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The next internet revolution is here. Decentralised Finance (DeFi), Cryptocurrencies, Digital Assets, NFTs, these are all only the tip of the iceberg of Web 3.0. What is blockchain or Etherum, and how do they work? What are smart contracts? What is the metaverse, metamask? 

With the recent innovations in mind, we’ve curated the Fintech 360 programme, a 6-week long course, which will take you through everything you need to know about Web 3.0 and the impact digital technologies are having on Finance. Learn from the industry’s most prolific practitioners, understand the theory behind some of the most prominent digital megatrends and foresee their practical implications over the next upcoming years. 

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Learn all the skills of Web 3.0

This course offers a 360 view on the new era of the internet, focused on what matters.

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With the Fintech 360 program you will be able to:

Learn the skills of Web 3.0 in 6 Weeks

From AI to Blockchain, learn what matters the most in 2022

  1. Introduction to Fintech
  2. The Rise of Fintech
  3. Understanding Fintech Innovation
  4. Players in the Fintech Industry
  5. Expert Q&A
  1. Introduction to AI
  2. AI Technologies
  3. AI’s Applications in Finance
  4. AI Trends in Finance
  5. The Role of People
  1. Introduction to Open Banking
  2. Open Banking Technologies
  3. Business Models
  4. Regulations & Standards
  5. Open Banking Applications
  1. Introduction to Payment Innovation
  2. The History of Payments
  3. Global Regulation
  4. New Payment Innovations and Technologies
  5. Payment Strategies
  1. Regtech Fundamentals
  2. AML & KYC
  3. RegTech for Regulators & SupTech
  4. Digital Regulatory Reporting
  5. Data Regulation

Day 1: Overview of DeFi
Day 2: Blockchain building blocks
Day 3: Cryptocurrencies
Day 4: NFTs
Day 5: Ripple Case Study

Learn how to create and share NFTs!

Learn from top CEOs, CIOs, Founders and Experts

Industry experts from leading fintech companies and financial institutions

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Our courses are curated by 200+ finance experts who know what skills you must learn.

Fintech 360 Reviews from Our Alumni

Read what the experts have to say on the Fintech 360 Programme

My favourite topics have been Payments, Open Finance and RegTech. I have enjoyed the way the instructors conducted the course and the market expertise of all the lecturers who have been invited to speak on certain subjects. Going forward, I really want to continue studying and taking all the specialisation courses!
Gustavo Zilles
Data Engineer at BTG Pactual
FinTech 360 is an extensive by-sector review of the industry but is easily digestible due to its bite-sized format. I loved the week on AI because of how the complex concepts were explained in an easy-to-understand manner. I also enjoyed the week on Open Banking because of how it combined both technical and business orientated overviews of the sector.
Kirill Buyukly
University of Manchester student and Global Fintech Intern pursuing a career in Fintech and Finance
The things I enjoyed most about the Fintech360 course were the bitesize videos, which meant that I could accumulate at least 15 minutes a day of information about various financial or tech topics, as well as the quizzes and handbooks to test my knowledge. The inspirational speakers and interesting knowledge covered were also something that provided me every day with new opportunities to go above the minimum of 15 minutes learning.
Jack Madden
CFTE Global Fintech Intern interested in a career in Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analysis and Computer Programming

Fintech 360: Learn all the skills of Fintech and Web 3.0

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