Regtech: AML & Client Onboarding

Get a good overview of the anti-money laundering regulations and client onboarding best practices

Learn what the regulations and different approaches to AML are across the world. Gain a thorough understanding of the key terms related to AML, KYC/KYB, Client Onboarding and Client Due Diligence.

In this course you will also get an overview of the size and composition of the global AML/KYC/Onboarding Solution Providers’ market. You will also analyse the phases of client onboarding, as well as some of the best practices on AML/KYC technology implementation.

Finally, you will discover what the current trends in the industry are and what are some of the predictions for the future, including the AML/KYC requirements for virtual assets.

With this course, you will:


Claus Christensen​

CEO at Know Your Customer

Claus is the CEO & Co-Founder of award-winning RegTech company Know Your Customer. Prior to co-founding Know Your Customer, Claus founded his own software company, Servolutions GmbH, a company which develops and sells software products for e-mail server infrastructure to ove 60,000 worldwide customers.

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Course Curriculum

Learn the solid theoretical foundations of anti-money laundering regulations and the best practises for client onboarding.

Analyse the differences in AML regulations between the European Union, the APAC region and North American jurisdictions, as well as the risks involved in terms of financial and reputational damage for non-compliant financial institutions.

Define key phases of every AML/Client onboarding process and the general regulatory requirements for each of them.

Understand the evolution of technology in parallel with the rise of AML regulations and discover the size and composition of the global AML/KYC/Onboarding Solution Providers’ market.

Learn how to scale your programme from POC to a global/multi-jurisdictional implementation and how to implement AML/KYC technology based solutions.

Explore KYC Utility Projects for individuals and corporations, as well what AML/KYC requirements are for virtual assets.

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RegTech: Compliance in Finance Specialisation

This course is part of the Regtech: Compliance in Finance Specialisation – a program designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge about regulations in the world of ever-changing and developing technologies. Stay up-to-date with the current situation, understand the importance of regulations for technological progress and prepare yourself for the future. Discover the full Regtech: Compliance in Finance Specialisation and start your journey today.

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Most frequent questions and answers about our specialisation

Through this course you will gain a thorough understanding of the Regtech landscape from experts in this field from around the world. You will learn what Regtech really is and why it’s important in supporting the development and implementation of other technologies. You will also gain extensive knowledge about the risks, compliance, data protection and digital reporting practices in this sector.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, working in the technological industry or simply want to know more about the rules of the game that we are all playing through using new technologies, this is the right course for you. The content of this course is designed to address various levels of expertise in the Regtech field. If you’re a beginner, you will gain sufficient basic knowledge to further analyse more complex issues. If you’re already familiar with Regtech, this is also a place for you to delve deeper into various aspects of this industry and have a look into its future.

You will be learning from the experts in the Regtech industry from around the world. Your lecturers include specialists from the University of HongKong, SuperCharger Ventures, as well as Cambridge SupTech Lab.

After you enroll, you will receive a confirmation email from the online learning portal. You will also receive a receipt and a welcome message. At that point, you will have access to the introductory module that will give you an overview of the portal, and how to use it. You can spend a whole day to go through the course. Or 30 minutes whenever you have the time, and complete the course in a few months. Once you have completed the course, and successfully passed all the tests, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

There are no strict pre-requisites for taking the course. This course is largely non-technical to learn the business aspects of Regtech. This course aims to provide anyone interested in Regtech with a general overview of the opportunities and challenges in its implementations. 

At CFTE, we believe there is an urgent need for all to learn the right skills for a world of digital finance, and we support all initiatives that are supporting the same goal. That’s why we created this “Regtech – Compliance in Finance” course, to provide everyone with the easily accessible, most up-to-date knowledge on Regtech, which is constantly proving to be vital for the development of technology.

Yes, you will receive a digital certificate upon successful completion of the course. This certificate is digital so it can be shared at any time and embedded into your online professional profile.

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