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Generative AI for Financial Services

Advancements in generative AI are transforming the world and +300 million jobs around the world could be affected by the latest wave of AI. The Generative AI online course empowers institutions and professionals with the knowledge and skills to leverage this new opportunity.

Why Generative AI for Financial Services?

Generative AI is the cutting-edge trend transforming financial services, powered by big data and unparalleled computing capabilities. Hundreds of impactful use cases have emerged, empowering individuals and companies with a competitive edge.

  • Top financial leaders recognize the game-changing potential, with 72% anticipating a major AI impact.
  • Global giants like Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, and Goldman Sachs pioneer generative AI for NLP, fraud detection, market predictions, and customer service.
  • Knowledge workers across each institution – financial, legal and product analysts – experience enhanced efficiency with generative AI tools.

Don’t miss and seize the opportunities of this megatrend, shaping the future of financial services at every level!

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The leading programme on the market

Build Foundational Knowledge

4 hours of content across 5 chapters, self-paced

Gain a Global View

Learn with industry experts from all continents and sectors

Business Frameworks

Learn business applications from dozens of case studies in finance

Hands-on Projects

Practice and master generative AI applicable to your role

Programme Outcomes:

Programme contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to Generative AI

The chapter delves into Generative AI and its societal impact, exploring its history, technological foundations, and the pioneers driving its advancement. You’ll explore OpenAI and ChatGPT, gaining insights into their evolution over time, as well as their uap-to-date state. By the end of the Chapter, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape of AI and its present potential.

  • Module 1: Generative AI Genesis
  • Module 2: Use Cases of AI Outside of Finance
  • Module 3: Landscape of Generative AI

Chapter 2: Generative AI Tech Stack

This chapter takes you into the Generative AI Tech Stack, exploring its vital components and their impact. You’ll delve into the fundamental architecture that drives Generative AI, uncover the laws governing its growth and adaptability, explore the crucial stages of AI development and training. By the end of the Chapter will have acquired a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanisms of Generative AI.

  • Module 1: Transformers architecture
  • Module 2: Scaling Laws
  • Module 3: Pre-Training Stack
  • Module 4: Post-Training Stack

Chapter 3: Risks, Ethics and Regulation for Generative AI

This Chapter introduces the critical aspects of modern-day Generative AI usage. You’ll be able to learn about its internal and external limitations and their influence on AI’s performance and accuracy. You’ll acquire the skill to analyse Generative AI capabilities from a digitally adept point of view.

  • Module 1: Privacy and Data usage
  • Module 2: Hallucinations and Alignment
  • Module 3: Generative AI Regulation around the world

Chapter 4: Generative AI for financial institutions

This Chapter provides insights into the various applications of Generative AI in the finance industry. You will discover up-to-date implications and the most successful use cases of the technology as well as its impact on the competitive ability of financial institutions. You will be able to compare The Chapter is designed to take you on a journey through various Generative AI implications in customer service, software engineering, fraud detection and many others.

  • Module 1: Use cases of Generative AI in Finance
  • Module 2: Deploying Generative AI at scale for financial corporations
  • Module 3: Skills for Generative AI world

Chapter 5: Hands-on Projects

This Chapter will provide you with the ability to explore Generative AI’s diverse uses in financial services. By the end of the Chapter, you will acquire the practical abilities to apply AI in specific fields of the financial industry.

  • Module 1: Market Research : Generating market reports
  • Module 2: Portfolio Management : Generating scenarios for portfolios
  • Module 3: Trading : Writing code to automate workflow
  • Module 4: Sales : Drafting tailored market colour emails to clients
  • Module 5: IB : Deal sourcing research
  • Module 6: Middle Office : Trade Booking bot
  • Module 7: Wealth Management : Product Recommendation

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Programme Tuition

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100% online, self-paced

Participants of the course

Professionals including those in Financial Institutions, Corporates, Industry Associations, Tech Companies, Fintech, Support Services and Entrepreneurs, across these roles: 

  1. Senior Leaders and Executives
  2. Customer Support Teams
  3. Tech Teams
  4. Risk Management and Security Teams
  5. Compliance Teams
  6. Marketing and customer teams

Earn an industry-accredited certificate

Receive a Certificate in Generative AI issued by CFTE. The certificate online can serve as a stepping stone to further advancement in your career in digital finance. Don’t miss this opportunity to stand out in your field.

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Learn Generative AI for Financial Services

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  • 5 chapters and 4 hours of expert content
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  • 10+ case studies and 5 Hands-on Projects
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  • 52 new and updated Case Studies and Hands-on Projects
  • Lifetime access to global community
  • Accredited Certificate in Generative AI for Financial Services

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