Ranking of the best Fintech Masters in 2022

An updated ranking of the top Fintech masters.

The table below reference all current fintech masters and spinoffs in the world. With Fintech becoming an industry of a significant size, a lot of students are deciding to start their career in this field. That is why we designed this ranking, to guide and help student in choosing a master that best suits their needs.


What are Fintech Masters?

Since 2008, Fintech is shaping the financial industry as we know it. Universities therefore aligned their programmes to the need of the market and started developing masters focusing on financial technology. A master in Fintech is a one or two-year programme, equipping students with the skills and knowledge to start their career in financial technology. Students will learn about disruptive financial innovations and emerging business models using appropriate tools and techniques.

Ranking of the Fintech Masters in 2022

RankUniversityCourse ( Link them with the page)ScoreCountryContinentFintech / Spinoff?Duration of the course (months)IntakeNumber of modulesType of courseFees (Home $ )Fees (International $)University Ranking on QS
1University College LondonMSc in Financial Technology90.83UKEuropeFintech12Fall5 core modules, 4-5 electives, 1 research project/ dissertationFull Time$50,000$50,0008
2Imperial College LondonMSc in Financial Technology88.33UKEuropeFintech12Fall1 Foundation module, 6 core modules, 3-4 electives, 1 research projectFull Time$47,000$47,0007
2University of GlasgowMSc in Financial Technology83.33UKEuropeFintech12Fall7 core modules, dissertation project (choosing one of three pathways) and choice of 7 optional modulesFull Time$13,050$30,25073
3University of EdinburghMSc in Advanced Technology for Financial Computing80.00UKEuropeSpinoff12Fall5 core modules, 6 business electives (choose 2), 11 informatics electives (choose 3), 1 dissertationFull Time$16,200$35,90016
4University of BirminghamMSc in Financial Technology75.00UKEuropeFintech12Fall5 modules, 1 individual project and 1 optional moduleFull Time$19,170$30,00190
5Queen Mary, University of LondonFinance and Machine Learning Msc74.17UKEuropeFintech12Fall8 modules + 2 electivesFull Time$20,850$27,250117
6University of NottinghamMSc in FinTech and Financial Markets73.33UKEuropeFintech12Fall6 core modules, 2 professional development modules, 1 major projectFull Time$12,400$19,500103
7University of ReadingMasters in Finance and Financial Technology71.67UKEuropeFintech9 or 12Fall9 modulesFull Time$17,600$25,300202
8Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) School of BusinessMSc in Finance (FinTech and Financial Analytics)71.67Hong-KongAsiaFintech12FallRequired Courses: 24 unitsElective Courses: 6 units10 modulesFull TimeHK$288,000/programmeHK$288,000/programme287
9The University of HongKongMaster of Finance in Financial Technology71.67Hong-KongAsiaFintech12Fall12 courses (75 credits)10 mandatory and 2 electiveFull TimeHK$462,000/programmeHK$462,000/programme22
10University of ExeterMSc in Financial Technology (Fintech)70.00UKEuropeFintech12Fall6 core modules, 14 electives (choose 5), 1 dissertationFull Time$12,000$21,000149
11University of SussexMSc in Fintech, Risk and Investment Analysis70.00UKEuropeFintech12Fall8 modules, 6 optional modulesFull Time$12,450$23,000226
12Birmingham Business School, University of BirminghamMSc Financial Technology70.00UKEuropeFintech12Fall6 modules+1 electiveFull Time$19,170$30,00190
13KU LeuvenMasters of Business Administration with International and Sustainable Finance68.33UKEuropeSpinoff12Fall2 core modules, 2 research/thesis, 1 Track module, 2 ElectivesFull Time$1,100$4,40070
14Weatherhead School of managementMaster of Science in FinTech68.33USANorth AmericaFintech9Fall14 modulesFull Time$53,280$53,280161
15Swansea UniversityMSc in Financial Technology (FinTech)68.00UKEuropeFintech12Fall10 modules compulsoryFull Time$11,160$19,600440
16University of SurreyMSc FinTech and Policy66.67UKEuropeFintech12Fall6 compulsory modules+electivesFull Time$13,500$20,800272
17Duke UniversityDaytime Fuqua MBA66.67USANorth AmericaSpinoff22Fall or Spring14 core modules, 16 electivesFull Time$71,750$71,75052
18Erasmus University RotterdamMSc in Finance and Investments63.33UKEuropeSpinoff12Fall5 core modules, 3 electives, 1 research/thesisFull Time$21,000$21,000179
19University of AmsterdamExecutive Masters in International Finance60.00UKEuropeSpinoff12 or 24Fall4 core main blocks and a Master's thesis projectFull Time or Part Time$26,900$26,90055
20University of WestminsterMSc in Fintech With Business Analytics58.33UKEuropeSpinoff12Fall or Spring7 core modules, Research/Work placement project, 7 electives (choose 1)Full Time$14,500$17,000701-750
21University of StirlingMSc in Financial Technology58.33UKEuropeFintech12 or 24Fall5 compulsary modules choice of 6 optional modules, one dissertationFull Time or Part Time$9,850$21,345471
22Coventry UniversityMSc in Financial Technology (FinTech)56.67UKEuropeFintech12/16-24Fall8 modules, 1 dissertationFull Time or Part Time$14,550$18,250601-650
23Dublin Business SchoolMSc in FinTech56.67IrelandEuropeFintech12Fall11Full Time$9,000$13,800
24ETH ZurichMasters in Quantitative Finance55.00UKEuropeSpinoff10 or 11Fall or Spring4 cores modules, 3-4 electives, 1 research/thesis/internshipFull Time$1,650$1,9808
