The New Skills in Finance Report 2022

In a digital-transforming era, there is a widening skills gap for those who cannot adapt to the new digital world in finance. 

CFTE and Elevandi published the report with the discussion with leading experts to help governments, organisations and individuals address the current skills gap in finance and build a digital-resilient workforce in the industry.

Key Insights

Key takeaways from "Reshaping Business With Artificial Intelligence" report published by MIT Sloan management review

CFTE summarised “Reshaping Business With Artificial Intelligence” report by MIT Sloan management review. The report highlights the high expectations for AI in business, but also notes the significant gap between ambition and execution in AI implementation across companies.

Key Aspects

  • The report is based on a global survey of over 3000 executives, managers, and analysts, as well as in-depth interviews with technology experts and executives.
  • The report delves into the challenges and opportunities associated with AI, highlighting the disparity in adoption and understanding of AI across different organizations. 
  • It emphasises the need for data training and algorithm development, and addresses various management challenges associated with integrating AI into business practices

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. About the Research
3. AI at Work
4. High Expectations Amid Diverse Applications
5. Disparity in Adoption and Understanding
6. The Need for Data Training and Algorithms
7. Beyond Technology: Management Challenges
8. What to Do Next
9. The Way Forward: Implications for the Future

Key Findings and Insights

This report will give you an insight into:

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Be AI-ready in this digital era

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