized Fintech hub in the Arab world and Africa, home to next generation financial services, talent and innovative development and in alignment with Egypt's 2030 vision, "FinTech Egypt" - an initiative by the CBE- launched Egypt's the first "Digital Academy", aiming to empower employees with the right skills in the banking, financial and FinTech sector.

"فنتك إيجيبت" تطلق أول أكاديمية رقمية لتنمية مهارات العاملين بالقطاع المصرفي

أطلقت مبادرة "فنتك إيجيبت FinTech Egypt"- التابعة للبنك المركزي، أول أكاديمية رقمية في مصر"Digital Academy"، متخصصة في تنمية المهارات التقنية والفنية والتكنولوجية، موجهة للعاملين في القطاع المصرفي والمالي، وشركات التكنولوجيا المالية الناشئة. ويأتي ذلك في إطار استراتيجية البنك المركزي المصري للتكنولوجيا

CBE launches 1st Digital Academy to develop workers’ skills in banking sector | Amwal Al Ghad

FinTech Egypt initiative powered by Central Bank of Egypt ( CBE) has released the first Digital Academy, to become Egypt’s Center of Excellence for the financial, banking and FinTech sector. The Academy will be specialising in the development of technical and technological skills for banking, financial professionals and emerging fintech companies to empower them with the right skills to be digital financial ready.

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