25University of SalfordMSc in Financial Technology (Fintech)55.00UKEuropeFintech12/24Fall6 core modules, 1 major projectFull Time or Part Time$8,280$15,300801-1000
26University of GeorgiaTerry Full-time MBA55.00USANorth AmericaSpinoff24Fall11 core modules, 1 concentration, 6 electives, 5 applied learning projectsFull Time$15,868$34,896541-550
27Fordham UniversityFull-Time Gabelli MBA55.00USANorth AmericaSpinoff24Fall11 core modules, 8 electives, 1 consulting project, 1 internshipFull Time$60,966$60,966801-1000
28National College of IrelandMSc in FinTech55.00IrelandEuropeFintech12Fall10Full Time$6,800$15,000
29University of BradfordFinancial Technology (FinTech) MSc53.33UKEuropeFintech12 or 15Fall5 compulsory+5 electivesFull Time$11,610$18,566701-750
30Bologna Business SchoolMaster in Finance and Fintech53.33ItalyEuropeFintech12Fall5 modulesFull Time$14,800$14,800
31Manchester Metropolitan UniversityFinancial Technology (FinTech) MSc51.67UKEuropeFintech12Fall7 modules compulsoryFull Time$10,250$17,500801-1001
32Brandeis UniversityMaster's in Digital Innovation for FinTech51.67USANorth AmericaFintechless than 6 monthsFall7 compulsory modules and 3 electivesFull Time455
33EADA Business School BarcelonaMaster in FinTech & Business Analytics (EADA – ISDI)50.00SpainEuropeFintech9Fall24 compulosry modulesFull Time or Part Time$29,000$29,000
34Cranfield School of ManagementMSc in Retail & Digital Banking48.33UKEuropeSpinoff24Fall12 compulsory modulesFull Time$21,000$21,000
35Waterford Institute of TechnologyMSc in Global Financial Information Systems (GFIS)47.50IrelandEuropeSpinoff12Fall11Full Time$6,232$11,467
36University of HuddersfieldMSc in Fintech46.67UKEuropeFintech12Fall5 core modules, 1 optional module, 1 major projectFull Time$8,900$16,000701-750
37Stevens Institute of TechnologyMS in Finance Analytics45.00USANorth AmericaSpinoff16Fall9 core modules with 3 electivesFull Time701-750
38University of MaltaMaster of Science in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies43.33MaltaEuropeSpinoff12Fall12 units (90 ECTS) 7 mandatory and 5 electiveFull TimeEU/EEA Applicants: €10,000Non EU/EEA Applicants: €10,000801-1000
39LUMSA UniversityMaster in Finance, Technology (Fintech) and Digital Transformation43.33ItalyEuropeFintech12Fall4 compulsory modulesFull Timechrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://masterschool.lumsa.it/sites/default/files/MFTDT_Brochure.pdf
40Georgia State University - J. Mack Robinson College of BusinessMaster of Science in Finance41.67USANorth AmericaSpinoff12 or 16Fall15 modules- 12/ 16 month programFull Time$37,500$43,500751-800
41GBSB Global Business SchoolMaster of Science (MSc) in Management with FinTech & Digital Banking41.67SpainEuropeFintech12 or 24Fall or Winter or Summer7 compulsory modules and 4 electivesFull Time or Part Time$8,750$8,750
42ESSCA online campusMSc International Business 4.0 - Finance & FinTech41.67FranceEuropeFintech12 or 24Fall or Summer18 modulesFull Time or Part Time$13,500$13,500
43The University of Texas at DallasMaster of Science in Financial Technology and Analytics40.00USANorth AmericaFintech20 modulesFull Time
44University of waterlooMaster’s of Quantitative Finance40.00CanadaNorth AmericaSpinoff16Fall8 compulsory modules+ 1 elective moduleFull Time$4,224$7496149
45Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)Master of Finance - FinTech Specialization35.00MalaysiaAsiaFintech12, 24 or 36Fall or Summer11 modulesFull Time or Part Time$29,500$36,800
46Exeed CollegeMBA in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain31.67CanadaNorth AmericaSpinoff12Fall7 compulsory modulesFull Time$9,000$9,000
47New Jersey City UniversityMS in Financial Technology28.33USANorth AmericaFintech16Fall8 core modules 1 electiveFull Time
48University of BristolMSc in Financial Technology with Data Science26.67UKEuropeFintech62
49Queens University - Smith School of Business Master of Financial Innovation & Technology21.67CanadaNorth AmericaFintech14Fall14 modulesFull Time$45,890$78,155
50Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamM.Sc. in Finance: Duisenberg Honors Program in Finance and Technology20.00NetherlandsEuropeFintech12Fall10 courses (84 ECTS)Full TimeEU/EEA Applicants: €1,084Non EU/EEA Applicants: €15,546209
51USI Università della Svizzera italianaMaster of Science in Financial Technology and Computing18.33SwitzerlandEurope24FallFull Time240
52Bentley UniversityMS in Finance16.67USANorth AmericaSpinoff12 or 24Fall5 core modules and 5 electivesFull time or Part time$32,580 Part time $48,870- Full time$32,580 Part time $48,870- Full time

Understanding this ranking

After analysing the 40,000 jobs offered by Fintech unicorns for CFTE’s Fintech Job Report, we made the conclusion that companies are looking to assess candidates based on 5 pillars: Soft Skills, Hard Skills, Mindset, Industry Knowledge and Experience. We called this framework “SHIME” and it helps candidate prepare themselves when getting into fintech.

Therefore, this table ranks masters based on these factors, where you can read in more detail in our Fintech Job Report.

Is it a comprehensive list?

We may have missed some, and in the coming years, we’ll keep seeing new masters developed by leading institutions. So don’t hesitate to send us names so that we can assess and add them to the list!

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