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"The global standard benchmark of AI maturity" report published by Evident

CFTE summarised “The global standard benchmark of AI maturity” report by Evident. The report explore the latest Evident AI Index rankings, key findings, and the methodology driving the world’s first “outside-in” benchmark of AI maturity in banking.

Key Aspects

  • The November 2023 Index covers 50 of the largest banks in North America, Europe, and Asia. Each bank is assessed on 100+ individual indicators drawn from millions of publicly available data points specific to four pillars: Talent, Innovation, Leadership, and Transparency.

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary 
  • Rankings 
  • Methodology 
  • Bank Profiles 
  • Chapter 1 | The Results 
  • Key Findings by Pillar 
  • a. Chapter 2 | Talent 
  • b. Chapter 3 | Innovation 
  • c. Chapter 4 | Leadership
  • d. Chapter 5 | Transparency 
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