The New Skills in Finance Report 2022

In a digital-transforming era, there is a widening skills gap for those who cannot adapt to the new digital world in finance. 

CFTE and Elevandi published the report with the discussion with leading experts to help governments, organisations and individuals address the current skills gap in finance and build a digital-resilient workforce in the industry.

Key Insights

Key takeaways from
"Tech Report: Generative AI" report published by IDB

CFTE summarised “Tech Report: Generative AI” report by IDB. Generative AI is an emerging sub-domain of AI that is revolutionizing the use of technology as we know it. Its ability to generate new and unique content has great potential as a knowledge assistant, although it is still in the exploration phase. Instead of simply classifying, analyzing, or processing existing data, Generative AI attempts to generate new data that resembles the original and is indistinguishable from that created by humans.

Key Aspects

  • The IDB Information Technology Department, the Emerging Technology Lab, and the Ethics Department have analyzed both the use and risks of Generative AI technology and trends in the Latin America and Caribbean ecosystem. 
  • The report provides an in-depth analysis of Generative AI, exploring its definition, applications, ethical, security, and privacy considerations, along with technical aspects. It specifically focuses on the impact and future potential of Generative AI in various sectors.

Table of Contents

  • Definition 
  • Applications 
  • Generative AI in The Media 
  • Generative AI at The IDB 
  • Requirements and Observations on The Use of Generative AI 
  • Best practices for a safe and responsible use 
  • Ethical Considerations 
  • Security and privacy 
  • Technical Considerations 

Key Findings and Insights

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