Project Orchid Pilot


Project Orchid is a multi-year, multi-phase exploratory project examining the various design and technical aspects pertinent to digital Singapore dollar, from its functionalities to its interaction with existing payment infrastructures.

CFTE has collaborated with UOB and SkillsFuture Singapore as part of one of the pilot cases for Project Orchid to test the feasibility of using a digital Singapore dollar for the payment of courses with an overseas provider.

Instructions for Participants

As part of the pilot test, participants will utilise their SkillsFuture Credits for the courses. 

  • You should have received a voucher code (e.g. ORCHIDxxxx) to be used at the checkout page in order to enrol in the course.
  • *Please ensure that you use the voucher code in order to utilise your SkillsFuture Credits and avoid any additional charges.

Information on the courses

  • You may click on your respective course below to find out more about the course you have chosen
  • **Please note however, that you should return to this page and use the “Enroll Now!” buttons below each course on this page in order to be able to apply the coupon

Course Registration

  • Kindly apply the voucher code provided to you at the checkout page
  • The price at the checkout page may be indicated in British Pounds. Kindly rest assured that only the amount indicated to you earlier in SGD (S$900) will be deducted from your SkillsFuture Credits.
  • Please ensure that you use your UOB email when registering at the checkout page

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