Institutional Applications - Taxonomy Part 1

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Introduction to Institutional Applications Course

Blockchian now is moving from a retail to an institutional world, with increasing implementations from central banks or organisations. Financial institutions like HSBC, Morgan Stanley and Standard Chartered have implemented blockchain technology in their operations and included digital assets as their financial products. 

Institutional Applications – Taxonomy Part 1, is the fourth course of the Online Certification Blockchain and Digital Asset for Financial Services – led by CFTE and SMU designed for finance professionals to learn real-world applications of blockchain and digital assets. 

You will have the opportunity to explore the impact of blockchain technology on the financial services industry. The course is designed to take you on a journey through the various applications of blockchain and digital assets in banking, investment, cross-border transaction, and insurance worldwide. 

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Why Blockchain and Digital Assets? Why Now?

For the past 3 years, Blockchain and Digital Assets gained real traction in the industry, specifically in the institutional world. Some of the largest financial institutions (JP Morgan, DBS, HSBC, Societe Generale, Santander, UBS) are implementing real-world applications of blockchain in their business models.

To date, more than 200+ blockchain projects from institutions are launched globally.

If you’re looking to advance your career in financial services, learning about Blockchain and Digital Assets is crucial and represents an opportunity to lead and stay ahead of the curve. Why not start now?

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  • Executive & Senior Leaders 
  • Strategic and business consultants 
  • Support functions officers
  • Operations & IT officers

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Online Course Description

In this module, you will learn about tokenisation and asset management, which are the core features of blockchain technology. You will also explore the benefits of tokenisation, such as increased liquidity, fractional ownership, and transparency in asset management. Furthermore, you will learn about the various types of tokens, including security tokens, utility tokens, and stablecoins, and their use cases in different industries. By the end of this module, you will have a solid understanding of tokenisation and how it can revolutionise the way assets are managed and traded in the financial industry.

In this module, you will learn about how blockchain technology affects the securitisation of financial instruments. You will explore the impact of blockchain infrastructure on the value chains of capital markets and wholesale services.

In this module, you will learn about how blockchain is implemented in investment services and custody, which are essential components of the financial industry. This module will cover the types of investment services and the functions of a custodian. By the end of this module, you will have a better understanding of the critical role that investment services and custody play in the financial industry and the importance of regulatory compliance in providing these services. 

In this module, you will learn about how blockchain is implemented in cross-border transactions. This module will cover the different types of cross-border transactions, including international trade, foreign investment, and global banking. You will also gain an understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks governing cross-border transactions.

In this particular module, you will gain knowledge on the application of blockchain technology in the insurance industry. Through this learning process, you will understand the various ways in which blockchain is being used in insurance, such as improving claims processing, reducing fraud, and enhancing customer experience.

Industry Experts you will be learning from

Senior Lecturer

Claire Calmejane

Chief Innovation Officer at Société Générale

Claire Calmejane is a leading European figure in Financial Technology. She has a strong track-record of working with SBF120 executive committees on their growth and transformation roadmap (crypto, cyber, data, digital, innovation, IT, ESG) and with CEOs of high growth companies. She created and heads-up SG’s start-up fund (300 million investment) and has P&L and business development responsibilities of some subsidiaries (TREEZOR). Strong international experience with 10 years abroad (US, UK, NL).

Contributing Experts

Professor Lisa Short is recognised as one of the top thought leaders and influencers in the world to follow for her work in digital tech, blockchain, crypto assets and EdTech.

Professor Lisa Short is recognised as one of the top thought leaders and influencers in the world to follow for her work in digital tech, blockchain, crypto assets and EdTech.

Professor Lisa Short is recognised as one of the top thought leaders and influencers in the world to follow for her work in digital tech, blockchain, crypto assets and EdTech.

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Most frequent questions and answers about our certificate programme

Anyone who wants to have a solid understanding of blockchain and digital assets should take this specialisation. Either to lead projects, a team or innovation applicable the world of blockchain.

At CFTE, we pride ourselves in offering courses for professionals, by professionals and offering a global view – this is how we compare with the market. This is done through videos, readings, and insights from CEOs to make the learning experience accessible. You will be able to take the course fully online and at your own pace, so you can be in charge of your proper upskilling. At CFTE, we believe there is an urgent need for all to learn the right skills for a world of digital finance, and we support all initiatives that are supporting the same goal.

We break our programmes into two types: short courses and specialisations. Our specialisations are a bundle of all of our short courses relating to an overarching topic. Specialisations allow learners to get a comprehensive and well-rounded understanding of a given topic in its many areas. If you have previous experience on this specialisation’s subject or you are interested in learning more about a specific area of it, you can enrol in the individual course that covers your area of interest, instead of taking the whole specialisation. Feel free to chat with us if you’d like some advise on which one would suit you best!

There are no strict prerequisites for taking the course. The Blockchain and Digital Assets for Financial Services Programme aims to provide anyone interested in finance (in its wider definition) with a general overview of the trends in blockchain and digital assets, with the right balance between content that is easily accessible but that also provides insightful knowledge.

You will have access to the course for 6 months from enrolment. This duration is set to ensure you can pace yourself for the best learning outcome. Though not a common request, you can talk to us if you need an extension of the access after the 6 months are up.

Yes, you will receive a digital certificate upon successful completion of the course. This certificate is digital so it can be shared at any time and embedded into your online professional profile.

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. You can choose to pay the full amount, or you can opt for a 3-part payment plan option. The 3-part payment option requires one payment upfront, followed by second and third during your course. Chat with us to find out more!

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