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"Is the AI buzz creating too much noise for CEOs to cut through?" report published by EY

CFTE summarised “Is the AI buzz creating too much noise for CEOs to cut through?” report by EY. The report aims to provide valuable insights on the main trends and developments impacting the world’s leading companies as well as business leaders’ expectations for future growth and long-term value creation.

Key Aspects

  • This edition of our quarterly study of 1,200 CEOs globally, focuses on how they are continuing the journey into an AI-enabled future. 
  • – It also provides insights on capital allocation, investment and transformation strategies, as the economy reverts to a model with higher interest rates and inflation, more geopolitical headwinds but fewer economic tailwinds.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1 — The emerging AI strategy agenda
  • Chapter 2 — Potential winners emerging in the new economic environment
  • Chapter 3 — Reassessing risks and resetting the talent cost base
  • Chapter 4 — Investing now for a clear competitive advantage

Key Findings and Insights

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